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Leonardo Da Vinci – Born Again !!!

September 29, 2006

Da VinciIt is so much fun to be a part of several different yahoogroups. You get to read tons of entertaining e-mails. I read them if I have time. If not, I just delete them. It is really harmless. I happen to be a member of a yahoogroup which discusses literature – Kannada literature to be more precise.

I just received an e-mail about a lecture on kumAravyAsa. What caught my eye was not the synopsis of the lecture, but the introduction of the speaker. Again, not getting into any names, here’s the speaker’s bio in two sentences, literally :

Sri XYZ is a poet, author, public speaker, amateur journalist, dramatist, inventor of literary genres, actor, director, singer, music composer, inventor of musical genres, dancer, dance choreographer, painter, rangoli artist, scientist, engineer, serial entrepreneur, serial C-level corporate executive and expert on mergers and acquisitions. He has shared stage in his tender age of boyhood and teen years speaking on literary panels in kannaDa saahitya pariShat and other literary events with many famous kannaDa authors and poets, who later on won jnaana peetha awards. 

It seems to me that the world has at last seen the rebirth of Leonardo Da Vinci, at least on paper !!!


What’s in a name ?

September 20, 2006

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet

Well, I did realize that “name” does play a big part in this world. It’s funny how “Name” , “Fame” and “Shame” rhyme fine, but somehow Name and Fame go so well together and Shame is nowhere near them.

Anyway, coming to the point, I attended a PÀ£ÀßqÀ ¸ÀÄUÀªÀÄ ¸ÀAVÃvÀ program over the weekend. Not getting into names, let me just say that the singer is quite well known for his rendition. I have heard him sing quite well on several different occasions. But, I had several issues with his concert last weekend.

He sang four songs and even before he started singing, I had actually guessed the exact four songs. The same singer had toured in 1998 and had sung these same four songs, in the same order !!! Kannada poetry is so rich. It was so disappointing to see such a well-known singer stick to just the same old four songs. Absolutely no innovation and creativity and a huge disservice to the Kannada poets and all the music lovers.

The bigger problem I had with the concert was the fact that the singer had absolutely no control on the ‘shruti’. Well, he is quite well known to have no regard for ‘shruti’, whatsover. But, there is a limit. All the four songs were atrocious to listen to.

There were people who walked out of the auditorium. And, there were people around us who were just chatting away during the concert. Then I saw the third kind, at the end of the concert. Yes sir, I am not exaggerating – a small set got up to give him a standing ovation. It quickly turned out to be a chain reaction. Half the auditorium was standing and clapping.

That’s exactly why I have to question Shakespeare when he says “What’s in a name ?”. Indeed there is a lot !!! Human beings have the tendency to accept anything and everything thrown at them by a famous personality. It ain’t have to be any good, my friend.

Now, you may question my judgement and say that the people who gave standing ovation may have really liked the concert. No sir, the singing was not even bordering melody, it was outright difficult to listen to. Just believe me. The saving grace was that there was another half of the auditorium which did not bother to get up and give a standing ovation. That should at least say that not every human being is behind name and fame.

As Prof. Nissar Ahmed has rightly said