Leonardo Da Vinci – Born Again !!!

Da VinciIt is so much fun to be a part of several different yahoogroups. You get to read tons of entertaining e-mails. I read them if I have time. If not, I just delete them. It is really harmless. I happen to be a member of a yahoogroup which discusses literature – Kannada literature to be more precise.

I just received an e-mail about a lecture on kumAravyAsa. What caught my eye was not the synopsis of the lecture, but the introduction of the speaker. Again, not getting into any names, here’s the speaker’s bio in two sentences, literally :

Sri XYZ is a poet, author, public speaker, amateur journalist, dramatist, inventor of literary genres, actor, director, singer, music composer, inventor of musical genres, dancer, dance choreographer, painter, rangoli artist, scientist, engineer, serial entrepreneur, serial C-level corporate executive and expert on mergers and acquisitions. He has shared stage in his tender age of boyhood and teen years speaking on literary panels in kannaDa saahitya pariShat and other literary events with many famous kannaDa authors and poets, who later on won jnaana peetha awards. 

It seems to me that the world has at last seen the rebirth of Leonardo Da Vinci, at least on paper !!!

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4 Comments on “Leonardo Da Vinci – Born Again !!!”

  1. vittal Says:

    ‘Corporate mergers and aquisitions’, eh? smiles…It even beats Vinci’s records now!
    ‘Sakalakalaavallabha’ type personalities, ah!!

  2. nilagriva Says:

    Ha! I know exactly who this guy is!

    This genius seems to be a poet too!

    I can’t write any more !! ROTFL !!

  3. decemberstud Says:

    @vittal : Well, you need to meet the guy to understand him better. I am so blessed to be born when he is around !!!

    @nilagriva : LOL, yeah, I can imagine your facial expression when you read this post.

  4. neelanjana Says:

    Your latest post made me dig not only the archives of your blog, but also my e-mail archives 😉 nIlagrIva has almost spelt out his name!

    Most interesting thing I find are his ‘musical compositions’ – I don’t know what emoticon I should even put here!


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