Changing Lanes

So, how often do we see people who change their profession ? Quite a few, maybe. But, definitely not a lot. Most of us tend to separate our jobs from our hobbies. Well, a lot of us are forced to do that.

I just got an e-mail from a colleague saying that he is quitting his job and going back to his home country, Singapore. Obviously, I went to say ‘Good Bye’. I started talking to him and asked him a few questions about what he plans to do in the future. Guess what, this hardware engineer has decided to attend a seminary school for 4 years, so that he can become a priest or pastor. “rAmAyaNakkU imAm sAbIgU Enu saMbaMdha ?”, do you say ?

Apparently, my friend’s younger brother was diagnosed with liver cancer 3 years ago. At that time, he had three children aged 1, 2 and 3. Then my friend prayed and said “God, if you heal my little brother, I will come and serve you”. And, that’s exactly the reason my friend is quitting his present job. Yes, the Good news is that his younger brother is healthy now.

My friend (no, I should call him a colleague, even though we attended the same classes in the same college and worked at the same office, in the same group) has decided to change the path of his life. He is quitting next week. He will spend 2 months here, before going back to Singapore. In these two months, he wants to relax and prepare himself for a new life. He is excited to stay with his parents and brother. He is not married and he does not own a house. So, he can really do whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants.

 What else can I say ? Wish you all the best my colleague…er, my friend !!!

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13 Comments on “Changing Lanes”

  1. ಧೀರೇಂದ್ರ ಗೋಪಾಲ್ Says:

    Houdha..kastadha kelsa haage maadodhu .
    Hindhe mundhe yaaru yill andhre haage maad bahudhu
    nanna friendu aste ..oLLe Student BMS nalli odhidhu ..BEL nalli kelsa sikkithu ..hogi Ramakrishna ashrama serkond bitta

  2. decemberstud Says:

    @ DG : Yeah, it’s pretty hard and I commend him for that. Thanks for the post !!!

  3. shark Says:

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog 🙂

    Now this post:

    It takes a LOT of courage to do that.
    One of my colleagues here left a fat paying software job to go back to his country (Ireland) so that he could translate Bible.
    That’s called conviction. When someone knows exactly what to do in his life.
    I wonder when will I ever reach that stage? Not in this birth for sure i guess..;-)

  4. decemberstud Says:

    @ shark : Thanks for visitng 😉 Now now, a lot of us are i the same boat trying to figure out if we REALLy enjoy our work. But then it’s always nice to dream of a utopian future and enjoy the present. Remember, this blog is a Paradie for dreamers, so drop in often….

  5. Vijay Says:

    It does require a lot of conviction. All the best to him.

  6. decemberstud Says:

    Vijay : Yep, I agree…I hope he does well.

  7. Veena Shivanna Says:

    DS, adu raamayaNakku alla, gokaaLashTamigu :-)! ayyo devare, Kuvempunagar kamakshi hospital(kamadhenu bhandar stop?) road nalli baalya kaLedaddakku saarthaka swamy! 🙂

    Shivane, What is so hard in doing this ? Leaving his job & coming back to the country. Alas, idenri idu astondu ascharya padtheera ella? adu avana dharma & his wish.
    Now I know why my VISA interview to US consulate gets so delayed . Onde ondu prashne, nange innu artha aagilla. List out some 5 good reasons for why one wants to settle in US (or any foriegn coutry)? I have 5 good reasons to stay in my own country(given a chance my own city).

    1) I can see my people when ever I want. I can call them from a 1Re coin booth.
    2) I can attend all the wedding, namakaraNa & funerals at any day(provided I have no bundhs & such things).
    3) I can just walk in to anybody’s house nearby the lane & say ‘Ille bandidde so thought of seeing you’
    4) If I feel lazy to cook at home, I can call up my friend & say I am there for the dinner, tinnakke enaadru idiya (provided I cook for my inlaws at home:-)) ??
    5) Even when I return back to office after 1 years of my Maternity Leave, people will ask me ‘How is your baby’ instead of ‘Oh how could you go on Loss of pay’ for almost 3 quarters??….

    Those were just 5 good reasons. ! I have my VISA stamped & kept all the time & alas I need guts(??) to say NO to onsite assignment. I did this last time for some other selfish reason, GOD gave me a graceful chance to attend my dad’s funeral …. That was a good reason of above all…..

    Sentiments apart, FACT beku antha jana keLtaare.. na na REAL FACTS(somebody said me.. FACTS are always REAL antha :-))

  8. decemberstud Says:

    ayyO Veena, nijavAglU rAmayaNa, imAm sAbi case Aytu idu…

    alla…..I am not surpirsed at his decision to go back to Singapore. My point was his decision to completely quit his engineering job and join a hardcore seminary school to become a priest…Now, that’s a tough decision, don’t you agree ?

    I agree with all 5 points you llisted and more.

    On the other note, Ahhhh, poor owners of kamadhenu Bhandar, they closed the shop a long time back. On the other hand, Kamakshi Hospital seems to be growing bigger every time I visit Mysuru.

  9. Veena Shivanna Says:

    DS saahebre, kamakshi hospital doddaagli biDri. when I was attending school I always wondered why the city bus has to take that route when it has a way from 14th main to directly go to the kamadhenu bhandar stop.I never knew people would be waiting there to go to their places from KH stop! ayyo shivane.
    nimma post ninda impress aagi illi ondu post nodi. ivaru yaaro punyaatma gottilla. I got this link from Srik & he was moved by this post of somebody like you…

  10. decemberstud Says:

    LOL Veena, yep, KH stop was so much worth for KSRTC, there were always tons of people waiting there….

    and yeah, I read OI’s post….thanks !

  11. Aram Says:

    As your posts are invariably interesting, and as there were no new posts of late, I started to go through your posts from the beginning.

    In case you were not aware:-

    ISKCON Bangalore’s governing board consists of 7 “Daasas” and all of them are engineers, most from IIT/REC. Amazing that they forsook high-flying

    Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City – Bombay Lost and Found is a very interesting book.

    There is a lengthy detailed report therein about the fabulously rich Gujarati Jain diamond merchants renouncing everything behind and embracing the travails of monkhood. What is even more remarkable is the entire family does this, and not just one person.

  12. @ Aram:
    Yes, I have heard the ISKCON storeis. A few of my friends’ friends were among the converts.

    I have been told Suketu Mehta’s book is very good.

    I did not know about the rich Gujarati diamond merchants. It is really very interesting. More so, sicne they are Gujarati’s, huh? or am I too prejudiced? 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. some body Says:


    are you still in the usa or back in india? could we get the name of your new blog please?

    – s.b.

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