Freudian Panchayats

Right behind the heels of Imrana’s case, we have another joke from yet another muslim panchayat. This time a poor woman in a remote village near Murshidabad was raped by a goon. The elite panchayat decides that the woman and her husband will have to pay a ‘fine’ of 50,000 rupees if they have to stay together. Her husband being a daily wage labourer cannot afford that kind of money. So, obviously the woman is driven out of her home. She is not allowed in her father’s house either, since her step-mother thinks that she is tainted. So, where should she go ? I ask these village ‘elders’, what if their wives were raped ? Well, maybe they are all too old and the ‘elders’ are sure that nobody would bother touching their wives. Shucks, I am so angry with these guys. They ask the rapist to pay 18,000 rupees to clear his sins (which he doesn’t, anyway), but the victim needs to pay 50,000 rupees to stay with her husband…what logic is this ? The poor husband is very understanding. He wants to be with her. So, what the heck are the ‘elders’ doing with this case ?  

A few days back Imrana’s case had a partial closure. Her father-in-law, who raped her, has been put behind bars for 10 years and asked to pay a fine. But, that does not help Imrana. The muslim panchayat still believes that according to Shariyat law, she has to accept her husband as her son since she had sex with her father-in-law. Well, she has 5 kids from her husband. So, it is guaranteed that she had sex with her husband at least 5 times more than with her father-in-law. Guys, if not logic, at least the numbers should count. Let her have her husband. Even he wants to be with her. So, what is the problem with these goddamn ‘elders’ ? Again, the poor husband, who is a rickshaw driver is helpless. Agh, I never realized that these panchayat leaders were so smart that they actually read Freud.

Isn’t it time to stop this utter nonsense and bring some sense into our legal system ? Why are we not having uniform civil code ? How many more victims have to go through this plight ?  We cannot hope that Sonia Gandhi style of politics will ever bring in uniform civil code. What about the right wing ? Come on guys, these are your sisters and mothers. How can you just watch these jokes and laugh it off ?

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15 Comments on “Freudian Panchayats”

  1. Vittal Says:

    I don;t know what’s the magic of Islam. It doesn’t matter – you could be of european race in Bosnia or african in Sudan or asian in Indonesia. It’s amazing how it takes over and dominates all aspects of life!

  2. decemberstud Says:

    Vittal, I sometimes feel that education may have played a hige role in this. Bulk of the people involved are really driven by the ‘smart leaders’. Thus, I pity the illeterate and feel sorry for them. Look at the women who blocked the mosque in Palestine. Do you really think they were capable of thinking ?

    A few of my closest friends are muslims, who are nowhere close to the stereotype.

  3. Srik Says:

    True DS,

    I’ve seen some Muslims from close quarters who are as I am, live religion at home, dont put it on others kind.

    Also, I must admit I’ve seen some really fanatic kind, I dont understnad one thing, how can religion take better priority when compared to Mother?

  4. decemberstud Says:


    I guess these are things which are beyond us…..Maybe it’s the upbringing, maybe it’s the teaching, maybe it’s the notion…there’s something wrong, though.

  5. Vijay Says:

    This is just bizarre… forget religion.. don’t these guys have a logical thinking mind???

  6. Gangadhar Says:

    it’s weird..

  7. decemberstud Says:

    @ Vijay : True, but then, I have a feeling that, religion, unfortunately dictates logic.

    @Ganga : You bet it is weird…I was so upset reading about these helpless women !!!

  8. pegasus Says:

    that is the problem in india… a raped woman is looked not as a victim but as a guilty.

  9. decemberstud Says:


    Yes, the sad part is that the raped woman is not viewed as a victim. But, I am not sure it is restricted to India. All countries have different problems. But, certain ‘societies’ are made to behave in weird ways. Even in India, this is such a minority, do you agree ?

    And, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to see you more.

  10. mouna Says:

    yes, ds, as u said, education can solve the problem, but reasoning with a sensible mind makes more sense

  11. decemberstud Says:


    Yes, I totally agree. But then, how do you reason it out with a brainwashed mind ?

    And, thanks for visitng my blog….

  12. mouna Says:

    not being educated, does not neccasarily imply lack of common sense, i’ve read quite a few cases, where ‘uneducateds’ think broad-mindedly, if i can put it this way. if the thinking is logical and reasonable enough, it should be fine. education just amplifies this trait, what say?

  13. decemberstud Says:


    Agreed….’education’ is really not literacy. A person can be educated without going to school…, yes, a lot of it is the mind and what you have inside it !!!

  14. Aram Says:

    DS: Pardon my reacting to your old post now after 7 months – I am a baby as far as blogging is concerned – just 2 weeks old and discovered this treasure site only accidentally because of URA’s galaataa.

    I can see your pain at the inhuman atrocities being committed in the name of Sharia ( khandithavaagiyoo shariyallaa). I am also a samadukhi.

    A. R. Rahman’s mother converted herself and him to islam because some Muslim saint had cured somebody in the family.

    But why did Kamala Das, the foremost feminist and such a big writer in English become Suraiya? (Senility?)

    What attracts people to join the fanatics?

    Why are our wretched brethren misleading themselves and their community? Why do they treat their womenfolk so harshly?

    The one possible reason for such misguided outlook towards women could be as follows:- I see the graffiti painted by Karnataka Government on the walls everywhere – “Maneye modala pathashale, janani thaane modala guruvu.”

    How very true and poignant !

    If the janani is good and is well-respected by her beloved husband and in-laws, she will be a good influence on the children. But, if she is treated badly and if on top of it she is illiterate, then God alone can help the children. Unfortunately, theirs is not a kind and benevolent God.

    A trivia: Did you know that Goa is the only State in the whole country where polygamy is prohibited by law even for Muslims? It was a legacy of the Portugueses rule.

    PS: I have come to know you well in your assumed identity. Please do not feel inhibited to tell me outright if I transgress anywhere like for example reviving old forgotten posts. True relationship – even with the blogger and his respondents – flourishes where there is total transparency and unhesitancy.


    Love because we do not want to be harsh and cruel.

  15. Aram Says:

    while religiously going through your old posts and the comments thereto, I came across this gem of a saying which also said the same thing as I did but in just six small Samskrit words as against my many big paragraphs.

    Thanks VS for resurfacing this gem: Yatra Naaryasthu Poojyanthe Ramanthe Thathra Devathaha

    Where women are treated with dignity and Womanhood is worshipped, there Roam the GODS …

    So, who are the real Kafirs? (Kafir = is an Arabic word literally meaning “ingrate”. In the Islamic doctrinal sense the term refer to a person who does not recognize God or …. wiki)

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