Another Drop in the Ocean

One more election is over in the world’s oldest democracy. Just like India, elections in the United States is full of drama, fun, twists and turns. We probably will not know who controls the senate, for another 50 days. The election in Virginia was so close that the ‘loser’ has the right to call for recounting. Loser, in this case is Sen. George Allen, remember the guy ? Yeah, the one who called me and my parents as makakas. An year ago, people saw him as a possible presidential candidate for 2008. Look where he is now. You have to take all the blame Mr. Allen.

Now that the Democrats control the house (and possibly the senate), will there be any change in the federal government policy ? You bet there will be. Rumsfeld resigned today morning and Bush accepted it. Bush says that the resignation had absolutely nothing to do with the election results. Yes sir, we truly believe that (wink wink).

I was glued to the TV yesterday evening. For most part I watched CNN, occasionally watched the Fox News channel to see how truly “fair and balanced” they are. The dear old NBC served the local news. Invariably, I started remembering the Prannoy Roy / Vinod Dua election coverage. Now, that was brilliant.

I should say that CNN did a fairly decent job. Wolf Blitzer and the expert team were not biased, and did an honest reporting. Lou Dobbs was a little boring, but he did a straight job as well. Enter the perennial clown in CNN, Anderson Cooper and the coverage started bugging me. Seriously, this guy Anderson Cooper has no clue what he talks about. Unlike Wolf Blitzer, Lou Dobbs or Larry King, Cooper cannot comprehend the news and does not understand the details. He is so horribly out of place. I fail to understand how or why CNN has such inept people. I bet 20 year old girls are really not the audience which CNN is looking for. Then why do they need Anderson Cooper ? But overall, I give credit to CNN for a job well done.

Oh, I almost forgot. I told you that I watched Fox News channel as well, didn’t I ? Brit Hume and the bunch were so one sided. Initially, bulk of the results announced on Fox showed Democrats losing. They didn’t bother to announce that the Democrats had taken the House for a very long time. Mr. Hume claimed that they wanted to be sure about the results and that they would have delayed it even if the Republicans had won the House. Yeah, right. And then enters the Anderson Cooper of Fox, Mr. Shepard Smith. He is a guy who looks good in Armani, has a very loud mouth and has absolutely no clue of what he is talking about. When the political analysts were talking about the close senate race in Montana, Mr. Smith for some reason thought that the close race was in Vermont. Being the anchor of a major television station on the election night, he better know what is what and where is where. I curse myself for shifting from dish to cable TV, at least on dish I never got Fox news channel and thus was ‘forced’ not to watch it.

I am sure we all agree that Amithabh Bachchan is so much better than Regis Philbin. No comparison, actually. On the same lines, I think Prannoy Roy / Vinod Dua combo is so much better than CNN / Fox bandwagon. As I said earlier, CNN did a good job, but they could never match Prannoy Roy, just Vikram Chandra, maybe.

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22 Comments on “Another Drop in the Ocean”

  1. Ashish Says:

    Prannoy Roy is pretty good, without doubt.
    Although seeing Fox might have made you a bit biased. Maybe you should watch some of the news channels that have opened recently in India. It may not be feel so good then.

  2. decemberstud Says:


    I ahve heard my wife say that. I guess I was lucky enough to escape those channels 🙂

    On that note, I dislike Rajdeep Sardesai…..

  3. Srik Says:

    You said it…Rajdeep has started bugging the country with his CNN combo in India….God!!! NDTV was a bit sensuous, people tagged it BBC of India, but of late it has its share of buggers too, some are highly unbearable…:(

    And..Aaj tak..I bet there are some very good and charming reporters here, and they thrive for good stuff tooo……but but sadly and truely, they try making everything over sensational and i hate them for this cheap matte..!

    So, I end up asking for a 8:30 o’clock DD-1 news which was telecast live after some impatient minutes of “IDIGA DEHALIGE” sign, sadly, it is lost somewhere!!

  4. Vijay Says:

    The Indian TV channels have much more to work with… campaigning, booth capturing, pre-poll violence etc etc.. In comparison the elections there are bland and the guys have to struggle to make it exciting.

    I still remember Singapore’s first presidential election during ’93 (I think)… man what boring stuff.. It was cumpulsory for everyone to vote.. no posters…

  5. decemberstud Says:

    @ Srik : Yep, from my limited exposure to Rajdeep Sardesai, I can easily say that he is taking Indian media to dogs. As you point out rightly, DD news had stuff. It was NEWS, afterall. I have to admit that it was excruciating to watch “Salma Sultana” even with the MUTE button on…so I would wait for the Geethanjali Aiyar’s and Komal GB Singh’s all the time.

    A big difference I saw this time when I visited India is that a lot of people have moved to watching news in regional languages. For one, my parents actually watch “E-TV Kananda” news. Apparently, E-TV is doing a good job. But, even that bothered me because on one of the days I watched news, the headlines was something like “beNgaLUrinalli bipASha, janaralli saMchalana”…yeah right, that’s the headline amterial I was looking for.

    @ Vijay : I do agree with you that the election is indeed bland here. But, even if you look at the bigger picture, we don’t get NEWS here, what we get is an entertainment magazine. The NEWS is really Britney and Reese filing for divorce. From what I ahve ehard from my wife, I believe even in India that’s the trend now. She was saying that NDTV once had Sehwag’s wedding as their first headline !!! At least, the print media in India (sans Times of India) still has some credibility.

    LOL…Singapre is a joke of a democracy. I bet they even made it compulsory for you to vote for THE party, did they 🙂

  6. Hmm, I didn’t know Allen was the guy who coined the term “Makakas” for certain people.

    What do you guys think of . Can’t wait to get back to India man.

    DS: Where r u right now? In India or the states?

  7. decemberstud Says:


    TimesNow is not all that bad. Today’s headline carries the PS3 story. Still, I cannot giveup my sweet old BBC and rediff. Thought hte latter has too many annoying ads lately, the content is neat. And, a few different blogs which I surf through help me with ‘enrichment of knowledge’.

    You are waiting to get back to India, huh ? I know the feeling dude….me in states right now. RK Narayan had written an excellent piece about the ‘trishaMku’ status of NRI’s. I had read it when I was a student and laughed it off.

  8. Oh so you are in the states. Frankly, I had come here to Canada with the intention of settling down or maybe even moving to the states if a good opportunity came along. That, though, is never gonna happen now.

    I hate it man. The materialism, consumerism, buy-buy-die mentality, absence of any culture, just can’t stand it. Yes buddy, even though I should be getting my PR soon and have a good job and stuff I’d still go back to India. There isn’t anywhere else I’d like to live ever.

    Rediff – I used to love it. Not anymore. Some of the articles that I’d seen on rediff seemed just so stupid. Check out the movie reviews by their resident asshole – called RajaSen – he just seems like he was born yesterday. I’ve move on to Google news, Blogs and Check it out.

  9. And hey- coming back to people like us – Indians out of their country- we have officially become a citizen of a country of longing.

    That is a phrase that Suketu Mehta used in his book – Maximum City -Bombay lost and found. I guess that phrase could describe a lot of people. Once you are here you miss India and once you go back, you miss the good stuff about here.

    That won’t happen to me. Will be using the delete command on my brain once I go back 🙂 LOL

  10. Vijay Says:

    Hey guys, I know your feeling.. I lived outside India for 10 years (USA and Singapore) before coming back (its been 11 years now since we came back… no regrets)… Of course at that time everyone thought I was crazy coming back home…

  11. @Vijay

    I’d come back today if I could but it will have to wait for a few more frustrating months. 🙂

  12. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI : Suketu Mehta has hit the bull’s eye. I bet I will got hrough that phase if I return to India today. Unlike you (I assume, unlike you), the problem I have is the good things in both the places. It would have been an easy decision if one out weighed the other. But, alas, that’s not true…at least I believe that’s nto true.

    Yep, I have read Raja Sen and yes I hat rediff movie reviews too. The ONLY reason, I like Raja Sen is ebcause he rips Sanjay Leela Bhansali apart. And, SLB very much deserves it (for copying ‘The Miracle Worker’ word to word and claiming that ‘Black’ is his original creation). And, yes I visit Google news as well.

    @ Vijay : Kudos to you man…oooops sir (I bet you are older than me 🙂 ). You are ‘brave’. What else can I say ? Although I do see the recent H-1B’s going back, I know tons of others who are hoping for that magic world which ahs best of both east and West. That is utopia, isn’t it ?

  13. Vijay Says:

    DS: I had a green card as well… I dont know if it was bravery or stupidity… anyway my wife was hell bent on coming back.. that helps !!

    What helped me in coming back was exactly what you mentioned. I got hired by a US company that wanted a presence in Asia and didnt care where I lived as long as I could travel. So I moved to India on a US salary. So in a way, I cheated… 🙂

  14. Vijay Says:

    … and no saaaar please.. Vijay suits me just fine 🙂

  15. decemberstud Says:


    Well, now you know that the decision was great, huh !!! Maybe you should thank your wife then. LOL….and I so wish that someone gives me the expat offer. I am guessing that you went back as a manager ??? Since, I have stuck to the hardcore technical line, it’s a little tougher to get expat options. I guess I could, but that would involve training the ‘newbies’ 😉 I am not sure I want that, though…Well, first of all I need an offer…..

    I bet you knew I was just teasing you when I said “Sir”. I hope you did. Either way, you are stuck now…..LOL….this is my new name for you – “Sir”. Thinking more, I really like the Saaaar with 4 A’s……And, that will remain from today, forever (i.e., until you come up with another smart comment to make me change my decision….LOL).

    Thanks Vijay….oooops…thanks saaaar !!!!

  16. I think, the good in India far outweighs the good here…but yes, thats what I think. 🙂 LOL

  17. Where are you? Fairfield?

  18. decemberstud Says:

    LOL OI…..we all have the right to our opinions…

    And, no I am not in Fairfield. And, I don’t think I will tell my latitude and longitude on this blog ;)….not yet….

  19. […] When I wrote about the pathetic state of media here in America, Saaaar (aka Vijay) and Opinionate Indian wrote a few comments. The discussion slowly turned towards NRI’s, their reasons for staying in America and returning to India. Saaaar then came up with this nice write up on his life in America. Continuing with the tradition, I decided to write a few more lines from my past.  […]

  20. Veena Shivanna Says:

    DS, I read couple of blog posts offlate. I see one thing in common. The Trishanku NRI’s in dwandwa. to come back or stay there. I wonder why is the decision so tough to make… I am not concluding anything here, I see a revoultion that is gonna happen. Just think about.. US citizens struggling to get their Indian consulate appointments for thier VISA. I am a core optimist & I would say, if not today in next decade atleast. We have started it anyway!
    I was talking to an economist & he called all these globalization as idiotic etc., since the poverty line in India hasn’t change much though we recongnise ourself today on the World(Globe).. I spoke about the bell curve & included myself in the 90% of the population in the middle of the bell curve. I would say some of our bloggers belong to the rest of the 10%, I would not say which side of it.

    Vijay, I liked your comment of coming back to India here. I heard about you from Bellur. Senior guy antha avatte nimage heLidnalla.. Will see you sometime saaaaaaar.

  21. decemberstud Says:

    Veena…will comment more on this in the next few days. I am leaving early tomorrow to go out with friends (Thanksgiving holiday). So, bedtime now….

  22. Veena Shivanna Says:

    send me an email when you post a reply.. this post has really gone down & i can’t track back this so pls mark me when you update ths post. Hope you had a nice thanksgiving weekend.
    So,,, was that Gandhi or krishna? Dharma or adharma ? 😉

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