Children’s Day Ramblings

We have a four year old boy who has his name in Limca book of records and who is really vying for a name in Guinness book of world records. Yes, Budhia Singh ran 65 Km in 7 hours and 2 minutes. He has no father and his mother sold him for Rs.800 to some moron. Then, a brilliant coach spotted Budhia and paid Rs.800 to the original moron and bought Budhia, so that he can make the kid a star. 

Closer home, we have Master Kishan. Yes, the genius 9 year old who can direct feature films. His heart ached for poor kids, from time immemorial. His name is already in the Guinness book of world records. Oh, how sweet !!! He still gives tons of interviews and his parents are oh, so much proud of their son’s brilliance and achievement. 

And now, we have this 4 year old magician in Bellary. Srivathsa plans to get into Guinness book of world records by riding a motorcycle blindfolded. His father, a magician himself, is obviously thrilled. I guess now it’s time for us to wish him luck !!! 

Do I see any difference among the three kids here ? No, I don’t. Does it matter that one of them is poor and the other one is rich ? Does it matter that one of them likes running, the other likes movies and a third one likes magic ? Does it really matter that the guardian angel in your life is some Judo coach or your own parents ? No, no and no to all the questions. 

What I see is exploitation, for name, fame, and money. What I see is the same boy in three different families. What I see is the innocence of a child being snatched away. And, I see mute spectators like me, enjoying the show !!!

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31 Comments on “Children’s Day Ramblings”

  1. rk Says:

    the last para says it all.
    concise and to the point.

  2. Vijay Says:

    DS: Whack !!! Right on the money…

    There are parents who are putting their kids through modelling schools so that they can act in TV serials and movies. Theres a kid in my son’s class that actually takes dancing classes. More often than not these are meant as an ego booster or “economy” booster to the parents who exploit them. Not all of these people are economically backward…

    When the courts prevented Budhia from running, his coach/guardian appealed to a higher court and got a stay order…

  3. Srik Says:

    Nice post.
    I want to quote an incidence here.
    I suggested one of my neighbours not to send away their son in 5th standard to a residential school stating that there they only teach lessons and sports, not the familial values, no one can be a better care taker than the Mother and the Father and all such stuffs.
    They sent him, however, to the ‘most reputed’ residential school. Its a matter dating back to some 6-7 years. Now that guy has returned to his ‘home’ where he doesnt feel comfortable in.
    These people are now trying enough to woo him, ask him to behave how they want, and for everything later they say “Is this what you learnt at school”? Why dont they leave him alone?

    I dont understand one thing…Just for the sake of so called better education, is it necessary to deny the child his family love?
    Even I left my family at a faily early age(15 years) for the sake of education, but never I felt myself away from home, ‘coz I was old enough to survive and understand; but whatabout this guy?
    Are these parents thrive the ‘prestige’ tag they bag spoiling the childhood of their children?

  4. Vijay Says:

    Srik: I cannot understand people who do that especially at an early age. I know people who have studied in boarding schools ever since they were in 1st grade and the same with their children…

  5. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Very good post. Children’s day is a great day when I myself used to visit all places like ZOO, Dasara exhibition , Mysore palace where the entry fees was waived on Nov14th for all the children(we were instructed to be in our school uniforms) & enjoyeed every bit of the holiday.. Alas, first prime minister birthday is treated so spl & he loved kids so its a real homage to any person the nation can pay!
    About the other views said in the post, I think If I write something I would sound like challengint the post. Just ask yourself, given a chance would you not like to see your son/daughter’s name in Guiness world of records ? If you ask me the Q, I would say Yes I do. I already think so much about my still unborn child.. I am not the person who would like to fulfill my dreams through my children but its every parents vision to see his child as a good person so is me. My 2 paise.

    We had one professor in our college, VMR(V Madhav Rao) very down to earth. People used to tell me that he allows his kid to play on roads & he instructs him do what ever he likes like ‘CharaMDinalli ball bidre hogi togo types’.. I was pretty impressed. I am not sure how the child is not grown as. My parents never imposed their ideas on us & you will laugh if I tell you that my father never even remembered which sem I was in when I was in my engg. I can just say that they lead us by example, they lived like that when we can’t ask them.. Neevu heege & why do you expect me to be like so & so.. My father used to say that his dad got his first slipper when he was 10th std & he is providing us better facility than he got. That was so kind of him to convince his children! He was so matured enough to punish us too. He taught us’freedom is not free’!!

  6. decemberstud Says:

    @ RK : Thanks !!! I am so hurt watching all this. I am so helpless, but I guess those are the rules of the world.

    @ Saaaar : Thanks Saaaar 🙂 You know what, it’s the parents’ ego which plays a huge role. Rememebr the ‘model girl’ JoneBenet ? Well, she became famous for all the wrong reasons. But, there are parents who want to see their kids ‘succssesful’ at a very early age and that is really sad.

    @ Srik : Yes, I agree Srik. Here’s another story. This boy is the son of a big industrialist and he was learning music from my mother. He would come to our house twice a week. His parents were quite nice and were good friends of my parents. They did not flaunt the riches too much anyway. One fine day they decided to put the kid in a reputed boarding school and yes, he was in 5th standard too. Guess what…..after three to five years, who is being blamed that the kid started doing drugs ??? Well, I don’t know who is being blamed…but see what happened. Is it so hard to bring up kids at home ?

    @ Veena : Yes, ZOO was so much fun. The fatc that it was FREE added to the fun. Sure, everyone would love to see their kid’s name in Guinness book of world records. But, there is a big difference between “they would love to” and “they want to”. The latter results in pushing the children too hard, too far. Your prof is a good example of people who made sure that the kids have a normal childhood.

    And, you have pointed out a very good trait in your father. He did not push you or force you to do anything and the most importnant thing, he did not live his life through you. That is how parents should be. He knew exactly how to bring up children. I rememebr when I grew up, my parents had no problems when I tol them that I really wanted to graduate in literature or linguistics. I ended up being an engineer, purely because of my own choice, that’s different.

    And, people who push their childern to get “first rank”…Grrrr…..

  7. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Ha Ha.. First Rank.. I rememebr an episode in my life when I was in my standard 5th. I stood 2nd in class that was first time & I was crying that I missed 1st rank by few marks. My dad was laughing at me & he appreciated me that I made to 2nd at the class when he was still learning english alphabets in his village school. I still remember the days when I was on stage receiving my certificates from all big people certianly in my X, PU & my music classes. He used to say, if everybody wants to top the class then who will be the 2nd , 3rd etc., ? He was so logical in even convincing this kind of people too… DS, how many kids do you have ? LOL 🙂

  8. decemberstud Says:

    LOL….none yet Veena…so it’s too soon for me to think of my kid getting the first rank 🙂

  9. Veena Shivanna Says:

    I don’t believe you.. Do you know a song from the kannada film featuring Gayathri & Dr. Raj.. which goes like ‘Aaaduvudu onDu maaDuvudu innondu……. padmavathi pathi…. continues.. 🙂
    Good Luck for both.

  10. decemberstud Says:

    Oh yes…”hELuvu oMdu, mADuvudu innoMdu” from the movie “Jwalamukhi”. She will be a detective in that movie…Ahh, the good times 🙂

  11. rk Says:


    btw, i feel today there are more MODELS than ROLE MODELS.

  12. suparna Says:

    timely post … not only the child progidies .. even the other normal kids dont have a very enjoyable and carefree childhood of our days … sad but true ..

  13. mouna Says:

    craving for stardom, hoping to be mentioned in the world book of records….the child’s childhood is forgotten, gone are the days when batminton was played for fun, these times, coaching classes, and i-made-it- to-the-a-some-level, is of utmost importance, thus the creation of child prodigies….

  14. decemberstud Says:

    @ Suparna : Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, unfortunatley the materialistic pleasures are replacing the real pleasures in life. Really, Can a video game replace the joy of playing “eyes pyes” (the Indian version of I spy)…well maybe it does, I am not a kid anymore….

    @ Mouna : Absolutely, you are right…everything is a competition in today’s world. There can be no fun if you don’t get the first prize and first rank and first everything….

  15. @DS:

    Interesting post. What do you think of Madonna’s recent adoption of an African kid? Do you think it was in good faith or a rather cheap publicity gathering exercise?

  16. Veena Shivanna Says:

    DS, ask your wife to read & comment pls.. I want to hear from a horse mouth.. I guess she also writes..(atleast infulenced)

  17. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI : Thanks buddy !!! I am all for Madonna’s adoption of the kid from malawi. The sad part is the state of affairs in the media. People are picking on her just because she is a celebrity. She is has proved that she is a “good mother” to her kids. What else is required. It’s a pity that a section of the society is targetting her.

    At the end of the day the kid will hopefully have a good life with Madonna. What’s the big deal ? I dislike people who try to find fault in everything. Such people discourage others from committing good deeds.

    In fact, birth of Angelina Jolie’s kid in Namibia may have been a publicity stunt. Even if Madonna did seek some publicity, I don’t think there is anything wrong. Afterall, she is doing something good to a poor child. Let it go. She does not have the reputation of Michale Jackson, so why bother ? I support Madonna completely.

    @ Veena : My wife reads the posts most of the times. But she refuses to comment 🙂 And, no she does not write, no influence there. She’s just into music.

  18. shark Says:

    A very nice point brought out here!
    Some children are specially gifted.. but using that gift for selfish motives is the worst level any parent can get to 😦

    We should always encourage our children to learn sports and arts at young age.. because then only you can know what they would be really interested in.
    But doing the same with name/fame in mind is what is wrong!

    But then isn;t it a selfish world?

  19. decemberstud Says:


    Thanks and you have hit it well….very true. You certainly have to push kids to get into something, that is quite natural. But, then there is that fine line. And, for no reason should the motive be name, fame, and money.

    True, it is a selfish world, but we can try and make it better….one eprson at a time….)

  20. forever_a_dud Says:

    What u guys call exploitation, i call opportunity. there are child prodigies born everyday, in remote villages & in flourishing cities. its only opportunity that makes one shine in the limelight & the other flicker away in some god forsaken place. hail the parents & guardians who provide this encouragement & opportunity. in fact, glory to a kid who knows what to do in life so early!!! don’t target them just bcos u guys have some missed goals in life where ur parents didn’t care shit whether u scored a first or a hundred. hey, have the tolerance to appreciate a winner when u see one!

  21. decemberstud Says:


    First, thanks for visiting the blog !!! There is a fine line between opportunity and exploitation. What happened to U Srinivas and Ravikiran was opportunity, What is happeneing to Budhia Singh is exploitation. That’s my take, you don’t have to necessarily agree with me. I do see that you don’t.

    What bothered me about your post is the “you are jealous” point. Yeah really, so all our parents’ didn’t care a shit and we didn’t reach our goals, huh ? Come on man, you know better than that. I don’t know about the rest of the guys who agreed with me on this post, but I am totally happy with how my upbringing. No qualms at all…I got all the encouragement for everything I wanted to do and I am what I am today largely because of their encouragement. They did push me at times, but they knew when to stop. In a nutshell, I have been made to use my full potential. I am content.

    Let’s not digress, shall we ? It’s civil to counter someone’s point and to disagree. And, I really appreciate you for that. But, coming up with hypothetical reasons on why someone else does not thinkl ike I do is a drag.

    I hope you visit my blogs more often 😉

  22. @DS:

    I am not very sure of this issue. Can’t agree or disagree. But the way you put it was quite interesting and intellectually stimulating.

    Coming to Madonna – I’ll probably write a post on it or maybe comment here. Personally I think it was a publicity stunt. Also I had a couple of reservations about your statement “Madonna has proved she is a good mother”. When you say, media are picking on her becoz she is a celebrity – Angelina Jolie wasn’t picked on, but Madonna was. Both are celebrities. I hate to be critical as well and I am far removed from it but something about Madonna’s adoption is bothering. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe, I should let it go- as you suggest.

    Good post though.. just read it again.

  23. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI : Thanks you liked the post. And, disagreeing with different viewpoints is health if it is fair. You said you have reservations on my Madonna comment, about her being a good mother. You didn’t say what the reservations were. Care to explain ?

    Also, what did Angelina Jolie achieve by giving birth to a child in namibia ? If you call a “boost of Namibian tourism industry” as godwill, then yeah she is a saint.

    I do not understand what is the big deal with madonna adopting a kid from Malawi. Alright, let’s say she is really doing it with selfish motive. She still is making the life of one child better. I don’t see anything wrong there. As I said, if it were Michael Jackson, then that’s a different story.

    Again, what’s wrong in doing something whose end result is not a bad thing at all ? Sure, I am selfish, I do things for my own good, but in that path, if it helps someone else, is that wrong ? It is wrong, if it hurts someone else, for sure….not if it helps. I cannot, for the life of me understand why Madonna is wrong. I support her completely.

    P.S: On Larry King, I watched Judge Judy also support Madonna. So, now it has reinforced my position….LOL

  24. forever_a_dud Says:

    Dunno abt budhia, but i certainly don’t see kishen being exploited. i see a damn good businessman in him already!
    Here’s my justification for the jealousy stmt. the older generation parents had a mostly hands-off attitude wrt kids. but, nowadays, parents r more proactive & recognize their kids potential early on & encourage that. i don’t see anything wrong there.
    but, u guys r crying foul. why??? why shudn’t a parent encourage a kid to do what he/she likes & excel in that? why do u call it pushing, loss of innocence & other BS? have u ever thought, maybe the kid genuinely likes to act in movies/play tennis/or whatever. so, my point is, hey, if u didn’t do/get something in life for whatever reason, don’t discourage others. don’t shout exploitation when there’s none. give credit where its due.
    same thing abt the madonna,jolie stuff. whatever good they’re doing gets negated by over enthusiastic critics saying ‘oh, they’re doing it for publicity’. comeon, they don’t need to do this to get publicity. ask paris hilton.

  25. decemberstud Says:

    I agree with your last comment on Madonna and Paris Hilton…well put, actually.

    I don’t agree with the first part of your comment….especially with the “jealousy” angle, I think that’s quite childish actually….I do understand your point on the elder generation “not being a part of child’s life” as much as the next generation did. Maybe coz that generation had too many children…or whatever. But, I don’t think that’s a valid argument to guys our age (I dunno how old you are, at least a bulk of the others’ who have commented here)…I mean us who are in teens 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

  26. forever_a_dud Says:

    ok, give me one good reason why u think – even though the child likes acting/directing, another likes to run, the parents shud ignore any natural potential the child may have & stuff the same “engg or medicine” line down their throats? u know why there’s only one tiger woods? bcos there’s not many more like his dad who recognized his son’s potential & helped make it worldclass. but certainly there are more watchdogs like u & others above who yell exploitation whenever they see a bright rising star supported by his parents. its a classic eg of “if i didn’t prosper, others shudn’t either” syndrome that afflicts our indian society.
    anyway, this’ll be my last comment on this subject, bcos i see u vehemently shaking ur head & starting to reply…
    Btw, if ur intention was just to say something provocative & watch the traffic, hey, i got exploited 😉

  27. Veena Shivanna Says:

    DS I see forever_a_dud explanation very good & I think he wants to say what you are thinking but using some strong words like jealousy , thats simple.
    It reminds me about my article which featured in sometime last year .. do read it at your leisure.

  28. decemberstud Says:

    @ forever_a_dud : LOL…..since I am a loser anyway, I guess getting more traffic is the only way I measure success…Ahhhhh, come ooon, you have been a regular here, I am surprised you weren’t commenting earlier 😉

    @ Veena : Very nice article !!! On the other note, I doubt forever_a_dud and I are on the same page. I respect his opinions, it’s just his reasoning behind MY opinions, that I have a problem with.

  29. Ken Sweeney Says:

    I think it is disgusting when parents or persons put the well being of a child at risk for the sake of there own fame and fortune and not thinking about the childs future.

  30. decemberstud Says:

    @ Ken :
    Thanks for visiting. Yep, I absolutely agree. It is quite sad to see such state of affairs at every nook and corner of the world.

  31. Another example of people taking advantage of a young child in a very sadistic manner?

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