‘Mukta’ And Her Sister Storms

Here’s what happened when I visited India 6 months back. Entire Karnataka was reeling under a severe ‘mukta’ storm. I dare not call anyone – forget visiting – between 9 and 9:30 on a weeknight. The storm was worse during my visit because it was in it’s ‘almost’ final phase and the judge (Ravi Belagere) was going to spell out his take on whether Madhavi Patel and one other politician (what’s his name, Shivakrishna Desai..is it ?) were innocent or not. Forget a storm, I thought it was the arrival of praLaya.

I get it. I bet ‘mukta’ was a brilliantly directed Kannada serial. If it can capture the attention of the rich and poor alike, then it must be a real good production. I respect the fact that everyone wanted to watch it. Within two days, my wife and I realized that we should not disturb any soul in Karnataka between 9 and 9:30 on weeknights. 

But, the problem was not that. I started to realize that ‘mukta’ had many sister storms – too many, actually. None of the sisters were as beautiful or as ferocious as ‘mukta’, but they were all mighty in their own right. It was quite hard to remember all their names. I mean, come on, how can you expect me to remember ‘’baduku’, ‘naMdagOkula’, ‘guptagAmini’, ‘maneyoMdu mUru bAgilu’, ‘silly lalli’, ‘preeti illada mEle’ etc…etc..etc… 

Now I had a real problem. I couldn’t go and visit people at all. There were storms day and night. I thought I was brave enough to tackle the storms. My wife and I visited a few houses when the smaller sister storms showed up. We were in for a lot of surprises. Some of our hosts did not care that we were in their boat. They were mesmerized by the storm. Some of them encouraged us to watch the beauty of the storm and went on to explain the birth of the storm and even predicted the future path. A few others were quite pissed with me talking during the storms and in fact used electronic gadgets and made sure that the sound of the storm was louder. 

There was a huge storm on my previous visit as well. That storm breezed from north to south and was named ‘mUDala mane’. I totally agree that people are awed by some gigantic storms. A few here and there are fine. If I lived in Karnataka, I am sure I would be swept away too. But, getting stuck in several different storms day and night is foolishness. And, I definitely didn’t deserve the treatment which I did, courtesy, the sister storms.

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15 Comments on “‘Mukta’ And Her Sister Storms”

  1. Do you know that I was watching Mukta when it used to get retelecasted at 11pm in the night. I guess you know the channel jagaLa in a typical middle class family .. I being the youngest at home(I am the second daughter to my dad their at tavaru).. I leave it out 😉
    Udaya channel will be on most of the times & hence I don’t dare to change.. My hubby comes & starts with his HBO/Star movies & sometimes Rajnikant, Shivaji ganeshan(my maava being in Ulsoor area for his whole of life – 74 years)!
    I have absolutely stopped watching the TV now.. We generally switch off the TV when we have guests at home & they desperately ask so that they follow some junk serial when being with us 😉

    There is a nice program called Raaga Ranjani which is aired on sunday’s .. I have just started watching that.. Sundays are the busy days for me, cooking nice breakfast(if not everyday atleast on that day??).. Its more of a hearing program than the visuals.. so I am there to see the raaga ranjani…!

    Nice post.. I am the first to comment… Let the hanumaan tail grow now.. Do you know that there is blog which used to discuss Mukta? visit at your free time.


  2. Used to discuss alla.. it still has daily entries.. now we discuss all the left overs & also general gyan about life.. pls do visit …

  3. Srik Says:

    Yes, Veena.
    Infact we are indebted to Muktha in one way or the other..
    Coz with that we were introduced to Sanjay’s blog…and then Shruti, and then Bellur…and then you and then I started a blog of my own…then found DS…

    So, Muktha is the catalyst for my entry into this wonderful virtual world!!

    Good post DS, Loved it. I am not a serial savvy as well..and I donn watch any now a days. i.e. after Muktha.

    Please visit the page Veena has suggested. Over the period it became a rage across the globe, and that page became a forum and a portal for Muktha!! amazing to know how it grew and made us grow!!

  4. DS.. I would now equate this storm as the BLOG.. not the serial. you can equate yourself in the post to my delivery or my manager. I keep ignoring both because of the storm called BLOG..
    It was sanjay’s first, Bellur, Professor(Shruthi), Srik, you, Vijay, Bach, OI.. the list is growing.. finally I got infected by a photo blog…

    Now my people at home says, if I were in this IT industry(junkie?) even I would be infected 😉

    there is something called as alankaara in kananda (metaphor, similie in english).. adaralli upamaalankaara antha baratte, nenpaagtaa ide.. kannada 12 years odidri andralla eega gottayta ? 😉

  5. mouna Says:

    yes, i was an avid spectator too, but these sister storms as u term them are stupid, in the deadliest terms, we should have awards for the worst tv soaps, and the afore-mentioned will have no problems being guarded.

    one simply cannot compare mukta with these, the latter is top-class. doesn’t it educate the ignoring idiot on life’s nuances?

  6. decemberstud Says:

    @ Veena :
    Thanks. Swithcing off TV when you have guests is the least anyone should do, I completley sgree. It was quite sad to see TV getting more importance than human beings.

    @ Srik :
    Thank you !!! LOL…in your big blog gang, am I thhe ONLY one who hasn’t watched ‘mukta’ ? On that note, I observe that there are more people in India who blog and blog surf than in USA. Reminds me of sexy and state of the art cell phones you get in India, compared to the dull ones in USA.

    @ Mouna :
    I bet most of them were junk. I don’t have issues with people watching TV, but come one, when others visit your house, basic courtesy expects you to switch off the TV. I had made it a point not to diturb anyone during ‘mukta’, but how can I avoid the tons of sister storms ? Well, I guess that’s the new way of life, courtesy E-TV and Udaya TV.

  7. rk Says:

    ‘mukta’ no doubt was a good serial. but the novelty in this serial were the court scenes. tns brought in baragur ramachandrappa, rani sathish, ravi belagere to don the judge role, which usually is so insipid.
    now there is another serial ‘preeti illada mele’ having court scenes with ravi belagere as the lawyer and sudha murthy as the judge.
    me too not an avid serial watcher. i say, they are not just SERIALS, they are SERIAL KILLERS.
    loved reading your rants. 😉

  8. mouna Says:

    i too support your view, the tv at home is switched off, when we’ve guests. it’s courtsey. when we do visit other’s my mum asks them to switch it off, no matter what they think, if i’d want to discuss soaps, or simply watch soaps, i’d do the same at my place, i wouldn’t want to go to a friend’s place to do it.

  9. Srik Says:

    LOL 🙂

    Yes, all said and done, these soaps have become an integral part of households in India, and that has made me stop visiting many of my relatives during week days.

    I make it a point to talk to them on weekends itself.

    Thanks ton to Lord that most of my friends are not serial-addicts. I can call them any time and visit them as well!!

  10. decemberstud Says:

    @ RK : Thanks…LOL, well said, serial killers, huh ? As I said, I do appreciate the fact that one or two serails are of “not to be missed” quality, but the rest…welll..enough said.

    @ Mouna : It seems like common courtest is lost in the wodds nowadays..I wonder why.

    @ Srik : See, that is the sad part. That is pretty much what happeend to me. I would go to my relatives’ house and was FORCED to watch some junk serial with them. tehre was hardly any conversation.

  11. suparna Says:

    looks like you didnt get to attend any family gatherings !!! They even discuss these serials for hours !! And if you dont know that , you will be wondering and lost ….

  12. what happened to the appearance of this blog ? I am not sure whether you changed it or wordpress have!!.. I am feel quite uncomfortable with the new looks.. Moreover Times New Roman is never my favourite. Whats that Phone models you were talking about ? In US I really liked that concept of giving away the handset free if you go for an year contract & no charges for the handset no matter whether it is a Motorola Razor!… The worst thing was asking for your credit history.. Who does people with short visits(may be some 4-5 months) do ?

    About serials.. Yes Yes.. they are part of our life.. I even see something called ‘JaaNara peTTige’ in sudha magazine, I enjoy this column.. I was totally zapped when Rajashekhar hampapura alias Ananthanag(:-)) has started answering some Q’s from the viewers. They are becoming dangerously famous more than being on silver screen.. Why Not antha ?

  13. prashanth Says:

    Me too used to watch(or rather say listen) Mukta. Used to get weekly updates from mom on weekend when I goto my home town 🙂

  14. decemberstud Says:

    @ Suparna : I bet I bet…..hmmm, I missed out on all that fun 🙂

    @ Veena : No changes to the appearance of the blog, none, zilch. Yes it’s becoming a common thingy to see TV starts outshine their counterparts on the silver screen.

    @ Prashanth : I am sure it was a very well done serial. My concern is with the fact that peopl ignore the guests at the expense of tons of these serials. Now, that is sad !!!

  15. Idiotdontgiveideaslol Says:

    Hey dude dont give ideas. they will start a new serial called pralaya.

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