Such A Wonderful World !!!

It was a lazy Saturday. Woke up at 8’0 clock to my wife’s chirps and laughs. Got a call from a friend (yes, you guessed it right, the same one who is going to marry a girl who is not too fond to speak in her mother tongue). Another phone call. This was from India. My parents blessed me and hoped that I live happily for 100 years. Got up from bed. Had my coffee. Picked up the weekend newspaper. It was thick. Browsed through the news and read the comics. Tried solving Jumble, Crossword and Cryptoquote. Glanced through the tricks to play a better game of Bridge. One more phone call. One more wish. 

Cold outside. A long and hot shower was extremely soothing. Wife had baked a really nice German chocolate Cake. Cut the cake. Ate the cake. Enjoyed Pav Bhaji. It was just past noon. Wife had to work on her school project. Picked up ‘maMdra’ and continued reading. Finished a chapter, Rolled over for sometime. Got up in the evening. Another phone call. Another wish. Wife was busy with something in kitchen. She started singing. ‘shruti box’ was right next to me. Switched it on and tuned it. Asked her to sing with her full voice. Started giving my ‘expert’ and ‘unnecessary’ comments. She didn’t mind at all. I enjoyed. After some time, I picked up where she left off. Sang for some time. Got phone call from another friend.   

New dress. Went out and picked up some vegetables from an Indian store. Went to an upscale Italian restaurant. Enjoyed a very heavy and a very lazy dinner. Eggplant Parmigiana for me and Baked Rigatoni for her. Came home. Talked about all the useless stuff in the world. Went to bed. 

Next day. Checked my e-mails. A lot of emails from my friends. And then some, and then some more. From people I haven’t met. From people I don’t know. From people who visit my blog. From people whose blog I visit. They don’t know my real name. They have no clue what I look like and what my tastes are. They don’t know what movies I like and what books I read. They certainly don’t know my past and they don’t know my home. Yet, they wished me. They had the nicest words to say. It’s a small world. Such a wonderful world !!!

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47 Comments on “Such A Wonderful World !!!”

  1. Vittal Says:

    So, let me guess – it was your b’day?
    As usual, I am little slow in everything…
    Happy belated birthday!
    (So, you didn’t go to temple, uh? – j/k)

  2. @ DS

    ‘shruti box’ was right next to me.???? Didn’t understand this….!

    Ah! those small pleasures…:) Glad you had a good day.

  3. rk Says:

    cute post.
    have a lovely life ahead.

  4. Vijay Says:

    Hey D.S.. happy belated Birthday…

  5. I am glad that no cribs here, no judgements & no conclusions..
    Note this line.. “Got up from bed. Had my coffee. Picked up the weekend newspaper.”
    ayyo shivane.. eddu hallu ujjalva ? cheeeeeee!

    I know it was somebody else who will always make your day special, the first one your wife, your parents, your friends, your bloggers! No wish & surprise in the midnight 12 is it ? surprised? Generally first birthday after wedding is always memorable.. Lot of surprises & fun filled.. so much planned etc., etc.,

    Shruthi peTTIge yaavudu ? Is that the one V-Guard stabilizer converted one or that rectangular one with wodden cover or the small plastic one ? I ever loved tamburi than any of this S-pettige’s.. Just that ‘Sa’ is such a vibrating note..
    I attended a sitar concert recently by Shri Vid. Gopinath, abba.. sitaar is like wow! I thought.. nanna maklige yaargaadru kaLsoNa antha 🙂 Now don’t tell me that I am trying to live my life through my children!

    Glad that you posted a thank you note to everybody who made the day so wonderful.. Temple ge hoglilva ? Maneye mantraalaya antha haaDu shuru maadbedi matte 😉

  6. Srik Says:


    Belated happy Birthday DS!!

    Late wishes are more powerful ante. So, take some powerful wish from me 🙂

  7. Srik Says:

    Shruti box is a helper instrument (does the same work as a Tamboori or Tanpura) in music. Someone correct me.

  8. To add to it, this instrument doesn’t need any person to operate it. Its run by electircity or batteries, when somebody wants to practice music or play it, they generally have this shruthi peTTige as reference so that they don’t vary the reference which they started singing in. otherwise the music lovers will say, what man.. no shruthi .. it will spoil the whole song no matter what!

    Genrally, the instrument players use it more than vocalist because instrument players user their hands for playing their instruments while the vocalists can themselves play it. some people who are so lazy like DS(not DS’s wife) use the shruthi peTTige.. also some vocalists use their hands to express their inner feelings & hence keep swinging around, in such cases this S-pettige is of use.! May be Mrs. DS belong to the second category! or the hands can be used to hold the lyrics sheet etc.,

  9. mouna Says:

    ds, happy belated birthday!

  10. suparna Says:

    ok ok …i get it … happy birthday 🙂 nice way of letting others know …and wish u …

  11. some body Says:

    my niece also is 12/2. happy birthday!

    – s.b.

  12. decemberstud Says:

    @ All :
    The point of having this post was to make sure that the ones who didn’t send me an e-mail will make sure to do it next time…LOL…in case you are very eager to send a gift, I can definitely send you my snail mail address, just let me know 🙂 Naaaah, the real point was to say ‘Thank You’.

    The other thing, my friends’ fiancee (yep, the same girl who does not want to talk in her mother tongue, I know I am going to immortalize her in my blog) shares the birthday wih me. What a coincidence, huh ? 😉

    @ Vittal :
    Thank you. From yoru blogs, you hardly look like a slow person to me. Although, I have to admit that a person who prefers Wisconsin to California maybe a ‘little’ slow 😉 Nope, I didn’t go to the temple. Actually, I need to. My best friend Ganesha saved my life a few months ago, so I have an understanding with him …need to fulfill that soon.

    @ OI :
    I guess Srik and Veena answered your qusttion on ‘shruti box’. Thanks again, and how did your day go ? Maybe I should tell all the bloggers that your birthday is December 3rd. Maybe, I won’t….I don’t wanna share the gifts 🙂

    @ RK :
    Thank you and Thank you. I sure hope so….

    @ Vijay :
    Thanks Saaaar…ellA nimma AshIrwAda 😉 LOL….

    @ Veena :
    Ayyo, of course I brush my teeth…You see, I can’t put in ALL the details 😉 Thanks again Veena. So, when is your b-day again ? Dec 12th is it ?

    @ Srik :
    Oooh…that hit hard…Thanks for all ‘power’ wishes…..:)

    @ Mouna :
    Thank you.

    @ Suparna :
    Thanks…now that I have done my part, when can I expect the gift ? 🙂

    @ SB :
    Thanks…..and off late I am getting to know a lot of Dec 2nds…Hmmmm….Let me guess….she is charming and smart, right ? 😉

  13. Thanks Srik and Veena for those explanations. 🙂

    @ DS

    My day didn’t go too bad. Thanks for the wishes again 🙂

  14. some body Says:


    belated wishes to you too! 🙂

    – s.b.

  15. @ SB – Thanks for the wishes! 🙂

  16. rk Says:

    happy birthday stud!
    know what? RK Laxman’s common man and my much better half , all made their appearance on bhooloka on December the second. 🙂

  17. Ayyo en Bellur idu.. modle heLod alva ?
    DS.. en saar illu public aagi sEd teerskoteeralla ? Hmm….?

    Awaiting your next post, which will be surely interesting…! some shloka which SB asked us..? or the incident where your friend Ganesha saved you ? Hmm….??
    Don’t put some hi-fi americal politics or mettralugy related.. I will stop reading it after the first 2 lines then 🙂

    OI.. can’t you use some good words atleast on your b’day ? you could as well said.. It was ok or fine.. “Not too bad.”. Ufff !!!

  18. Srik Says:


    Oh!! You! I was wondering where u get the details!!

    And that was a good thing you told to OI, at least be happy on one’s birthday? Is that the lesson u r teaching here teacher? 😉

  19. some body Says:


    happy birthday to your better half too. it appears the world is full of sagittarians! for some reason, i forgot that your wife’s name is vidya and was wondering who those greetings were for (on yours – or vijay’s – blog)!


    maybe he was happy on his birthday – read his comment, it is dated 3 days after his birthday :-).


    here is a nice one for you, though you might disagree with the premise of needing 50,00,000 buckaroos per year in india for four people! assuming that you have not heard about them before – i had not until yesterday.

    – s.b.

  20. @Veena

    Agreed! My day turned out quite good. I am picking up on the North American lingo here… when I say “not too bad”. Too much negativity though…I agree… 🙂

  21. decemberstud Says:

    @ RK :
    Thanks ! So, now you know the power of Dec 2nd, I bet…LOL…tell that to Srik.

    @ Veena :
    Public, sEDu, huh ? 🙂 My next post will definitely not be about SB’s question since there is no closure yet. It won’t be about my friend Ganesha savine me either, since that needs some more time to heal. My posts are never hi-fi, so you shouldn’t have a problem there 🙂 It really depends on my mood later today or tomorrow….

    @ SB :
    Good link.

  22. some body Says:


    oh, i called my mother last night to ask her. she said that this particular one is written by ranna – his specialty being that he referred to duryodhana as suyodhana because – apparently – though he was unjust with the pandavas, his rule was pretty good. also, he praises karna because of his steadfast friendship with duryodhana (among other things).

    what is ironic is that my mother had this poem/prose in her middle/high school. is the exposure to kannada classics different (or less) in kannada language lessons in schools nowadays?

    hope this helps. having said all this, i am still wanting to see if i can get a transliteration of this piece so i can read by myself.

    also, i need to confess – i got that link from desipundit. what absolutely blew me away was the stated figure of 50,00,000 per year for a family of four! i understand that if i were a kubera, i can also spend that much per year and also – their money is theirs alone – but, is that kind of expenditure necessary? i wonder what vijay would say!

    – s.b.

  23. @ s.b.

    I just read that article…isn’t that awesome? And no I don’t really have any issues with them spending Rs 50 lakh/month. That would be acting very judgemental. They worked towards it and they are giving back a whole lot more, if they choose to indulge in some luxuries of their own, they’ve deserved every bit of it.

    You know what, I also thought in this direction, of staying here for 7-10 years and then going back but have heard too many stories of people who become trapped after spending so much time here. Once you have a family and children and you’re life is kind of settled, its hard and I didn’t want to make it hard for myself – or give myself an excuse for not going back. Btw, do you have a blog or you prefer to remain anonymous.

  24. I am

    weak in remembering b’days
    week late in wishing DS a happy b’day!


  25. decemberstud Says:

    @ SB :
    True Ranna calls duryOdhana as suyOdhana. But, you never mentioned that in your piece….;) I would say that would have been an ‘almost’ dead giveaway (coz I think he is referred to as suyOdhana in a few more works).

    An interesting note here is the fact that ‘most’ of the early Kannada writers were Jains. If you trace Kannada literature (from a historical perspective, NOT from a politician perspective), you will see a clear dominance of Jains, Lingayats and Brahmins, chronologically.

    Anyway, I guess I am digressing. Thanks for the info.

    @ SJ :
    Thank you 😉 Make sure you update your diary for next year 🙂

  26. decemberstud Says:

    @ SJ :
    Oh, and maybe I should thank you for your first comment here….if not the first visit 😉

  27. prashanth Says:

    better late than never – wish you many many happy returns of the day… 🙂

  28. public sEDu is by publishing my brithday here .. anyway, gives good feeling when you are being wished .. on that day than the belated & advanced wishes.
    People have already sent some wishes, but I don’t know whether that was for belated wishes for another event.
    Well, I saw your next post, quite boring to me 🙂
    SB.. glad that atlast your mom helped to recollect. What is that Desipundit all about. if its another blog, pls spare me.. I am already spending so much time on all the blogroll. My mgr & my husband will just kick me out if they see me browsing more than what I do now. I have already received a nice warning from both of them 🙂

    SB .. Bloggers day ge neevu ready iro haagide.. Mysore-Bangalore ge baro idea idya athva E-presence ?

  29. @ Veena:

    Desipundit is a nice idea and has a pretty cool collection! check it out. Their self-confessed aim (at least at one time) was being the instapundit of India…

  30. decemberstud Says:

    @ Prashanth :
    Thank you…it’s like celebrating Rajyotsava all through November 🙂

    @ Veena :
    Well, I was just asking a question if it was Dec 12th 😉 Oh and I can be E-present for bloggers day, if you have ideas on how to E-meet.

  31. some body Says:


    sorry for one more link, but … this is too good (and answers your question too!).

    – s.b.

  32. Oh! SB.. It was another OI kinda post.. Thanks for the link, I manged to skip few lines. It was very funny.. 🙂

  33. SB… neevu mysore bangalore ge bardodidre heLi.. we can have another post ready from somebody here. Sure, I would not meet another creature.
    Our formula to identify each other is .. Recite some padhya from Ranna’s collection.. hege ?

  34. @SB: I often read Mahadevan’s blog… he writes good.. and that post is one of his best. :).

  35. decemberstud Says:

    @ SB :
    That is amazing !!! I haven’t stopped laughing… colleagues are gonna go nuts soon !!!

  36. some body Says:


    don’t tell me you have never read any of ramesh’s articles before. and i thought you said that you studied here in the usa too!

    that being said, once i stopped laughing, this article did touch a raw nerve in me (maybe because i could identify with a number of the items on his list that make a person “the creature”, starting with the carbo “carbelly” belly!).


    the “ajay palvayanteeswaran” series is a classic masterpiece – up there with the tintins of the world. however, as it happens in most cases, fun is more easily digested when it is self-deprecating unlike this latest piece. now definitely i would think twice before i call up an old friend in india when i visit next – “would he or would he not want to associate with me?” etc. etc.

    what says thou?

    – s.b.

  37. decemberstud Says:

    @ SB :
    Yep, me never read Ramesh Mahadevan. Strange, after seeing what I missed. Me in stone age, you think ?

    And yes, I had the exact same feelings after I stopped laughing. It touched a ‘very’ raw nerve.

  38. @ SB:

    I don’t know man. There are quite a few instances mentioned that I just can’t relate with. I don’t know you or DS enough to be very sure, but from what little I know, I don’t think either of you guys would act in the manner of this “creature” as well :).

    Even when I was in India, I used to see these people come back and act exactly as mentioned in this post. Its kinda strange to me. There was even this one guy, who after spending about 25 years in India went to the US and when he returned for a little while after 10 months or so, his Gujarati accent had completely changed or so he would have us believe. I was like, how the @!@! is that possible. (oopsie.. just corrected myself in time). Then there is this old couple in our society block, who went to the US after spending about 60 years in India and when they come back, the old lady always keeps using “yea, yea, yea” and I find it amusing and ridiculously funny at the same time. More so because she doesn’t really any other words except her trademark “ya’s”. Knowing what I had experienced from quite a few of these “English speaking” “health freak” NRI’s I wouldn’t really act that way and if I don’t then I don’t think I’d be someone that my friends would be shying away from.

  39. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    There are stereotypes everywhere. But, I think that kind of people aren’t the norm, especially now. As for the guy with a different Gujarati accent, that’s the stereotype. As for the old lady with ‘yeah’ ‘s, she is just a lady and maybe part of her dreamland had English in it. That is NOT on purpose, I bet. You have to ‘forgive’ her. I think it’s just innocence.

  40. @ DS

    Yea, I know I am making generalisations here.. but I am making those generalisations because a majority of people I’ve met have acted in this manner. And no I don’t get mad at those people or find fault with them…I just find it hilarious and they are usually worth a few laughs… although laughing at their expense behind their back might not necessarily be a good thing, I am okay with that.. 🙂 LOL

    Mahadevan Ramesh rocks!

  41. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    Agreed…..I haven’t seen too many likt that though. Oh, and it’s absolutely fine making fun of people behind their back. I do that all the time and I bet tons others do it to me, behind my back. No fun without that 😉

  42. DS & OI.. you both sometimes(not always) conflicts your own ideas! Just a feel….

    Somebody rocks as usuall… Anna namaskaara!

  43. decemberstud Says:

    Really ? Hmmm…never thought about it. Maybe….I guess a little introspection is needed.

  44. @ DS

    Let me know the results of your introspection.. .(results …???) Anyways, well, I’ve already been labeled a “confused individual” and I’ve kinda agreed too, so I have earned the right to contradict myself… 🙂 LOL

  45. decemberstud Says:

    Done…no changes required !!!

  46. Well, I am writing an article about NRI’s, my own experiences at US last year & I kind of want to liberate the idea that I think/feel about the creatures there, I would not want to sound complaining.. Afterall, US is not an heaven on earth, & I never deny the fact that I would love to visit once in a while may be 2 years once , the way NRI visits US & may be I would be named a creature there.!!

    I have learnt a lot of new facets of thoughts browsing your blog & I am happy that I do.. As I have told before, You hit raw nerves straight … The Vini Vidi thing was not very well seen by me, not sure why.. somehow the explanation given by you may be not so good types, I shall stop here otherwise again you would feel odd about myself. Yu have any way now the intellect needed by our kannada film producers Ho Ho…

  47. decemberstud Says:

    @ Veena :
    I would love to read your article about NRI’s. Please send it this way, once you are done. Hey, and on a lighter note, I don’t think you need to be super intelligent to impress the Kannada producers…So I passed 🙂

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