The first headline on rediff says:

“Space shuttle Discovery’s launch scrapped”

When you click on the link and go into the actual story, the headline reads:

“Space shuttle Discovery’s launch put off”

What do they think ? Are we idiots ? Don’t they realize that a catchy headline at the expense of truth is just wrong ? (Obviosuly, they don’t). I have to admit that I am a huge fan of rediff. But, it’s going down the gutter.

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17 Comments on “Headlies”

  1. Vijay Says:

    DS: Agree totally.. I guess the intent is one of two things…

    1. Get you to click through with a “catchy” headline

    2. The guys don’t know their English…

    Have never been a big fan of theirs… the intrusive popups really put me off..

  2. Media.. I can write a big article on this. You can check with seshadri also..!
    I will let others to comment for this post, this is not my expert area or interest area 🙂

    I derived the reason for this post but ! 😉

  3. some body Says:


    don’t blame them!

    the official communique usually says “launch scrubbed” – who is to tell these poor editors that “srubbed” and “scrapped” are so different? and regardless, i feel that scrapped also makes sense in the sense that it was this attempt that was scrapped :-).

    nice headline, btw 🙂 – whether intentional or not!

    also, like veena, i know what you are driving at, but that happens as often here in the usa as it does with rediff.

    – s.b.

  4. Used to be a Rediff fan but frankly, the annoying pop-ups and the frequent, rather lame, re-designs, not to mention the often seen YELLOW JOURNALISM (as seen here) has conspired to keep me away. 😦

  5. decemberstud Says:

    @ Saaaar :
    Exact same points came to my mind as well. There cannot be anything more to it. It is quite sad, irrespective of which one is true. And, I do agree that the intrusive popups are REALLY annoying.

    @ Veena :
    I couldn’t help but ask this….if this is not an area of your expertise, how can you write a big article ? 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t help but ask that….LOL

    @ SB :
    Ummm….I don’t buy your argument 🙂 I do agree that this happens way too often in USA> But, Indian (Asian in general and European to a certain extent) media is not as bad at all. I hate to see portals like rediff trying cheap gimmicks. LOL..and thank, yes the headline was intentional.

    @ OI :
    I am coming your way my friend. Rediff is fast losing it’s charm.

  6. I am looking forward to Veena’s reply 🙂 LOL….

  7. Oops.. I am being watched. Lemme be careful…
    DS, Its very simple..I generally don’t beleive that we need to be expert in some field to write about something.. Otherwise bloggers would not have existed in this world…

    Hope this is a good answer ?.. if not the right one.. But beleive me its a real answer.. right from my heart!!

    OI.. I saw your recent post in your blog.. I was totally zapped.. Thanks for this.

  8. silkboard Says:

    guys, With firefox’s popup blocker, and Ad-block extension, Rediff, ToI and other sites stay usable. Minimal ads, and no popups, take my word for it

    As about the headline DS (cutting you down to two letters), Rediff may be taking a cue from those “how to make your blog popular” tips!

  9. decemberstud Says:

    @ Veena :
    LOL…Point noted.

    @ Silkboard :
    Yep, Ad-blocker plug in works fine in Firefox. But, rediff has variety of ads, not just popups. Anyway, more than the ads, the fact that it is going the TOI way bothers me a lot. On that nore, I think I should really read the “How to make your blog popular” tips…I bet it will be intersting 😉

  10. some body Says:


    this may be off-topic, but …

    – “my birthday” post -> 30something comments
    – “another language” -> 40-something comments
    – this piece -> 10 (including this one) comments
    – etc. etc.

    do you sometimes get the feeling that your readership is proportional to the comments? does it make you want to tailor your next post based on the comments? after all, you are only doing this as a hobby as compared to the rediff journalists whose livelihoods might depend on their readership figures (that being said, “headlies” might not be the way to get more readership).

    btw, if i were to keep a regular blog, i would prefer blogging away in anonymity in all senses of the word, i.e., i do not want anyone to read it (as far as my opinions are concerned, what are comments for?:-) unless, of course, it contributes directly to the thickness of my wallet, in which case, i would invite all desi pundits (and punsters) over!

    i wonder what the typical blogger feels. please understand that i am just curious – not slamming you (or anyone else)!

    – s.b. (but not “the silkboard”)

  11. pegasus Says:

    read google news….. or bbc but stay away from Times of India and rediff unless u want those stuff

  12. decemberstud Says:

    Absolutely…..I always go to BBC first. I thought rediff gave a good deal of interesting ‘desi’ stories. But, as I mentioned before, it is going the ToI way (aka down the gutter).

  13. […] I started off writing this as a comment to SB’s comment here, but it ended up being too long and I made it another post. I dislike SB for making me think too much too many times ;). Anyway, let me give it a shot.   […]

  14. some body Says:

    d.s. (or should i take the liberty to call you s.r. now?):

    check this out – very similar to what i commented above, though i would never delete my blog, though it has been publicized :-).

    – s.b.

  15. decemberstud Says:

    @ SB:
    LOL..you can call me whatever you want. It is getting harder by the day to be anonymous 🙂

    Nice write up there…I commented there too (I will come back and check my stats to see if I got any hits from that blog 😉 ).

    On that note, you were expected to write a reply back in detail to my post. You were supposed to do that after coming back from India. It’s been more than 4 months now. Time up, huh?!?!? 🙂

  16. some body Says:


    check out what priya writes in her blog too – you can go there via vijay’s blog. i am going to cross post this over there! 🙂

    – s.b.

  17. decemberstud Says:

    @ SB:
    I did….pretty kewl stuff out there. On that note, I have a marketing poition open, wanna take it? 😉

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