Face The Word

As a result of blogging, blog hopping, and blog surfing, you get to know so many people. I wonder if I will ever meet any of them face to face. For the bulk of us, who blog from our 2×2 office cubes, their face is their words. The really smart one doesn’t have to be nerdy and the really dumb ones are never muscular. I am sure most of us have given a face to every blogger, based on what they write, how they write and how much they write. We know their interests, their hobbies, the goals and the phobias. Some of them have nothing to say, a few others are professionals in googling and commenting/updating blogs, some others are amazingly original, and a few more are genuine knowledge seekers. 

There’s a journalist from Mysooru, a voracious reader in California, a concerned citizen in Delhi, a nobody in Florida, a really smart guy in Wisconsin, that regular visitor from Japan, emotional lobbyist in Canada, a whole bunch of students, doctors and yes, IT folks in Bengalooru. The list never ends.   

I have a face for every person who has visited my blog and commented. I have a face for the owner of every blog I have ever visited. Some of the bloggers have made it easy by putting their pictures on the site. But, a lot others like me, who apparently suffer from a psychological disorder (check out Veena’s comments here), have no intentions of putting our pictures.

Do I put the right faces for the right words ? From my track record, no !!! Forget the face, for a long time, I thought a fellow blogger from Bengalooru was in his late 40’s or early 50’s. I had no clue that he was of my age, until I saw his picture. Most of the guys, in the faces I create, have a moustache. Maybe because I do. Or maybe because I don’t. And, most certainly, all the girls are either in their 20’s or 30’s. 

Recently, I read the “About” page of a fellow blogger. Unlike me, he has his real name on there (or at least, I think it is his real name !). He is around my age, he has very similar interests, his narcissism and humility matches mine, he is smart and he is dumb. But, when I imagined what his face would look like, it was nowhere close to mine. 

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, then why blogging, huh ?

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21 Comments on “Face The Word”

  1. Anil Anand Says:

    Hello DecemberStud,

    ” that regular visitor from Japan”…i think thats me. Found your blog through RK’s and did read some articles but never commented. This is the first. Well if you ask me, i would also suggest you to put up your name or picture or atleast give some clues about yourself.
    ………and hey dont imagine me to be a Jappu. I am a true bkue bangalore boy, without a moustache!!

  2. Srik Says:


    A very good implement DS.
    Its so true that we identify each name with a few words and an imaginery face.
    Once we all met, and were all trying to identify the faces in front with the names we see against the blog comments ;), but in most of the cases, we were wrong!!

    And again, this doesnt mean that we stop associating a unique face to those words.

    Its a thrill to see the face and think about those comments. But recently I couldnt recognise a fellow commentor with whom i spent some hours… He was an annonymous commentor, but nevertheless he also didnt think i was all that wise i pose in my comments 😉

    Its a fun to be commenting and associating those faces to those familiar words, but once we come face to face, after that,the face will change but not the idea behind the names and those words 🙂

    Keep blogging and sure, we’ll meet someday!! LOL 😀

  3. rk Says:


    Forget the face, for a long time, I thought a fellow blogger from Bengalooru was in his late 40’s or early 50’s. I had no clue that he was of my age, until I saw his picture.

    i think i know this guy! 😉

    cool post.

  4. prashanth Says:

    Its something similar to imagining the characters in a novel while reading it 🙂

    And I belong to the group of IT folks in Bengalooru, sometimes with a mustache and sometimes without 😛

  5. suparna Says:

    rightly said ..if face says it all ..why blog …. if someone wants to share their thought on the net without letting out their name ..and get feedback from others..so be it … it s not psychological disorder according to me …. may be many times one might not share what he/she wants to if identity is known to others …

  6. mouna Says:

    blogging, is interesting, is an experience by itself. a picture does say a thousand words, but i guess, blogging does not replace a picture in any way. when one has an audience, and where a post can involve different views, the same simply cannot be accomplished by a pic. trying to seek the identity of a person, by analysing his/her articles is very superficial. and superficial things can be very misleading.

    probably, people who share their names on the internet, would not like to post a pic on the net, just like people who’d like to remain anon on the internet.

  7. Vittal Says:

    Ummm…so you have a face for me, eh? With a moustache? Do I have only one eye with long ears ? Hope you didn’t know about my alien roots! Oh wait a minute – my face is no secret! It was already shown once in my blog. Gosh!

  8. Srik Says:

    Hey DS,
    Please release my previous comment!!

  9. some body Says:


    she is a girl too! maybe she is the exception that proves your rule!

    actually, aren’t most guys also in the 20s and 30s category? again, i agree there are the occasional exceptional exceptions :-).


    i know him too, and i thought the same as ds did . and sometimes i feel i am right, and am only reading a ‘back to the future’ kinda blog that he wrote! 🙂

    – s.b.

  10. @ DS

    Cool post. I am a voracious reader of fiction [and non-fiction] and sometimes wish that those novelists provided a picture of the characters in the story. And I always come up with the picture of a character in my mind based on how that character has been described by the story teller.

    But when it comes to the blogosphere, I never do that. Never thought of that until now. I’ve never thought of how DS, Srik or Veena might look like or even given them a certain face based on my perceptions. I wonder why the two approaches in my brain when reading a novel and a blog? I haven’t even made any presumptions regarding their age. I wonder y when I always do that when reading a novel.

  11. decemberstud Says:

    @ Anil :

    Welcome officially!!! I am not sure I will ever put my name or pic on this blog. But, trust me, I have given tons of clues about me and will keep giving more. It comes naturally. When commenting on something or writing a post, I do talk about places I visit, my friends, my age etc..etc…So, no hiding there. If I did, my blog entries would be very restricted and I don’t want that. And, actually, quite a few bloggers know the actual me, so it’s not all ‘that’ anonymous 🙂

    @ Srik :
    True, when you meet face-to-face, the face may change, but name and words will stick with us. Sure, we will mee someday, I promise 😉 Also, your comments go to ‘spam’ quite often…do you visit too many ‘adult’ sites ? 😉

    @ RK :
    Thanks! I bet you know the guy. Quite a smart ass, huh ?

    @ Prashanth :
    You are absolutely right. It is indeed like imagining the faces of characters in a novel. I do that too, all the time. I think that’ comes anturally to most of us.

    @ Suparna :
    Absolutely!!! Taht’s my philosophy too. I have nothing against people who blog with their faces and names on. It’s just not me. I like it the other way. It’s mroe creative to imagine the faces, don’t you think ? It’s nice to get the grey cells working 😉

    @ Mouna :
    Very well said. Blogging cannot replace pictures, I agree. It’s like letter writing *(an thus I curse e-mails, again). You go one step further and say that trying to seek the identity by analyzing the articles is superficial. That’s interesting, I didn’t think in that angle. I am nto sure I agree with you totally there, you seem more ‘liberal’ than me 😉

    @ Vittal :
    Yep, I have a face for you….and definitely with just one eye…a camera eye, that is 😉

    @ SB :
    roken link. But, from your comments, I assume she is a 40+ mama ? And, no, guys of all ages blog, unlike girls. Again, rememebr, this is stricylt my perspective, defies ALL logic. But then you proved my rule 🙂

    @ OI :
    Thanks! IMO, reading a novel and browsing a blog gives similar experience. I am quite surprised that you come up with faces for novel and not for blogs. Try doing it. It’s TONS of fun 😉

  12. Hmm… will try doing that…

    Starting with you – I know now that you don’t have a moustache.. but its hard to imagine a south indian guy without a thick moustache… 🙂 you’re between 25-30 but are balding already and you have specs… you usually prefer dress pants compared to jeans or casuals… you are not too tall and have big forehead…:)

    just kidding buddy.. 🙂 TC

  13. some body Says:


    the link works – please try again. she is quite a granny! i believe blogger was having some issues earlier today.

    – s.b.

  14. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    LOL….you better be kidding. Coz, you are so damn far away from the actual me!!!

    @ SB :
    Browsed through the site. Yes, it works now. And, I have to agree that she is quite a granny. Need to spend more time there to comment more. I sure will visit more.

  15. Srik Says:


    wrt your line :
    >> Also, your comments go to ’spam’ quite often…do you visit too many ‘adult’ sites ?

    Yes, sure I do, yours is one among them 😉

  16. yenri idu.. you are doing some surveying for any research papers.
    Honestly I didn’t know you till I saw that sham’s website. I was not too interested to know you also, I thought somebody atlast who is still wise with a good wife.
    I dislike some annonymous bloggers who tries to give a very wrong picture about themselves & ‘CLAIMS’ xyz…
    Nothing much from me, I generally write more of a straight forward comments.. If needed, debate .. I keep myself away when needed too…

    All said & done, Blogging is fun. I was speaking to srik on phone & I was explaining him what I think about each & every bloggers we both know. Vijay ranked first there. Now don’t ask me your rank there.

  17. decemberstud Says:

    @ Srik :
    LOL..yeah right, only pictures are missing in my blog….

    @ Veena :
    didn’t see you around yesterday. So, how was the birthday ? 🙂 Wishes again. Really, so, I missed the first rank ? Really ? Are you sure ? Pistive ? Oh no, I worked so hard towards it 😉 All in good fun….

  18. DS.. I was reading a post on Silkboard’s blog.. he wrote about Latha & asha(singers) that they should know when to quit.. & I was talking about the strategy to vanish at the peak hour so that people miss them….

    I was in Mysore & I was really out of touch from the Internet. I was almost away from the blog world for 1.5 days.. Ha Ha.. You are still way far from first rank boss… ! :-)..
    I beleive more in the quality than quantity.. very less people have the first Q.. you are one among them… Feel Good Factor(FGQ?) 😉

  19. decemberstud Says:

    @ Veena :
    Thanks !!! And, I never was a first ranker anytime. I guess I can still manage to survive 😉 Thanks again.

  20. Now you ranked lower than earlier..

    Reaching a level is easier but staying there is a kind of difficult. Stay tuned!!!!

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