My Blogging 101

I started off writing this as a comment to SB’s comment here, but it ended up being too long and I made it another post. I dislike SB for making me think too much too many times ;). Anyway, let me give it a shot.  

Do I sometimes feel that readership is proportional to comments ? 

I know for a fact that the readership of my blog is not proportional to the comments, courtesy, all the logs I have. For example, look at the first comment in my “Face The Word” post. 

Do I tailor my next post based on the comments ? 

I don’t know if I tailor my posts based on the comments. I don’t think so. But, comments definitely trigger some thoughts and new ideas (SB’s comment here, for example). So, certain comments act as positive catalysts. That’s not the same as tailoring the post. So, I guess the answer would be NO. 

Now, taking some example posts and approximate number of comments they got, and my reasoning for as many or as less comments: 

Such A Wonderful Life” (30 something comments)- personal, people like to be close and friendly, universal truth.

It’s Just Another Language” (40 something comments) – emotional, touches the right nerve, again universal truth.

Headlies” (10 something comments)- superficial, just a comment, and just ONE comment praising the title. 

I bet the differences are obvious. So, yes, it’s very hard to please everyone every time. I need to get paid then 😉 But, really, I just write what I like.    

This is just a hobby. So, what is the motivation ? 

I have no problems admitting that more comments I see, happier I am. My prose and my poetry get published with my actual name. I do get a lot of mails bashing and praising my writings. That gives me immense happiness. It definitely helps me improve my writing (feedback, both positive and negative, ALWAYS helps). And, most importantly, it motivates me a ton. It’s the natural human thingy. When someone reads what you write, you end up writing more and strive to be better.  But, here I am anonymous. Does it give me the same pleasure ? Absolutely!!! I have realized that it’s not my ‘name’ which gives me the pleasure. The fact that someone somewhere (even if it is just one person) likes or dislikes what I write is good enough to motivate me. 

Why don’t I have a “Strictly anonymous” blog ? i.e., nobody reads what I write. 

I don’t like the “Strictly anonymous” blog concept. I have my brain for that. I don’t need to write anything, I can just think and enjoy. A blog for me is a medium to share my emotions – my happiness and my frustrations – and to discuss a wide variety of interesting topics. Believe me, the comments have made me so much richer, intellectually, that is. 

I am not sure if a ‘typical’ blogger shares these ideas. I just hope I am not ‘typical’ 😉 

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14 Comments on “My Blogging 101”

  1. silkboard Says:

    DS, oh god! I had no idea I sparked off such a big reply. As Shastri says, we engineers think things a bit too much 🙂 (I have to assume you are one).

    Keep going. But hey, be semi-Anonymous, tell us a bit about yourself.

  2. I must agree that I contribute to comments part of DS post.
    DS, most of your comments are debatable & instigating.. you sometime hit on raw nerves so..!
    nimma identity idru ashTe, ill de idru ashTe… it hardly matters. I know how you look too.. :-), otherwise I would imaging another guy like ‘somebody’ in the blogger world…

    Somehow I try to derive the reason for any comment or post & thus creates a imaginary personality, which may not be true. I sometime feel that some people try to say what they are not instead of what they are. Its just my thought & not any bramha lipi 🙂

  3. silkboard Says:

    DS – I am not the SB you are referring to here. Was just kidding there. But I may have ended up causing confusion instead

    Silkboard aka Pranav (not somebody)

  4. some body Says:


    wow!!!!! and i was just zimbly commenting for the sake of commenting. ok, i did have some reason why i commented, but will have to gather my chain of thoughts and write in detail… 🙂

    hey silkboard:

    don’t say you are a nobody – and if you do want to say it, do it the american way “i ain’t no somebody”

    – s.b.

  5. decemberstud Says:

    @ Silkboard :
    Shastri’c comments are very true, except that he should change the title from “Being An Engineer” to “Being A Smart Engineer”. We see too many ‘engineers’ nowadays…;) And, I am already semi-anonymous buddy. I rememebr when you updated your “About” page, from nothing to Pranav overnight.

    @ Veena :
    I ahve a very genuine question. If most of my comments are debatable, instigating and hits the raw nerve, is it good or bad ? I am really curious. I would consider that as being ‘good’, what’s your take ? Also, what do you ‘imagin’ ‘somebody’ to be like ? And, yes, reasoning out and commenting are nice things to do.

    @ SB :
    Right, you ‘zimbly commented for the sake of it’, huh ? Don’t ever give me that….And, sure, take your time.

  6. @Somebody – The american way would be – “I ain’t nobody” – translation – I am not anybody 🙂

  7. @ DS

    Interesting post!

    I don’t like the strictly anonymous blog concept as well. As you rightly said DS, I think if it is just gonna be meant for yourself and for no one else to read, you can just think. And just as you, for me as well, blog is just an avenue for sharing my thoughts. And yes, it pleases me too to get comments because it helps in building a broader perspective and understanding the thought process of other people and thus understanding those people in a way.

  8. DS, Its not always good.. I was debating with a friend of mine. Good & Right are very subjective terms. I would say, we need to be real rather than right.
    One small example, when somebody is late to office. He says to his boss with a good reason that he was stuck in the traffic jam but the real reason was he left home late. I would say.. most of the time we need to be real than the right one.
    I was pretty impressed with this example given by one of the comrades in my last picnic, he is Dwarakanand …

    OI.. there was no need to translate that american english.. it really was not…

    I used the term somebody as ‘yaarO’ .. However we have a Somebody(blog name) who has my brothers name & obviously when I think about this somebody, my brother appears in my mind. My brother is an introvert but is quite dominative in nature. He was successfully controlling all his siblings(including me who is just 2.7 years youngers than him).. when I said controlling, it was as simple as.. not allowing us to play on the roads on a sunday afternoon in summer. He is as responsible as another person who took his sisters to school with him & helped crossing the roads holding our hands.

    Generally, if I imagine a personality.. it would be like someone with similar characterstics. We have a practise head Amarnath.. Vijay reminds me about him.. like list grows.. Silkboard has my nephew’s name so I may try to relate both of them(viceversa kind)…

  9. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    Absolutely !!! I completely agree with you. There is sooooo much of ‘enrichment of knowledge’ here man.

    @ Veena :
    Interesting take. I am not sure I completely agree with you. But, then it’s healthy to differ. Your office example is good. But debatable, instigating and hitting raw nerve will not go through that example anyway. I still think the more we make our brains work, the better it is for everyone involved. Just my take.

  10. “OI.. there was no need to translate that american english.. it really was not…”

    Veena is stealing my first name 😦 Maybe I’ll start calling her “opinionated VEENA”… what say?

  11. decemberstud Says:

    LOL OI….certain things are not new…and certain things are better unsaid 😉

  12. idakkenu kaDime illa bidi 🙂

  13. decemberstud Says:

    LOL Veena…glad you took it in the right spirit 🙂

  14. Hey someone translate it for me… 🙂

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