Shivamogga Sammelana – Concluding Remarks

I am sorry !!! 

I understand that a lot of your sons and daughters are right wing nuts. I also know that a few others are naxalite sympathizers. I am neither. I value human relationships, respect and dignity much more than any of them. 

I also understand that people have the right to accept and embrace any school of thought. As I keep saying, if all of us had the same interests and hobbies, this world would be so boring. I respect others’ ideas and ideologies. I may not agree with them, but I certainly appreciate the fact that they have every right to believe in whatever they like. 

I am different. They are different. If they go on stage, I will not try to pull them down. If they get the limelight, so be it. I promise that I will never use your name to gain cheap popularity.  

I can only hope that all your children live together peacefully. I feel your pain. I am frustrated to see that you are dragged down the dirty road. You are bleeding. I am bleeding. 

On behalf of all of them, I apologize. I am sorry !!!

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22 Comments on “Shivamogga Sammelana – Concluding Remarks”

  1. madmouser Says:

    You sound so reasonable and logical that you are a misfit. There are a lot of us in the same boat. Honor and dignity are fast fading into the sunset.

  2. @ DS

    I am not very sure of the context of this post. I presume it is in response to some of the comments in the previous two posts.

    I also understand that people have the right to accept and embrace any school of thought. If they go on stage, I will not try to pull them down.

    People definitely have a right to accept and embrace any school of thought. But I hate a diplomatic stance all the time. It is bad enough that you need to act diplomatic in real life on plenty of occasions no matter how much you dislike it, and I’d hate it if I need to carry such diplomacy on my blogs as well.

    This is your blog and like me, I think you have it for you to express your opinions. People have started becoming too judgmental. You are free to write whatever you like. You can never please everyone, no matter how hard you try. The least I think we can do is express our opinions honestly.

    PS: If I misinterpreted my post, and thus my comments, please feel free to delete it and clarify.

  3. I don’t have anything to say.. nimma bagge dine dine gourava kadime aagta barthide DS avare, innu swalpa dina nimma blog na nanna top list inda tegedu bidteeni.. honestly. I am sorry for being little rude but fact is always true..
    happy new year swamy! 😉

  4. prashanth Says:

    Context enu anta gottagta illa – *tale kerkoLing* !!

  5. Srik Says:

    Same here Prashant :()

  6. Arun Padaki Says:

    Are you talking about Dy CM’s phone call asking two names to be removed from the list of invitees????

  7. decemberstud Says:

    @ All :
    Hmmm…I never realized that this post was *that* cryptic, until I read all the comments. Madmouser (and Arun, maybe ?) understood what i wrote here. Anyway, let me explain.

    The recently concluded Kannada Sahitya Sammelana had it’s share of dirt. People hitting each other, literally trying to pull people down from the dias, police intervention etc. Isn’t that sad ? I felt really bad. Is it really that hard for us humans to behave with some sanity ? Just because I don’t like someone else’s stance, do I try to pull him down ? How am I better than him then ?

    So, with a lot of pain and hurt, this was addressed to Kannadamma (i.e, Kannada is addressed as mother here).

    @ Madmouser :
    Thanks ! I do agree that honor and dignity are fast fading. I was really hurt to see people stooping to such low levels. But, being an optimist is such a wonderful thing. There are so many more people in this world, who would join me in condeming the insane acts. On that note, I am neither an exception nor a misfit. For starters, you are in my gang. And, I bet a zillion more are with us 😉

    @ OI :
    Yep, as you guess, you did misinterpret the post. But, I will keep your comment anyway 😉 The quote which you have there was targetting the ABVP workers who were trying to pull down a naxalite sympathizer attending the Sammelana.

    You are a veteran in my blog. By this time you should ahve realized that I am nowhere close to being diplomatic. Far from it, actually.

    @ Veena :
    For the benefit of the non-Kannadiga readers, I should translate your comments here. You say that your respect for me is coming down everyday and you are going to take my blog off of your top list for a few days. Obviously, you are entitled to your opinions. I cannot and will not comment on that. But it is quite sad that it had to happen in this post. I would have thought that, of all the people, you would be the first person to join me in condeming the rowdy acts at the Sammelana. Of course, it’s your choice.

    @ Prashanth :
    tuMba tale kerkoMDre bEga bald AgOgtAraMte jOpAna 🙂 I hope my explanation above helped.

    @ Srik :
    Ditto..I hope the explanation above helped. And, I hope you agree with me.

    @ Arun :
    I am ‘hoping’ you understood what I emant. It generally addressed all the wrong things which happened at the Sammelana and just hoped for a better one next time. When I said “I”, it was not just me, I meant all the guys who believed that stupid acts are stupid wherever they are. So, in that sense “I” will include December Stud, Madmouser, Ravi Belagere and any others who believe that honor and dignity outweighs chaos and violence (Well, at elast Ravi Belagere was very logical in his statements, I thought, let me not comment more on him),

  8. Thanks for the clarification! Well, to start with I didn’t really understand the context but presumed, which was wrong on my part. Yes, you aren’t diplomatic which is one of the reasons I like visiting your blog. I hate sugar coated opinions, because in the end you will still never be able to satisfy everyone. Was just wondering if some of the comments were mellowing you down. This moral high ground that everyone seems to take nowadays, completely escapes me.

  9. Opposing/expressing dissatisfaction was needed, but this is not the way ‘according to me‘.

    I just said what I felt, you like people being honest rather than diplomatic so I did it this way. 2 years back, one of the feedbacks my manager gave me was.. ‘I need to learn taking the critisms with the same passion that I have when people appreciate me’.. May be this is true for most of the saggitarians.! 😉
    I didn’t say much more than this, I understand your concern to kannadamma & our language.. I appreciate RB for many things. That doesn’t mean that we need to finger point the world like this. Instead if you can talk to one or two ABVP guys & understand their concern & help them out I would be glad.
    why don’t you write an email to . probably she can answer your queries better..
    Last week, we invited Kavitha Lankesh for our company kannada rajyotsava program & I get an email from a thatskannada reader saying why the hell did we invite her.. I don’t get upset with such emails, I feel they can be answered in a better way.. I like Kavitha for many reasons, I am damn not interested in her personal affiars neither her past! I am clear on what I would expect from such celebrities.. they are all human beings after all.

    I would continue visiting your blog with my honest opinions. okayna.. neev yaakri nanna blog nalli ivattu comment haakilla, nodilla antha heLbedi.. may be you got so angry that you did like your ‘home sweet home’…..

    New Years resolution bagge post bariteera ankonde, aadre you have written a new post which was an after affect of this post. I shall comment there too. Thanks for being so concerned about our naaDu, nuDi, .. ella okay aadre US yaake antha ? HA HA…

  10. pls remove the email id once you read the comment above. I didn’t have a better way to say my opinions.. so had to take help of that email id.

  11. Srik Says:

    OK got it.

    Well… I think u’ll never stop discussing the politics alone 😉
    LOL… tale kerkoLing and answer to it…:D

    well… as far as Shimogga sammelana is concerned, I heard it was a big mess, ended up without creating any mile-stones. I think we need to do a kind of retrospect on this aspect of the sammelana….

    It must be continued in any case as this is the only platform for the poets and laurrets to get their share of honour. But looking at the kind of politics being played now a days, it seems very difficult to make “Kannada sahitya sammelana” a Kannada festival. Lets just hope things will be bettered in the coming years.

  12. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    Yep, you are always wrong 🙂 And, don’t worry mate. As you already know, Saggis are never diplomatic 😉 You, me and Veena being the prime examples….

    @ Veena :
    I want to understand why this is not the right way “according to you”. What I said here was to condemn the chaos which some people created at the Sammelana. is it wrong ? I fail to understand that. I really do. And, I have no interest in sending an email to Gauri Lankesh because I have absolutely no interest in her ideology. I value human life more than anything else. If someone supports a certain “cause” and “movement” whose idea of a perfect world is by getting rid of innocent lives, then I have no interest in such movements. So, I have nothing to discuss with Gauri Lankesh. At the same time, But, as I have said in my post, she has the right to choose whatever she wants to. Thus, I condemn the ABVP guys for doing the drama which they did.

    @ Srik :
    LOL…life without politics is boring. You have nailed it down. I agree that we need more such Sammelanas and I also agree that we need to improve them. Like you, I hope for a better one too.

  13. @ DS

    LOL…can’t agree more when it comes to this generalisation about sagis. Blunt to the core…:)

  14. OI is a saggi..?? ayyo raama… Please don’t put me in line with him..

    Na Na.. I am number 3 (12 = 1+2) & you are number 2 (02=0+2)…
    Its my choice to feel the way I like DS.. I will say one line.. Thats how I have been raised by my parents, taught by my teachers & I learnt from my friends & others.

    ishTu heLi nanna eraDu maatu mugisuve….!

  15. Srik Says:

    oh! DS!!

    When u say, Gauri Lankesh has every right to chose her ideology, ABVP also has every right to chose its ideology 😉 LOL…

    With the note above, I condemn heavily the platform these people chose to put their dissatisfaction with one another.

    I’m against the Naxal(ooops I’m taking names..) movement for the same reasons you’ve mentioned. But sometimes i’m so stupid that I dont look back when I am given a chance to attend a cermon by the Naxal sympathising revolutionary poet “Gaddaar” from Andhra. Yes, I attended one of his programmes when I was in college. But I was not impressed at all. His style was fantastic, the topics he chose were really touching, but the manner in which he interpret them, I have no interest in it.

  16. @ Veena

    I don’t think he is putting you in line with me. He is putting saggis together.

    Well, I am not a very patient person to being with and this moral high ground that you seem to perch on is wearing my patience even thinner.

    Some of your comments seem quite ambiguous and I don’t want to make sweeping statements but can’t quite wrap my head around your umpteen references to me. What’s all that about?

    You say – “That doesn’t mean that we need to finger point the world like this.” but that is exactly what you seem to be doing, rather selectively of course.

  17. nilagriva Says:


    It has been a while since I visited your blog and I see that you have already acquired quite a few regulars; enough to fight also!! You’ve also written many posts. WTG!!

    Due to work pressure, I have not been able to follow the sAhitya sammELana completely – but noted that Nisar Ahmed as president of the sammELana made the same remarks as those made in a Bay Area speech three years ago. I got reminded of that when I saw the “sou” and “sow” thing again. When I read that, I felt as if Nisar Ahmed was preparing for the president’s speech all those times!!

    Anyway, I was busy reading Bhyrappa’s parva – and it was worth every moment!! Check my blog for the first of a multi part post.

    Anyway, wish you a belated birthday!! It is still December, right? 😉

  18. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    LOL…yes, Saggis are blunt to the core, the only exception I have seen is my wife 🙂

    @ Veena :
    It looks like OI and you are very close. Not only are you both Saggis, but have the same number as well. Even he is number 3 (0 + 3 = 3) 🙂

    @ Srik :
    Yes, I did mean that if Gauri Lankesh has freedom to choose her ideology, so does ABVP. No doubt there. I personally don’t agree with either, especially with Gauri’s ideology. Hmmm…I have never attended any such sermons like you did. I am sure that would be interesting. But, just like you, I have no interest in it either. Remember Saketh Rajan ?

    @ Nilagriva :
    Thanks for the comments, and thanks for the wishes. Yes, it still is Decemebr and it counts 🙂 Remember how we celebrate Rajyotsava ll through November.

    Yes, Nissar’s speech reminded me of bay area and even Detroit. Infact, it reminded me of you as well, both of us asking him questions 🙂 But, I am not sure he was preparing his speech though….LOL. In the end, he truly deserved it. So, does G Venkatasubbiah and LS Seshagiri Rao. I just hope they will get their chance soon.

    I sure will read your comments on ‘parva’. I am in the middle of ‘maMdra’ now. I have been reading it at a verrrrrrrry slow pace. I always wondered why your mother disliked it and you liked it. Actually, I saw that most of the older women disliked it and a lot of younger men liked it. I am truly enjoying it.

    BTW, I am producing a big feature on “Purandaradaasa” for the next program. I am going to truly miss both you and R (he will be in India at that time).

    @ OI and Veena :
    OK, OK, peace time both of you…..:) Oh no, I don’t like to be the umpire…no fun there….;)

  19. DS…
    One of the resolutions of my new years is to stop blogging from office. I am feeling its taking away lot of time, before I become addicated let me get away from it..
    you may not see me here for sometime, but will keep myself updated once in a while about whats happening in the dreamer’s land.
    OI.. Thanks for the comments, let me improve on that part, I shall add that to my new year resolutions.

  20. madmouser Says:

    The words ‘exception and misfit’ were used as examples of the two differences not as a condemnation. I do believe people have a duty to the general public to behave in an civilized manner and not disgrace themselves by being raucous or causing a disturbance. There is no need for that. It neither enhances their opinion or dissuades any of the believers. It just creates chaos.

  21. decemberstud Says:

    @ Veena :
    Good luck at work…and I sure hope to see you here every now and then.

    @ Madmouser :
    Yep, I totally understood the usage of ‘exception and misfit’, I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my response 🙂 And yes, that “creation of chaos” is worth condemning.

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