Being Opinionated And Being Judgmental

Opinionated: adj – Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one’s own opinions 

Judgmental: adj – Inclined to make judgments, especially moral or personal ones 

Former is fine because it only involves you. At the worst case, your best friend maybe frustrated with your ego and your acquaintance may think that you are a megalomaniac, depending on the circumstances. 

Latter is wrong. Coming to conclusions based on half-information and wrong information is not the best thing to do. Neither is it healthy to measure the morality of fellow beings when we are not saints. After all, every one of us is a human. 

But, we are all both opinionated and judgmental, to varying degrees. The actual degree defines whether we are either, neither or both. 

Any takes ?

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21 Comments on “Being Opinionated And Being Judgmental”

  1. Hmm… had never looked up the exact dictionary meaning. Thats quite interesting. When I choose this moniker, I had this definition in mind. Definition: believing very strongly and conveying it. ( simply put, conveying my honest opinions)

    I agree with you that being opinionated is far better than being judgmental. Everyone though, is usually judgmental to a greater or lesser degree. I hate that but I end up being judgmental too sometimes. Measure of morality should be best kept to yourself, specially if you don’t even have full knowledge of the situation/circumstance. Making sweeping statements on someone is rather childish and derogatory.

  2. Not much from my side. Everything has a limit, we need to be careful being both.
    I fear to be judgemental.. sometimes can’t help. One thing is sure, when I comment on something, I know that lot of people are watching me & I do comment on only such blogs where the author is matured enough to understand my views, otherwise staying away is better….
    I(here is just me, Veena Shivanna) am an egoist, concerned about society, myself, my family & things which belongs to me or where I belong.. that sometime makes me more opinionated, this is what I can judge about myself… 😉

  3. Srik Says:

    I most of the times am opinionated, but will not be so stubborn to the core that I will be judgemental about a person’s efficiency. I treat every opinion with certain interest, but it takes a lot to change my perception and the degree of opinionatedness can be calculated by it. I donn also want to put my opinions on others most often, howmuch ever I stick to my stance.

    Donno how to draw a line in this manner.

  4. mouna Says:

    opinions lead to judgements. of course, both can change with time, but more harm is done with the latter. the level upto which each one of us judge varies. i guess we’ll have to form rational opinions initially, and later can judge if it pleases us. terming something/someone ‘so-and-so’, might prove wrong. once again rationality, practicality matters, hmmmm and the experience that comes with age also matters.

  5. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    LOL…try “Judgmental Desi” as a nick. Sounds cool 🙂 Yep, I agree with everything you had to say.

    @ Veena :
    Absolutely. We definitely have to have a check to make sure that either does not spin out of control. Being opinionated and judgmental to a certain degree is fine since we all are humans. But, as you have rightly said, getting out of control is definitely a problem.

    @ Srik :
    Me too. I think I am quite opinionated. Obviously, I am judgmental as well. But, I think I am far more opinionated than being judgmental. So, that puts me in the “good” category 🙂

    @ Mouna :
    Interesting take. Going by your argument, constantly changing opinions will also change the eprcepion on the others. So, isn’t that a good thing ? You are always up-to-date on whetehr a person is good or bad. Am I making any sense here ? And yes, age does matter. But, I am not totally convinced that age is necessarily a factor. I have seen seevral people much older than I am who are way too opinionated and judgmental. But, yes, in general I agree with your point.

  6. @DS

    Judgmental Desi – LOL 🙂

    We are agreeing on a lot of things now. I hate it though that I can’t “argue” with you as much as I used to. More often than not we end up agreeing it with each other. Maybe I should start playing the devil’s advocate now. This is getting boring DS. Maybe that will lead to some “condescending comments” and give me a chance to fume and fret…LOL. Isn’t it strange to find how alike we are the more we get to know other people. It just goes to show how wrong it is to “judge” people with limited facts and half information… isn’t it?

  7. Vittal Says:

    Aren’t all desis judgemental ? Oops – I didn’t mean to be judgemental so fast! 😉

  8. DS.. Thanks for agreeing to almost everybody…

    I would give you an assignment,, you need to write a post without using these terms in it.

    Agree, Hate, sad, unfortunate, I, All, Problems….

    Just a game, nothing much about it.
    I really liked Vittal’s one liner, it beats everything there. Vittal, yaava batch nimdu. SJCE, KNB, MLD ella gottu andre IT dept avara ? athva E&C ??

  9. It should be Disagree not Agree.. uff…where am I ? really in the heaven 🙂

  10. suparna Says:

    everyone is both ..many a times we are judgemental , but think that we are opiniated !!! that s the problem …!!!!!!

  11. prashanth Says:

    Opinionated or judgmental – it depends on the circumstance…

    see in this above line I’m opinionated… if someone says or objects this, I might become judgmental :p

  12. mouna Says:

    yes, u do make sense 🙂 the human mind is an ever-flickering one, thus opinions and judgements do change with time, what if it changes for the worse? aaglikke sadhya idye?

    on the second note, well, both can change, but the sensibilty accompanying it, goes well with age, hmmm… but possessing too much of the two qualities can be detrimental.

  13. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    Yep, as you get to read and learn more about others, the opinions change and thus the perception on others. This is exactly what Mouna and I were discussing. When you read my very first comment on your blog, I bet you wouldn’t have seen me in the same light that you see me in today.

    @ Vittal :
    LOL…come on, isn’t it a little more generic ? Every human is judgmental 😉

    @ Veena :
    Sure, I guess I could write a post with none of those words as an ‘assignment’. But, I will be constraining myself and when I do that I am not sure how effective the post would be. The only word in your list which I take offense to is “Hate”. That is an extremely strong word and I don’t use it to literally say “Hate”. There is a difference between “I hate that person” and “I hate to say that I have a sweet tooth”. I will never use the former, but latter is perfectly fine. Makes sense ?

    @ Suparna :
    Nice angle…I guess you are right. Maybe that’s the innate human quality.

    @ Prashanth :
    Yes, it does depend on the circumstance. But, I do want to say that there is a distinct line between the two. I know it’s quite hard to figure that line out in every circumstance. But, it sure is not the same, is my point.

    @ Mouna :
    True, it can absolutely change for the worse and I am sure it happens all the time. but, guess that’s the risk involved with ever changing opinions. On that note, personally, I prefer to take that risk. And, yes, you are right, possessing too much of both qualities is no good at all.

  14. some body Says:


    i am opinionated – in my opinion, everyone else is judgmntal :-).

    read the above carefully, i will be picking you up from the floor after you are done laughing!

    – s.b.

  15. madmouser Says:

    Opininated or judgmental, that is the question. Surprisingly enough, they are synonyms for each other. They are both based on the amount of information one has available by which to come to a conclusion.
    Usually, when one says a person is very opininated, they allude to someone as being stubborn or pig-headed, and when they say someone is judgmental, they usually mean it in a negative sense or they are implying the person is wrong.
    At least that is my opinion/judgment, to quote Dennis Miller, “I could be wrong!” 🙂
    Another question, I am very new at blogging, how do you get the smiley’s on your blogs?

  16. madmouser Says:

    After posting my comment, I see my colon and parenthesis turned into a smiley. Guess I ansered my own question 🙂
    Were you born in December? I was born on Dec. 10th.

  17. mouna Says:

    ‘a change for the worse’, does it happen all the time, i don’t think so. i also don’t agree with u in calling it a risk. opinion, judgements can change for the good or bad. according to me it rarely changes into the negative sense. even if it changes into the bad thingie, we either forget it, or get accustomed to it.

    taking a risk at your own cost, where one is involved personally?

  18. mouna Says:

    ‘a change for the worse’, does it happen all the time, i don’t think so. i also don’t agree with u in calling it a risk. opinion, judgements can change for the good or bad. according to me it rarely changes into the negative sense. even if it changes into the bad thingie, we either forget it, or get accustomed to it.

    taking a risk at your own cost, where one is involved personally?

    strictly my view, i hope i sound coherent.

  19. decemberstud Says:

    @ SB :
    LOL @ the spin. Pick me up…pick me up…Are you back yet ?

    @ Madmouser :
    Yep, they go both hand in hand. But, there is a fine line between the two. Too much of either is bad. Ahhha, now I see you smiling 😉 Yep, tons of December borns in my blog. Me December 2nd.

    @ Mouna :
    You definitely sound coherent 🙂 I am not sure I was clear. I did not mean to say that “a change for the worse” happens all the time. But, there sure is a 50% chance, mathematically speaking. And, in that sense it is a risk to change the opinions. Imagine that you think person A is the nicest human being on Earth. If you are like me and tend to change opinions, then some instance may trigger you to belive that person A is afterall not a saint. That’s the risk involved. On the other hand, if you are a person who sticks to the opinions, come what may, then you still see person A as God, irrespective of any un-Godly behavior from person A. Makes sense ?

  20. mouna Says:

    terming it a ‘risk’ would be far-fetched according to me. we realising something, resulting in a change of opinions. we may even begin to like the change, in believing ‘A’ not to be saint. something for the good. hmmm…

    i think we should start a ‘do i make sense?’ series!! 😉

  21. paul Says:


    Unlike Sanskrit, English is a great language because it has a precise word for what you’re trying to say. As a writer and educator I appreciate this because it enables meaning to be conveyed simply by contrasting two English words.

    Discernment versus Judgementalism. If I discern a thing, I see its true nature. If I judge a thing, I cover it with my own ignorance. In A Course In Miracles we say “I do not know what that means, so I ask God to teach me what it means.” In other words, the opposite of judgmentalism is humble acceptance of ignorance.

    Opinionation is the cause of great controversy. The prudent guideline in the West (first introduced by Plato) is the standard of the “informed opinion”. This is someone whose view is bolstered by evidence, experience, and example. In a mature social sphere the informed opinions of the wise matter more also.

    The guideline for opinionation in Recovery Groups is even more prudent. They suggest holding no opinions on “outside matters” because that would draw them into public controversy. As a result, they enjoy great peace of mind and wisdom.

    Peace yall! 🙂


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