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Helping People = Having Fun ?

February 22, 2007

I know this person. He is one of the most helpful people I have known. You call him with any trouble. You call him at the middle of the night. You call him and tell him your problems. He will act immediately and help you in any way he can. All of us do such things. But he does it one step more than the rest.

But, he never attends any parties. You hardly see him in weddings and birthdays. He is always absent from family get togethers. His wife and his mother are perhaps best friends. The two of them attend all the functions together. He is seldom seen in any celebrations.

He claims that there is no point in meeting people when there are good times. His argument is that he will be there when people are in distress and that apparently is the most important thing.

I disagree. I completely agree that attending fun evenings regularly and vanishing in the time of need is completely wrong. So is the other extreme. Shouldn’t there be a balance in life ? What do you think ?


Minchu – Atrocious Song

February 20, 2007

Now that I am in India, I realized that as an ardent Kannadiga, my job is to worship TN Seetharam with the entire state. So, it started at 9PM on monday when his new serial ‘Minchu’ kicked off. It is too early to comment on the serial itself, but I sure will revisit the topic. What caught my ears though was the horrible opening music. Ashwath’s music is so bad and the singing is so below par that I am tempted to mute it. It absolutely has no emotions, is hideous and is excruciatingly painful to listen to. As always, just trust me.

Pseudo Intellectuals

February 18, 2007

I have always wondered why most of the pseudo intellectuals are invariably writers. They are either novelists, dramatists, poets, journalists – someone who can hold a broken pen quite well.

Why not the musicians, painters, athletes, politicians or actors ? Every rule has an exception, I am sure. So, do not try and point that out to me. But, it’s usually the writers who always have two faces.

Why on Earth did Girish Karnad make the statements that he did regarding Cauvery water dispute ? I mean, it was so fresh. I bet he won’t even have had the copy of the tribunal order when he made those statements. And, what about emotions ? For a second, let’s just assume that Cauvery tribunal gave a very fair judgement. Doesn’t Mr. Karnad have any social responsibility ? Doesn’t he know that emotional issues need to be tackled with finesse ?

Recently, University of Mysore Vice-chancellor Shashidhar Prasad made a comment saying that both UR Ananthamurthy and Girish Karnad want to be in the limelight all the time because they are eyeing the Nobel. Well, our VC is no saint, so let’s not delve too much into that. But, I always wonder. Why is it that both URA, and lately Karnad jump in to make all the controversial statements ?

Does it boost their ego ? Does it give them a sense of satisfaction that tons of useless people including me write a thousand lines about them ? I don’t want to talk about URA here. He is a very intelligent man and as far as Cauvery issue is concerned, he hasn’t opened his mouth too much. So, let me concentrate on the other intelligent man.

For one, the discussions about Tippu Sultan on Vijaya Karnataka, several months ago, truly showed us how intelligent Mr. Karnad is. Dr. SL Bhyrappa is undoubtedly one of the most well read and knowledgeable person around. Mr. Karnad cannot match him in any way. Entire Karnataka read through Mr. Karnad’s inadequacies.

We all know how Mr. Girish Karnad won the Jnanpeeth. Did he deserve it ? No sir, absolutely not. There are tons others in Kannada literature who deserved it more than Karnad. It just goes on to prove my point that this man is very political. I dislike the gimmicks.

Trying to argue with a million voices, walking to the left when the entire nation walks to the right, trying to be different – all typical traits of a pseudo intellectual. And, Mr. Girish Karnad is a brilliant example. He probably does not realize that people have started losing all the respect for him.

If Mr. Karnad’s aim is to make sure that tons and tons of people talk about him, then he has truly succeded. I am one more feather in your cap, Mr. Karnad.

The Nicest Man I Know

February 16, 2007

I wrote the same lines in an article several years ago, and this will always be true.

“I don’t know if he is God in the form of a human, or a human in the form of God”.

I truly am lucky and fortunate.


February 15, 2007

It was indeed a miracle. An overnight transformation. I just couldn’t believe my own eyes. He came out of sleep. He was able to talk and smile and laugh. He started chatting with me like he always does and even started singing. This is exactly what I was hoping for and it happened.

When I woke up in the morning, it didn’t take me a long time to realize that it was all a dream. It was so beautiful. Human mind is so powerful and sensitive. I dreamt what I wanted to see. I have been re-running the dream in my mind all day today. Hope is so healthy. Dreams are beautiful.

Yet Another Day

February 14, 2007

I wasn’t feeling well all day today. But, now I am back up again. I feel upbeat. I so want to thank a few people for that. Some people may have no clue that I want to thank them…..LOL

I have never hated anyone in this world. I have always believed that it is very essential to appreciate the good qualities in others and just filter out the bad ones. Now, I am more than willing to come my half way, if the other person is. That’s why, whoever it is I see, I always make it a point to smile at them. That’s so important for mental peace. No point in hating someone. I just can’t do that.


February 13, 2007

….or anything remotely close to that concept…I have always hated it !!! And, I always will. I value life too much.

Please God, you have been testing me enough. Do not make me choose. I am already sleeping on a bed of thorns. Please don’t add one more.