Yet Another Day

I wasn’t feeling well all day today. But, now I am back up again. I feel upbeat. I so want to thank a few people for that. Some people may have no clue that I want to thank them…..LOL

I have never hated anyone in this world. I have always believed that it is very essential to appreciate the good qualities in others and just filter out the bad ones. Now, I am more than willing to come my half way, if the other person is. That’s why, whoever it is I see, I always make it a point to smile at them. That’s so important for mental peace. No point in hating someone. I just can’t do that.

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5 Comments on “Yet Another Day”

  1. rk Says:

    Now, I am more than willing to come my half way, if the other person is.

    wonderful. once you start smiling and feel thankful to others, you will walk in the path of devotion which is efficacious, because while it readily offers solace to the troubled souls, it can be practised by anyone regardless of status, birth, gender, education or any other qualification, in keeping with the individual seeker’s penchant and competence. it is especially suitable in kaliyuga where there is marked prevalence of unhappiness caused due to ignorance or disease. one has to learn how to imbibe love and respect towards god to gain peace of mind.

  2. Veena Says:

    This sounded so optimistic.. Good to see this post here. Take Care.

  3. tarlesubba Says:

    ninne ninna post detailed aagi odide.
    keep talking to amma and m. keep posting here.


  4. decemberstud Says:

    @ RK :
    That was a very inspiring paragraph…thank you.

    @ Veena :
    Thanks. Nothing feels better than being optimistic.

    @ Tarlesubba :
    Yes, sure. I will definitely do that. And, it was very nice talking to you after so long.

  5. mouna Says:

    the basic action of smiling not only provides happiness to others, but it also makes oneself feel good. take care! šŸ™‚

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