Minchu – Atrocious Song

Now that I am in India, I realized that as an ardent Kannadiga, my job is to worship TN Seetharam with the entire state. So, it started at 9PM on monday when his new serial ‘Minchu’ kicked off. It is too early to comment on the serial itself, but I sure will revisit the topic. What caught my ears though was the horrible opening music. Ashwath’s music is so bad and the singing is so below par that I am tempted to mute it. It absolutely has no emotions, is hideous andΒ is excruciatingly painful to listen to. As always, just trust me.

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33 Comments on “Minchu – Atrocious Song”

  1. neelanjana Says:

    I feel aswath is over-rated as a music director – and way too over-rated as a singer!

    His opening song for samsara on udaya is also horrible

  2. pArijAta Says:

    Yes, minchu’s opening music is terrible. The sAhitya is also kind of vague, unlike mukta and mAyAmRuga.
    Ashwath is a terrible singer… I love his ‘bA illi sambhavisu’, though.

  3. Veena Says:

    DS, very biased comment.. Strong words!

    I want to wait & watch & see if my mind get accustomed to this new tune.. WE might be even comparing it with.. ‘Marali baa’, ‘endu aadevu naavu’ which had a melody in it.

    Jana change keLtaare siiiiiiiiiiiir………..

  4. Srik Says:

    neelanjana and parajitha,

    You cant rule out Ashwath so outright!!! Thats rediculous.

    Go and listen to the tunes of Mysuru Mallige of KSNa. Every song has been so momentorily musicised…there cant be anything better. He has 50% share in Mysooru Mallige’s popularity along with KSNa himself.

    If one song is not good, how can you overrule a person as bad. I cant accept it, and that too on CSAshwath.

    Yes, I agree whatever is said about MINCHU’s opening song.

  5. Veena Says:

    Minchu’s saahitya is penned by Jayanth Kaykini… He writes really good saahitya..
    Mungaaru male ‘annisutide yaako indu’ is from him..

    I have heard a lot about his kathaa sangraha (forgot the title, something related to MalenaaDina MaLe’)..

    Looking at the bloggers view & comments, CS Aswath may retune it.. My GOD, how people reject it just upright!!

  6. neelanjana Says:


    I am not ruling out Aswath. I agree he has done good work on mysooru mallige, deepika and many of the sharief geetegaLu. But he has a monotony set in his later songs.

    I would prefer his him directing than singing though LOL .. No two thoughts about that at all πŸ™‚

  7. Prashanth M Says:

    No comments on Ashwath’s music composition & singing… he is damn good.

    But Minchu title song as DS said its horrible

  8. Vijay Says:

    I’ve got to listen to this.. is this on E-TV?

  9. mouna Says:

    probably, ashtwath is over-rated. and the lyrics, i am not too sure about it, it needs some time before i get to understand. i liked the music as it tries to do justice to the title. ‘minchu’ something that exists for a flash of time…. a roar in the background…. the surroundings lit for sometime…

    and the backdrop blends in different shades of blue, indicating the inky-blueness of a dark sky.

  10. decemberstud Says:

    @ neelanjana :

    First things first. Welcome to my blog. And yes, I completely agree that Ashwath is over-rated as a music director and waaaay over-rated as a singer.

    @ pArijAta :

    Welcome to my blog. I am still trying to digest the sAhitya. Honestly, the terrible music does not allow me to appreciate the lyrics really well and from past two days I have been really muting the TV when the song comes up. And yes, Ashwath is indeed a terrible singer.

    @ Veena :

    Not biased, you can read all over the blog world. Most people don’t like it. So, I am no exception. And, Jayanth Kaikini’ nice book you are talking about is “Amruthaballi Kashaya”, right ?

    @ Srik :

    I don’t think neelanjana and pArijAta ruled out Ashwath outright. Neither am I. Even if we did, I don’t see anything wrong. I will tell you that “nammoora maMdAra hoove” from ‘Alemane” is one of my all time favorites. I also love “olumE pUjegeMde” from ‘anupama’. As for bhavageethe, I really like his “yAvudI hosa saMchu” and “amma ninna edeyALadalli” (originally sung by Smt. Shantha Jayateertha).

    That said, trying to give 50% credit for Mysoora Mallige’s popularity to Ashwath is exactly what is termed as “over rating”. Now, that is indeed a stretch. Narasimhaswamy uncle, sorry…paapa namma huDuga Srikanthanna kShamisi biDi πŸ™‚

    @ Prashanth:

    I have enjoyed and loved a lot of his songs. He is a good music director. But, I cannot listen to his singing. Absolutely not.

    @ Vijay :

    Tune into E-TV Kannada at 9PM.

    @ Mouna :

    Now, that is a nice way of disagreeing πŸ™‚ I respect your take, but I continue to feel that the music is sub-standard and atrocious. On the other hand, the back drop blends in different shades of blue is amazing.

  11. Veena Says:

    blog world need not be a standard.. Majority didn’t like it is what we can say..

    Jayanth du short stories collections ide, I shall check with Ashok hegde & tell you which one. Thanks for the other title.. I like his writings & I met him when I went to watch Iti ninna amrutha in Ranga shankara last month sometime!

  12. xx Says:

    Chennagi heLidri!

  13. Roopa Says:

    Yes, the first thing that struck odd was the title song! Sounded real abstract. Onthara modern paintings iratvalla, aa thara πŸ™‚

    May be its one of those that need to grow on you… surely in the usual spate of 400+ episodes, it may! :). Or may be as the story unwinds it may make more sense.

    Jayant has given his cryptic touch… lyrics are not on the usual popular scale, simple or direct. But I do miss the beautiful metaphors from (HS Venkatesh Murthy?) older ones, like “manasina puTagala naduve nenapina navilu gari”, “kaarmoDa maLeyagi suridaga kanna hanige mukTi”

  14. Veena Says:

    Roopa avare, H S Venkatesh Murthy avarade bere shaili bidi.. He is a wonderful person too..

    Right, the mayamruga & mantvantara , Muktha title songs was tremendous.. Jayanth seems to not consider the viewers group.

    I liked the pictures behind the title song, this time it is something other than black, very good arts around…

  15. Srik Says:

    Good one DS πŸ™‚

  16. nilagriva Says:

    Minchu has a horrible title song and I agree there completely with you. Aswath – he is sometimes OK. But I didn’t like his album – “O beLake”, for instance and several others. The lyrics also didn’t seem attractive.

    BTW, is there anybody here who has read Jayant Kaikini? Can I get a review of one of his books, please? BTW, some of his poems can be read at


  17. ravi Says:

    Do you happen to love Death Metal and Rock music?

  18. decemberstud Says:

    @ Veena :
    Yeah, I like reading Jayanth, even though I don’t agree with whatever he has to say. At least not every time.

    @ xx :

    @ Roopa :
    With Jayanth it has to be cryptic. The greatness of HSV is the simplicity. Why else do we consider Bendre as on of the greatest ever poets in Kannada ?

    @ Srik :

    @ Nilagriva :
    I know we agree πŸ˜‰

    @ Ravi :
    Sure, I listen to Linkin Park. System of the Down and Nine Inch Nails as well. But, in my opinion, each genre should stick to the specifics.

  19. Akshata Says:

    Am I the only one who happened to like the Minchu song? [:o]

    Sounds stage material to me. Good for a high school dance performance. [:)]

  20. Veena Says:

    Today I heard a different tune for Minchu title song, sounded like same raaga but with softer touch…! DS, C Ashwath happend to read this blogpost i guess!! πŸ™‚

  21. decemberstud Says:

    Thanks for visiting. Yep, it looks like you are the only one who likes the song πŸ™‚ At least, you are in the minority.

    @ Veena:
    LOL…I certainly hope it’s ‘better’.

  22. Seema Says:

    Minchu title song is really very good in both the tunes. I really do not find any reason to comment on Ashwath’s music and singing.

  23. @ Seema:
    Thanks for visitng. So, I see that we differ, completely πŸ™‚

  24. Ragini Keshava Prashanth Says:

    Hi Seetaram Sir,
    I am very impressed the way u have directed.

    I am childhood artist. have won serval prizes in school & college level.
    If given a chance I will perform well in your upcomming Minchu serial.

    With Regards
    Ragini (9980130283)

  25. Nagaraj Says:

    What Serial is this MINCHU… they have killed the Hero Jagadish itself…. This serial is making way for Villans like Rajeev……. No Hero Serial is over … not intresting

  26. Anonymous Says:

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  27. praneshachar Says:

    nice analysis cricket stylooooooooooooooo
    i dina yen ideyo kadu nodi supari killer or what?
    It is taking lot of twist and turns


    i’m rajan nayido, ROWDY ELEMENT

  29. Bhavani S Says:

    I searching for the title song of Minchu, plz post it inthe website

    Thank you,

  30. aradhya Says:

    Can anyone post me lyrics for ba illi sambhavisu indenna hrudayadali. I searching for this from long time. My email id aradhya_s@yahoo.co.in.


  31. BALAJI Says:

    does any tell me from which website can i download suma sundara taru lathegala brindavana leele. song composed by h.k.narayan or if any one of you have the copy of that mp3 please send to my mail my address is BALAJI.IN.BANGALORE@GMAIL.COM OR PLEASE UPLOAD IN ANY OF THE BHAVAGEETHE WEBSITE AND SMS THE URL. MY CELL NUMBER IS 9880914045

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