Helping People = Having Fun ?

I know this person. He is one of the most helpful people I have known. You call him with any trouble. You call him at the middle of the night. You call him and tell him your problems. He will act immediately and help you in any way he can. All of us do such things. But he does it one step more than the rest.

But, he never attends any parties. You hardly see him in weddings and birthdays. He is always absent from family get togethers. His wife and his mother are perhaps best friends. The two of them attend all the functions together. He is seldom seen in any celebrations.

He claims that there is no point in meeting people when there are good times. His argument is that he will be there when people are in distress and that apparently is the most important thing.

I disagree. I completely agree that attending fun evenings regularly and vanishing in the time of need is completely wrong. So is the other extreme. Shouldn’t there be a balance in life ? What do you think ?

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13 Comments on “Helping People = Having Fun ?”

  1. liarac Says:

    I think each person decides on personal priorities. We each have the same amount of time in a given day. Your friend may simply prefer to spend time doing things other than with people he knows at specific celebrations. its not up to us to impose our ideas of what is better to do at a given time. Each person is meant to have freedom of choice.

  2. Srik Says:

    You are tagged, Sir.

    Please visit my blog and check out the details.

  3. Interesting philosophy this person has. I think it is equally important to share someone’s happiness as sharing their sorrows.

    Haven’t you experienced that feeling when u receive some very good news and you are bursting with joy but have no one around and end up wishing there was someone there who you can share it with? I have. While in case of sorrow, I like my solitude. Weird?

  4. Veena Says:

    DS, First thing is ‘Pls give me his phone number’ .. šŸ™‚
    About the Q, its about peoples preferences.. There are some people who dislike meetings for sharing …May be he is one.. He can’t be wrong for it..

    Well, I like meeting people very much , this is a diff story!

  5. shiv Says:

    I agree wid is other extreme..
    But what made him to reach that conclusion?
    Is it that something he learnt hard way?

  6. suparna Says:

    i agree …No point helping the whole world aroond , and be indifferent at home ..His mother and wife must be feeling bad !! I find it weired

  7. some body Says:


    what do you say about our gandhiji? he was so filled with remorse for ‘enjoying himself’ when his father passed away, that he took ‘revenge’ on his wife. one of his sons, if i recall right, became mentally disturbed probably because of his (gandhiji’s) indifference on the home front. on the other hand, he helped the whole world (ok, only 1/6th of it in terms of population). would you call him weird?

    people may perform actions that we would ordinarily call weird, but there is typically (or at least, in most cases) some reason why someone did something.

    having said all that, i would say ‘to each his/her own’ – i.e., some think the best thing is to help humanity but neglect their own near and dear ones, others reverse that thought process. the order of ‘worship’ (re: second paragraph) is different for each individual.

    – s.b.

  8. I need to understand how this person’s not attending parties (for the reason of not gathering only at joyous occasions) can be qualified as “being indifferent” at home. DS are you talking about parties at home that his wife/mother throw and he leaves? I presume, you’ll say no. Isn’t it?

  9. Srik Says:


  10. Veena Says:

    Exactly!! Too busy attending gatherings r what ? hmmmmmmmmmmm ;-);-)

  11. Arun Says:


  12. decemberstud Says:

    @ Liarac :
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do agree that it’s the personal choice, but then don’t people have a certain amount of responsibility towards family ? I know I know…I am judgmental.

    @ Srik :
    Thanks, I will post soon. “Dream” my favorite word……

    @ OI :
    Interesting philosophy for sure. But, I still think it’s not right. Yes, he will attend the parties at home. I am just talking about parties outside his home.

    @ Veena :
    Yes, I agree that he may not be wrong, it’s just that I feel that it’s not right šŸ™‚

    @ Shiv :
    Ha, finally some agrees with me šŸ˜‰ Not sre what made him the way he is. He haa had his share of good and bad like the rest of the world.

    @ Suparna :
    I find it quite wrid too……

    @ SB :
    Gandhiji is not weird. But, what his wife and son went through is certainly unpardonable. The fact that he helped the whole country is not an excuse for what his wife and son were put through. I absolutley don’t agree with that. Gandhiji should have realized that ‘enjoying himself’ was after all therapeutic.At least that angle would have helped his wife and son not to go through what they went through.

    @ Srik / Veena / Arun / Silkboard :
    I am back šŸ˜‰

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