Chatting With Burkha On

I don’t get it. I simply don’t.

Why do people wear the “Invisible mode” burkha when they login to messenger? It just doesn’t make sense to me. You would want to login only because you want to chat with others. If you are not in the mood to chat or if you are busy with other tasks, then why don’t you politely send a “Sorry, I am currently busy” note when someone tries to chat with you? Being in “invisible mode” gives you an unfair advantage ofย starting the conversation when YOU want to chat.ย Since I don’t know that you are online, I have to always wait for you to start the conversation. If I am feeling low, or want to just say Hello, then I don’t have the right to do that. because you and only you control the keys for chatting. We always have to chat when you decide that it is the right time, not when I want. Is that fair? I am pretty sure that it is absolutely not.ย 

Same deal with your brothers and sisters who go to “Idle” mode in yahoo and “Away” mode in MSN. I was arguing with one of my friends who is always “Away” in MSN messenegr. His argument was that all his friends know that he is always in “Away” mode and thus it doesn’t matter. Nope, that is quite foolish. I don’t know if you are really away or simply “Away”. If I try to chat with you, you may not respond because you are really not at your desk, or you may not respond because you don’t want to. See the difference? Again, you get the upper hand to choose when you want to talk.

A good friend of mine once said that he calls such people as chatting burkha dhAriyaru (people who chat with a burkha on). How true!!!

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8 Comments on “Chatting With Burkha On”

  1. bachodi Says:

    Logic. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes even i agree “always in โ€œAwayโ€” is foolish.

  2. Mohan Says:

    Simple. You have the whole world on your contact list – coworkers, ex-coworkers, old classmates, close friends, family etc. You don’t necessarily want all of them to know your every single login and logout times. “hey. up at this hour. are you in US?” – it is none of their business. And “you would want to login only because you want to chat with others” is certainly not true with most people I know. Most of them, including me, have “launch YM at start up” checked (for convenince because YM also does the additional function of alerting you when you get a mail which you would want irrespective of you are in a mood to chat or not), so unless you login in invisible mode every one on your contact list will know when you switched on your laptop and when you switched off, which is too much information imo. So solution is simple. Be in invisible mode, unless you specifically want everyone to know you are online. Those with whom you are close have a protocol – you want to chat, ping me irrespective of whether I appear online or offline. If I am there, I will respond, otherwise I am not there. And ofcourse, you do the same with them, so there are no hard feelings.

  3. Veena Says:

    It may be a similar story with annonymous bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚ ha ha ha…!
    Also do you know a word called ‘dharmasankata’ when your friends ask you to chat for some more time and somebody at home is calling you.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lol!!! U can send me a message when u are down…
    If I reply immediately, yes…Im on my BURKHA!! And if i dont, I really mean when I am not online.

  5. DS (= Dear S),

    1. Veena’s comment says it all. gaajina maneyalli kuLitavaru bEreyavara kaDe kallu bisaaDabahudE?

    2. Even if you are annoyed by this phenomenon of “chatting with burkha ON”, this is not the way to lash at them. Your tone/tune might make them feel superior. Just make “kaaleLeying fun” at them as if to ridicule or make a mockery of them and then they’ll change.

    3. If nothing works, then be reminded of an old melodious hindi film song sung by Mukesh, for the film ‘sabak’ (1973). It starts like this: “barkhaa raani jaraa jham ke barso…mera dilbar ja na paye zumkar barso…”. Change the first word from ‘barkhaa’ to ‘burkha’.

    4. That might leave a question in your mind: what abt burkha ‘raja’s !? Well, avarannella nimma listnimda ‘barkhaa’st goLisi.

  6. decemberstud Says:

    @ Bachodi:
    Well, one of my friends on MSN doesn’t think so ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @ Mohan:
    Sure, I agree that you don’t login just because you want to chat. Infact, I wasn’t too comfortable writing that at the first place. But, it really doesn’t matter if others know when I am online or when I logout. Well, I am sure there are people like you who differ with that, and that’s fine too. But, the biggest hurdle with ‘invisible’ and ‘away’ modes is the protocol which you are talking about. Believe me dude, it really doesn’t work that way all the time, at least with me it hasn’t. So, my suggestion for the ‘invisible’ chatters to use the stealth settings to maintain the ‘protocol’, at least.

    @ Veena:
    Absolutely not. Anonymous blogging is completely different from ‘invisible’ mode chatting. When you chat, you do with your friends, not with some unknown individual. Anonymous blogging is emant to be anonymous (literally!!!). Fortunately or unfortunately, people do find out the name of the blogger, but that’s not the point of anonymous blogging at all.

    I am sure we all have gone through the same ‘dharmasaMkaTa’. But depending on the time and circumstance, I am sure it’s easy to choose one over the other.

    @ Srik:
    Hmmmm…I guess there are more number of ‘invisible’ chatters in this world than I imagined ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @ SJ:
    1. Absolutely not the same. I probably should write a post about this….LOL. See my response to Veena above.

    2. First, nobody has to change. This is just my take. But, I am sure the ‘invisible’ chatters have their own reasons as to why they do that and no amount of persuation from me will work, and rightly so. This is just my take. Plus, this was a general post to ALL the ‘invisible’ chatters in the world, so can’t ping every one of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. On that note, should I tell the whole world who gave me the idea of this ‘burkha’? Or do you think it is self explanatory ๐Ÿ˜‰

    4. As a matter of fact, I think there are more ‘burkha raja’s than ‘burkha rani’s. That’s just my guess, statisticians may kill me. Well, no way am I going to ‘barkhaast’ goLisu all of them. One, it is the individual’s choice to be in ‘invisible’ mode just like I like to be in ‘online’ mode and two, if I ‘barkhaast’ goLisu everyone, then there will be hardly anyone on my messenger list ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And finally, the rumor mill here had some juicy stories about your return trip to dEsha, I couldn’t ask you about that in Chicago. Invariable when we meet at such Kannada conferences, you seem to be in the first row and I happen to be the last bencher ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Vijay Says:

    Well… invisible on IM and “invisible” while blogging are close but have to agree with DS.. that IM has the concept of “Friends”…

    The other thing that gets me is being “invisible” on ones Mobile phone.. i.e not picking up calls from known numbers..defeats the purpose doesnt it?

  8. decemberstud Says:

    @ Vijay:
    Good point. Infact, I would argue that mobile phones and chatting “invisible” are closer than anon bloggin.

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