The ‘Intellectual’ Barks Again

It was time. He was not in the news for so long. It must have made him real uneasy. So, U.R.Ananthamurthy decides it is the right time to start another controversy, and lo, his name is all over the newspapers. Vijaya Karnataka has his photograph on the front page. That must have made him happy, at least for now.

URA first takes a dig at S.L.Bhyrappa’s latest novel ‘AvaraNa’. He does not like the novel. Fine, there are tons more who don’t like that novel. He says that the writing is more like a debate than a story. Sure, again, there are several more people who agree with that. Now, the next statement is scary. URA thinks SLB is not a good story teller at all. Really?!?!?! The dude should realize that there is a Karanth, there is a Masti, there is a Bhyrappa, and then the rest of you.

Apparently URA is scared to see so many copies of ‘AvaraNa’ being sold. Well, there you go dude, that show’s SLB’s popularity. But the great intellectual that URA is, he comes up with a brilliant theory and says that the RSS and right wing hindu nuts are responsible for  the success of ‘AvaraNa’. Come on man, I know it is painful, but you can’t be that jealous, can you? Oh well, maybe you are capable.

URA and his attitude sickens me to the core. He writes well, and that’s about the only thing which he does well. Peace!!!

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30 Comments on “The ‘Intellectual’ Barks Again”

  1. Shiv Says:


    To qualify as ‘buddhijeevegaLu ‘, these are the things one has to do
    1.Talk something silly of a burning issue( Karnad Style)
    2. Piggyback on any successful items(URA style)

    So does URA meant that RSS machinery was also the book selling machinery.
    Discovery of the year !

  2. When URA can smartly accept that there were ‘vidwamsas’ in Aurangazeb’s court, what makes him not to accept the fact that Auragazeb was indeed a fanatic?
    Bhairappa doesnt praise him, nor condems him in “Aavarana”, he just portrays him as he was…and his times as it were..

    We must appreciate that despite the Prof. Shasthris and the likes, we get to see the truth, in its original colours.
    There is going to be harmony, peace, if everyone understands the truth alike.

    I’m with you sir, in this debate. Down with URA.

  3. suparna Says:

    After getting Jnaanpeeth award , he thinks whatever he says , people will take it , because he s been prooved ” buddhi jeevi ” ……what I dont understand is , why is this media giving so much of importance to his comments, when so many others are of different opinions ..

    though I have nt read it yet, I read it s a realistic complex topic, which is very contemporary too and has been peer reviewed before publication ..

  4. mouna Says:

    ‘avaraNa is all that’s being talked about at home. well i haven’t read the book, but my parents have….

    but yes ur ananthamurthy does go mindless at times, but i agree with u. he does write.

  5. bachodi Says:

    “The dude should realize that there is a Karnath, there is a Masti, there is a Bhyrappa, and then the rest of you.” 😉 I couldn’t agree more.

    URA buddhijeevigaLu saar ,,, En heLona ?

  6. Vittal Says:

    Another cheap shot from an intellectual and his sidekicks…As you said, it also highlights the pathetic level of jealousy too…ANd, he hates anything associated with RSS with a passion. So…is best ignored.

  7. astroshiva Says:

    URA bagge yen helod swamy? Nagbeko albeko gothtagthilla. ‘Hesaru maadlikke Kesaru erachthaare’ annodu ivarannu nodiye irbeku.
    According to him Aavarana is a dangerous novel (Before saying this, he has gone forward and announced that SLB is not a novelist) and using the popularity of this novel he has asked one of his fellow students to write a book ‘Aavarana anaavarana’ and intends to make some good money (for his writer) and fame (for imself).
    Because of pseudo-secularists like URA and Girish Karnad, Hindu ideology and phylosophy are being considered as communal things. If there is any insecurity among minorities then the credit for that should go to these intellectuals.
    There are only few writers in India who do not stick to any school of writing and write without any pre-occupied concepts. Bhyrappa belongs to the elite club of writers like Valmiki, Vyaasa, Tolstoy and Ku.Vem.Pu.
    If URA thinks that SLB’s writings are politically motivated, let him clarify which political agenda URA canvases himself? When whole of the Kannada literature world was busy tagging their writings to Navya, Bandaaya, Dalit movement (which even Anant Murhy represented) SLB took a niche way and wrote novels which were the result of extensive research and were not in the need of blonging to any catagories.
    OK Releasing the book ‘Aavarana Anaavarana’ was the most intellectual way of presenting his thoughts but that cheap media stunt was not needed. Atleast he should have given justice for his JnaanaPeeT award. Anyways, the world will always be looking forward to more and more literery works from the great writer SLB.

  8. rk Says:

    ds, nanna commentige mukthiyannu dayapalisu thande!

  9. DS!

    By saying that buddijeevis are barking, you are comparing them to dogs! I dont agree with you. I consider Ananthmurthy, Govindrao and karnad as political pimps.

    URA and GK the two charecters of ‘Avarana’ (Read Prof Shasthri and Ameera) have pain in the neck and every other part of their body as the novel is a big big hit. These political pimps have succesfully received gnanapeetha and now want to show their ire and vengence on the greatest kannada writer of all time. Bhyrappa is an amazing writer who has always taken the challenge of revealing Truth.

    I suggest one should read his essays on ‘Why he writes?” and sahitya mattu prateeka to know more about his writing skills. It seems URA said, RSS and media are supporting sale of bhyrappa’s books! URA: It shows that you are a bigtime fool. Take a hint from your suggestion and get the help of ISI and al-queda for your next book to do the selling of your book. I wonder if you can write!!!

    ‘Grihabhanga’ was bhyrappa’s most acknowledged novel and later he said, its sketch of his biography. Vamshavriksha was a master piece and every avid readed tried searching Srinivasa Shotri in their parents. Few went ahead and tried vidhava vivaha (marrying a widow)

    so are Saartha, Anchu, Tantu, Mandra, anveshane, Dharmashree, Doora Saridaru, Naayi Neralu, Tabbali, Nirakarana, matadaana etc etc

    Daatu! an amazing novel which became a serial in hindi with title ‘Ullanghan!’ One of my friend from hindi was arguing with me that, Ullanghan has been translated to kannada!

    Look at what “parva” has done in the sahitya. Iravati karve might have written ‘yugantha’ before SLB wrote ‘parva’. but the height and bredth of ‘Parva’ made it the best novel in India. None of the kannada writers have reached the heights that SLB has reached.

    I understand that he should not be compared with old timers like Basavaraj Kattimani, Shankar Mokashi Punekar etc, but compared to political pimps like URA, GK etc, Bhyrappa stands tall.

    Good that lot of people are coming here to say what they feel about issue which itself shows that SLB is an awesome writer.

  10. decemberstud Says:

    @ Shiv:
    True, GK, URA , Govindrao and likes have this fascination to oppose the majority. They think they stand out by doing so. Well, they don’t realize the magnitude of the problems they are creating.

    @ Srik:
    Well dude, as we know URA thrives on controversies, front page news and photographs. So, there you go, this is just another dumb stunt.

    @ Suparna:
    Well, isn’t it a public secret by now as to how he got the Jnanpeeth? Media likes him because he floats controversy and that’s exactly what media wants.

    @ Mouna:
    URA goes mindles “at times”??? You mean “at times” = 365/24/7, don’t you? 🙂

    @ Bachodi:
    Enu hELakkAgalla saar. sumne baykoMDu muMde hOgabEku. And, do NOT buy ‘AvaraNa anAvaraNa’.

    @ Vittal:
    Ooops, you forgot the quotes when you said ‘intellectual’ 🙂

    @ Astroshiva:
    First, welocme to my blog. Hope you like it here. I have a small disagreement with your elite club of writers. I won’t add Kuvempu in that list. You are free to do so obviously, but I won’t. As for giving justice to Jnanpeeth. come on mna, he totally didn’t deserve the award at the first place. How can we talk of justice ehre?

    @ RK:
    guruvE ! Comment idre tAne mukti dayapAlisOdu. matte comment mADuvaMthavanAgu taMde.

    @ GH:
    namaskAra GirishaNNa. tuMba dina Aytu. Political pimps, huh? I prefer the ‘B’ word used for female dogs in English language 😉 We all know how URA and GK received Jnanpeeth. Isn’t it sad that the whole world knows about their politics and they try to act as ‘that innocent neighbor’.

    I certainly take exception to your comment on Bhyrappa being he ‘greatest Kannada writer of all time’. But, assume you just made that comment in connection with the current argument against URA and leave it at that. Forget ‘all time’, I certainly cannot use superlatives even for modern Kannada writers. Bendre, Karant, SLB etc. are all equally great.

    And, thanks for the good bird’s eyeview of SLB’s works. But, one thing has certainly been bothering me off late. How can a writer who wrote ‘sArtha’ write ‘maMdra’? Well, that is for another blog post 😉

    Yes, SLB is and will always be the writer who touches the masses. He touches the ehart and he touches the soul. URA is making a fool of himself by trying to deny that!!!

  11. Aram Says:

    We had a good time listening to the verbal attacks and the numerous reactions. Fun, finally ending in URA’s announcing sanyasa from all literary functions, etc. Even Jnaanapeethis are also human !

    Let us look forward to more of such debates and debacles

  12. astroshiva Says:

    Thanks for replying to my comment above. Yes I do like your blog. Comming to the discussions, I wanted to know your reasons for not considering Ku.Vem.Pu as a great writer.
    Well for the other way round, I give his epic Shree Ramayan Darshanam as the answer. I think it was one of the few successful modern interpretations of the epic Ramayana and the writer has beautifully crafted the human complexities in it. (specially with the charetcters like Manthara). I think besides Parva (by S L Bhyrappa) there are very few epics written after the navodaya period.
    His other novel Kanooru Heggadthi is also as special as this.
    Waiting for your reply.

  13. Ananda Says:


    There have been many epics written in kannada in the modern times. To name a few – Gokak’s ‘Bharatha Sindhu Rashmi’, Puthina’s ‘Shri Haricharithe’ and Samethanahalli Ramarao’s ‘Shaakunthalaa’. Recently ofcourse that of Veerappa Moily.

    Many of these are excellent compositions, but were never given much publicity as was done to ‘Ramayana Darshanam’. For obviuos reasons.

  14. Vijay Says:

    URA should stick to renaming cities and commenting on issues like NRN and the National Anthem…

  15. astroshiva Says:

    @ anand,
    Gokak’s, Puthina’s books are really great. But Moily’s Book is not as interesting as the other books. Ramayana Darshanam was given that type of publicity because it deserved it.

  16. decemberstud Says:

    @ Aram:
    Thanks for visiting. I do have to admit that I am all that convinced that URA would shut up. Only time will tell.

    @ Astroshiva: I did not say Kuvempu is not a good writer. He certainly is, a great one actually. I was just commenting on your ‘pre-occupied concepts’ deal. That is hard to believe. Kuvempu had his own ideas and ideologies and certainly showed them in his poems. I also agree with your other comment on Moily’s book not being on par with Gokak and Pu.Ti.Na. For that matter, Latha Rajashekhara keeps churning out ‘epics’ every year or so. Well, let’s not talk about the quality of such books!!!

    @ Vijay:
    LOL…sure, next in the list are Cox Town and Cubbon Park.

  17. astroshiva Says:

    your previous comment was as follows:
    First, welocme to my blog. Hope you like it here. I have a small disagreement with your elite club of writers. I won’t add Kuvempu in that list. You are free to do so obviously, but I won’t. As for giving justice to Jnanpeeth. come on mna, he totally didn’t deserve the award at the first place. How can we talk of justice ehre?

    So I wanted to know why he didnt deserve the award?

  18. astroshiva Says:

    Last week I finished reading ‘Aavarana’. It took me a day to finish it. Yesterday I read ‘Aavarana anaavara’.
    Inspite of loads of bibliographies and proofs provided by SLB, I felt somewhere that the writer was intentionally giving some of his strong opinions to most of the topics. Especially with the Prof. Shastri and his band of Socialists. I thought why did Bhyrappa picturise them as people without conscience? I thought it would have been better if he had potrayed them as strong believers of their phylosophies. But after reading the book ‘Aavarana Anaavarana’ I realised they are bound to be the way SLB imagined – people without conscience and one who always draw the political game out of these topics.
    The motto of Bhyrappa’s novel is; We should never suppress truth (mainly historical ones). We should not distort historical truths for the sake of political survival or to appease a community. He says that We should not blame a community for the mistakes done in the history. But he also says if that community glorifies the kings who have done mistakes then they are also responsible for the mistakes done by these kings.
    ‘Aavarana anaavarana’ has a different outlook. He thinks history should bind people. If certain things hurt people, it should be kept in dark. By telling this he unknowingly agrees to SLB’s point that historical things are geeting distorted to impress a community.

  19. decemberstud Says:

    @ Astroshiva:

    Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant URA did not deserve the award, not Kuvempu. That was in response to you saying URA should have given justice to his Jnanpeeth. Sorry for the confusion, I would be a fool if I said Kuvempu did not deserve the Jnanpeeth.

  20. Vijay Says:

    Cox Townuuu, Cubbon Parkuuu

  21. tarlesubba Says:

    hunjpatna, hunjoor & kabbin thoTa

  22. DS: You raised a good question. How can the writer of ‘sArtha’ write ‘Mandra’?

    That is an attribute of Bhyrappa. His versatility. Somehow none of the charecters in Mandra were as attractive as he depicted his other charecters.

    Nagabhatta’s charecter in saartha was awesome to start but later lost it glory and as usual he started searching his inner soul. Chandrika was again a beautiful charecter. Bhyrappa successfully creates these female charecters: Satya in Daatu, Katyayini in Vamshavriksha, Gowramma in Grihabhanga, Rama in dharmashree and now Rajiya aliyas Laxmi in the latest aavarana.

    As you said, comparision of Mandra with saartha should be done in another post. I recommend you should do it ASAP.

  23. decemberstud Says:

    Ahh…Vijay is going more of URA way and tarlesubba is going more of Karnataka Rakshana vedike way….LOL

    @ GH:
    I did think about it the last few days. I probably can write a comparison between ‘sArtha’ and ‘maMdra’. But I want to wait until I finish ‘AvaraNa’. And then I thought more abut it. It came to my mind that you can probably do more justice than i can since you seem to have read each and every work from SLB. I sincerely think you may to a better job than me. Want to take it up?

  24. I too demand it from GH, DS..

    Hello CM saahebre take it up.

    For those who doesnt know, we call GH CM saahebru 😉

  25. jagadish Says:

    so much discussion on Avarana!
    and most of the discussant confessing that they haven’t read it!!
    the one who owns the bolg is yet to complete reading it!!!
    glad that at least one of the discussants completed reading it in the course of the discussion!!!!

  26. Sandeep Says:

    HI guys…. sorry for late comment but Avarana is just not a novel but a eye opener….

    gives actual reason behind terrorism Ananth Murthi we can call as “Buddhi illada Buddhi jeevi” or “Jnyanvillada Jnyan peeth vijeth”….

  27. Manjupriya Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Recently I read AavaraNa. Its just a great novel, simply superb. He has explained the Indian history through higly creative charecters in the novel with immense command over narration and writing with proper documents publiches in the novel.
    But I dont understand why these so “intellectual” ppl are barking against a great writer of kannada literature SLB.
    I think these ppl have a habit of showcasing themselves as “BUDDHIJEEVIGALU” and “MAHATMARU”. I think they would have been given AGNAANPEETA not gnanapeeta prashasti. Recently Mr. GK supported a strike conducted by liveband(Night singing&masala dancing) artists. He said we should allow ppl to sing and enjoy. Dont he think ppl can sing in day as well ?Why they want to sing in night and that with semi-naked girls ?
    This all shows how psedo-secularism forces are hiding history and how they are supporting vote-bank politics. Shame on GK and URA.

  28. AC Says:

    Bhyrappa, the author of ‘Aavarana’ intends to spread poison and communal hatred, which God forbid, will result in yet another genocide of Muslims similar to what happened in Gujarat in 2002.

    If Bhyrappa is to write about something, he should talk about the oppression and suffering of the lower caste hindus by brahmins, like Bhyrappa, for centuries.

    It is preposterous for a person who worships idols with elephant heads and private body parts of ‘gods’, to be speaking about the ‘shallowness’ of another religion.

    If not for sane people like Ananthamurthy, the Bhyrappas and Arun Shouries would have poisoned the entire population.

  29. RH Says:

    “It is preposterous for a person who worships idols with elephant heads and private body parts of ‘gods’, to be speaking about the ‘shallowness’ of another religion.”

    This show’s how shallow your thinking is and how shallow your understanding of hinduism man! – get a life!

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