Creativity Without Inspiration

Chitrakavana is an interesting site I came across. They post a new picture every week and you are asked to write something about that picture. A very interesting concept indeed. Kannada magazine Mayura has a very similar section called ‘chitra-kalpane’ and I was a big fan of that. If you are a fan of Kannada and Kannada literature, that is a wonderful site to visit.

My friend J asked me to contribute to this new site. I went through a lot of writings on that site, quite fresh and very relaxed. I am tempted to write too. But, something has been stopping me from doing it. I was searching for a good reason, and that’s when my friend V pinged me on yahoo messenger.

I mentioned to him that I liked his poem on the site. His take on the whole concept was that it was “easy and limited”. I certainly disagree there. It probably limits your thinking and breadth of writing, but that takes away the “easy” part right there.

V thinks that you reach your goal very soon and that’s a problem. I agree there. Writing something is very easy, but writing something really good is very hard. A picture gives you a reason to write. But, it also curbs your true feelings and certainly takes a toll on the quality.

As they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. It is quite impossible to match the beauty of a picture with seventeen lines of my poem (or should it be sixteen?). The picture certainly inspires you, but the inspiration is not orgasmic!!!

At the end of the day, I may just be shallow. I may be coming up with reasons for not writing. But, I promise I certainly will contribute when I am more comfortable.

Poets need inspiration. And, when we are given something inspiring, we don’t create. We look for the blue-green lakes, innocent children, romantic sunset and the lusty river in our minds. We don’t look at the picture. Oh well, how tragic!!!

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12 Comments on “Creativity Without Inspiration”

  1. pArijAta Says:

    JM told me about that site, and asked me to write a poem on the latest picture. I thought it would be easy to write a poem about a picture, but I found that it was not. I am still arranging words in my mind!
    Inspiration is a quirky thing. When you have the time to write, it does not come to you. When you have other urgent and important things to do, you feel inspired to write!

  2. Aram Says:

    Thank God that you are back, DS !

    I was thinking that my verbal diarrhea might have nauseated you.

  3. mouna Says:

    i agree with u on one aspect: it’s not easy. on the other hand, it’s not limiting. if one is flexible enough, the same picture can be viewed from many angles. and words can expand the view to a much greater extent. it’s just how we play with it.

    btw(thought of asking u this): have u evicted those ’bouts’ from your mind? or do they still cause u apprehension?

  4. I agree and disagree with you in this. A picture can be a limiting factor as well as an inspiring factor to the writer. It only depends on what we “see”, at that moment, in that picture. At least that is my view.

  5. SHREE Says:

    Well, thatz a good discussion going on here. Noted it today, and being a member of Chitrakavana team, I would like to express my views…

    Creativity is an intangible thing, and it works differently with different people. Sometimes it might need inspiration, sometimes it may not. Picture might inspire some people, for some it may not… All pictures may not inspire everyone equally… Some people get turned on by abstract, some by tangible forms… It all depends upon one’s own sensitivity, experiences, thoughts, feelings, responses generated in mind, associations in mind, time, mood – so many factors.

    If we think these factors as limitations, they are limitations. If not, they are not. Few may think and feel beyond limitations, few may not have time or urge to explore this area of imagination…

    With all these limitations (If u call it so), there have been good contributions and different outlooks and interpretations appeared in Chitrakavana.

    Chitrakavana was and is an ongoing experiment, of making the intangible tangible, and finding the intangible in the tangible thing… It’z just an exploration, a journey where we want everyone to be a part. More and more people participate, more and more outlooks, imaginations and thoughts will come into fore.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here…

  6. Veena Says:

    First, Let me congratulate the chitrakavana for the nice concept …
    I certainly feel that a picture is worth 1000 words and it brings out immense thoughts from us.. but it need not put any limitation…
    for eg., If I see a ocean around, I don’t feel like writing about the color or the depth of the sea but I can say ‘Life is so vast’ and you can see that the picture there didn’t put any limitation to write just about water or related to that.

  7. decemberstud Says:

    @ pArijAta:
    I certainly agree that inspiration is a quirky thing. I guess it is easy to write, but not easy to write something good.

    @ Aram:
    Nope, there is a certain city called Las Vegas and that makes you forget the whole World 🙂

    @ Mouna:
    It is limiting in the broader perspective. One picture is not an answer, but when you go on a writing spree for 10 different pictures, it becomes an exercise.

    Thanks for asking, I am doing MUCH better. Hardly anything now. Very rarely I am into it, but even then I get out fast. But, keep asking once in a while, I like it 😉

    @ Suptadeepti:
    Yes, Ia gree with you. It certainly can be inspiring and limiting, but am not sure if both can co-exist.

    @ Shree:
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do agree with a lot of things you have to say. Creativity is certainly intangible. I don’t mean to say that the picture is a limitation. But, it becomes a limitation when you try to grow around it. I think my friend V agreed with me on that point.

    Note that I am also talking on the quality here. If you get 10 replies, then I am highly doubtful that more than two would be out of this world, if I may say. Basically, a picture is ‘forced’ upon you to write. But, at the same time, I agree that it is a wonderful idea to see the responses and the variations in the responses. Of course, the two out of the World poems will be an immeasurable bonus.

    I wouldn’t call Chitrakana an experiment since the concept is not new. But, it certainly is a wonderful exploration and a journey with unknown paths. I wish your team all the ebst and I hope more people join in and contribute. I will certainly be a regular visitor. When I get the strength to write, I will write too 😉

    @ Veena:
    I agree with your example. The picture does not have to be a limitation, but my concern is that we tend to make it a limitation, at least I ahve a feeling that I will.

  8. mouna Says:

    whether it becomes an exercise or not, it depends on the perspective with which it is viewed. who knows, perhaps, there is somebody who’d like to write good material based on pictures.

    oh! seri matte, let it begin…. :p

  9. @ mouna:
    Grrrrr……..Hey, I didn’t say I enjoyed the bouts, I just said I enjoyed you asking me the question. So, take it back, please 😉

    @ poorapara:

  10. mouna Says:

    i meant, let the questioning begin, nimma yogaksheme bagge…. u told u like it.

  11. @ Mouna:
    Ahhh…OK, that’s much better 😉

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