A True Human Being

There was a muscial tribute to my father on Sunday. Several poets, musicians and businessmen spoke about appa before the music flowed. All the songs were composed by my father and it was a fitting tribute. I was told that the Jaganmohan Palace auditorium was packed and more. I was overcome with joy and sorrow.

One of my father’s cousins came down from Shivamogga to share some anecdotes. Here is a very interesting story which he narrated.

Several years ago, when appa visited Shivamogga for a few days, R uncle and he went driving through the country side. While passing through a small village, they saw that there was a big crowd outside a marriage hall. They could hear a lot of shouting and crying. R uncle wanted to just go away. But, appa wanted to stop and find out what the problem was. It turned out that the bridegroom was not ready to tie the knot until the girl’s father gave him a watch and a ring. The girl’s father was crying and begging the boy to tie the knot and promised that he would buy the watch and the ring as soon as he can get hold of some cash. But, the boy did not relent. Appa decided to step in. He talked to the boy at length and tried to convince him and tie the knot. Nothing worked. Finally, appa checked his wallet. He had three thousand rupees. He saw that R uncle had a golden ring. Appa asked R unlce for his ring and told him that he would pay for the ring after reaching Shivamogga. Appa took the ring and three thousand ruppes cash, called the girl’s father aside and gave it to him. The girl’s father had no words. He just fell at appa‘s feet and cried. He said that he never imagined that a person from a different caste and that too a stranger would save his daughter’s marriage. Girl’s father was a nice man. He asked appa for his address so that he could repay the money whenever he can. But, appa politely refused and said that it was good to see that a girl’s life is not ruined due to a flimsy reason. R uncle and appa walked out happily.

R uncle narrated this story on Sunday. Apparently, appa had asked him not to tell this to anyone. Not even my mother knew about this. As I have mentioned numerous times before, my father is really one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Now that I am on a story telling spree, I should mention a few other incidents. When I was around 7 years old, my father came home real late one night. My mother was totally worried for several hours. Appa came in to narrate this story:

Apparently, there was a new born baby, left on the pavement by the Institute of Engineers. There were several hundreds of people just standing around and watching. My father and his friend stopped by to see what the deal was. They immediately took the baby and rushed to a hospital. The hospital authorities were not too keen to look at the baby right away, without any police case. My father insisted that they could treat the baby as his own. He said that he would take the baby home and treat it as his own son once they stabilize the baby. The guys at the hospital attended. Unfortunately, the baby was long dead. My father and his friend finally took the body to a police station and gave it to the police. After several months appa even receievd a thank you letter from the police. Such was the goodness.

There is also this incident where appa paid several hundreds of rupees in Varanasi to purchase caged birds. He then took them out of the city and opened up the cages so that the birds were free to fly.

There was another occasion where an old man with torn clothes came begging. Appa couldn’t see his plight. He immediately took off the shirt he was wearing and gave it to the begger.

These are just a few examples. There are tons more. I really have no words to tell you how good the person was. I am really blessed to have him as my father. He is such a big part of me. If at all there is such a thing as rebirth, I hope that he will be my appa again, and again, and again.

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19 Comments on “A True Human Being”

  1. super Kanree nimma thandhe avaru .. avara athamakke shaanthi yirali.
    nimma number kodi swamy maathadoNa.

  2. pArijAta Says:

    This was a wonderful post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. pArijAta Says:

    This was a wonderful post.
    I have not interacted much with your Father. But whatever I know about him (from you and a couple of other people) make me respect him a lot.
    Thanks for sharing these stories about your Father.

  4. Srik Says:

    Tributes to the great man. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Vijay Says:

    DS: Wonderful stories.. I think it is wonderful that you have blogged it…

  6. mpriya Says:

    hi…this is the first time that i have visited ur blog…fathers play a big part in each one of our lives…i have not known ur father but am sure from reading this post that he has affected many people and there will be always people who will remember him…thanks for sharing this post…

  7. Shruthi Says:

    How wonderful… thanks for this post.

  8. Arun Says:


  9. @ DG:
    Thank you guru!!! alla nAnu modalu phOn number kELidre, nangE reverse plate A? 🙂

    @ pArijAta:
    Yes, he was a super human being. And, he actually liked you a lot. he would ask me about you quite regulalry.

    @ Srik:
    Thanks boss!!!

    @ Vijay:
    I had to Vijay, I had to. Thank you.

    @ mpriya:
    Thank you for visiting the blog. You are very right. There are tons of people will always remember him for his good deeds.

    @ Shruti:
    Thanks, yes, I was thrilled to hear the story!!!

    @ Arun:
    Thank you, yes he was a great man indeed.

    @ poorapara:
    Thank you.

  10. Vikram Hathwar Says:

    no words!!

    he must be rejoicing.

  11. Vittal Says:

    ‘Appa’ figure is always special. If you get a chance, I recommend ‘Big Russ and Me’ by Tim Russert.

  12. My heart warmed at the incidents narreted. Many a times such incidents go un noticed and may people like this increase – mother earth badly needs such people.


  13. Prashanth M Says:

    Hats off to the great personality…. tributes to him…

  14. kalsamma ninna number .nanna ID gothirbeku

  15. neel3 Says:

    Warm memories. This is the ultimate test of humanity—
    to touch the hearts of so many people. Hats off to him.

  16. @ VH:
    Yes, I am sure he is.

    @ Vittal:
    Thanks for the info. I will certainly add it into my list of “need to read books”. On that note, don’t you ever feel that we have so less time, especially when you think of the amount of books in the universe?

    @ Mohan:
    I certainly agree. We really need more people like him, thanks!

    @ Prashanth:
    Thank you. I did learn quite a lot from him.

    @ DG:
    OK guru, mail kaListIni…soon.

    @ neel3:
    It is indeed amazing to see someone touch so many eharts. Thanks for the comment.

  17. Athreyee Says:

    hey, just stumbled upon your blog & couldnt help but read all the posts …
    beautiful post for a beautiful person, however about the shimoga incident, didnt anyone feel the bridgegroom was nasty in refusing to tie the knot if not gifted with a watch & a ring … though what your father did was very considerate & much more coming from a stranger !

  18. @ Athreyee:
    Thanks for coming by. I am sure people would have wanted to hit the bridegroom righ there. But, my guess is that they didn’t want the girl to suffer the rest of ehr life. I am not sure what caste she was. But, I was told that they were poor uneducated villagers. I am sure the stigma would have stuck if the marriage didn’t go through.

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