Thank You Minus One

It was a large gathering. My mother was being felicitated on the 50th anniversary of her singing career. A very well deserved honor. The biggest names in Kannada literature and music world were present. My mother was overcome by emotion. She thanked her parents, brothers, all the relatives, teachers, contemporaries and friends. She forgot to thank my father!!!

Hillary Swank won her first Oscar. She was thrilled to get on stage. TV cameras focused on her husband Chad crying with joy. She thanked her co-stars, parents, director, producer, managers and more. She forgot to thank her husband.

My first book was released. I was on cloud nine. I was totally excited. I thanked my parents, relatives, friends, editors and everyone who ever encouraged me. And yes, you guessed it right, I forgot to thank my wife.

Some mistakes haunt you for life!!!

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11 Comments on “Thank You Minus One”

  1. Does any1 thank him/herself?

    ardhaaMgi/ardhanga man 😉

  2. Aram Says:

    It happens when one gets carried away in the ecstacy.

    Vikram has aptly said it all.

    Just goes to show how we take for granted those closest to us

  3. Veena Says:

    I think its okay if the spouse is fine with it… 🙂 well, generally their names appear in the ack section or the book itself would be dedicated to them…

    On lighter part..,
    couple of weeks back u had asked whether the gene overrides the social environment.. one example.. 🙂

  4. Srik Says:

    More to do with what Aram says here, I guess.

  5. Prashanth M Says:

    Guess one don’t think his/her other half as a seperate person – just a guess as I’m still single 😉

    ps: I’m still waiting for the book details

  6. neel3 Says:

    kannada pustaka kondu odoNa andre neevu pustakada hesare haakta ilvalla ,lekhaka mahashayare.
    ishtu daakshiNya aadre odugara gati enu,swaami?

  7. nilagriva Says:

    I didn’t stay for that part 🙂

    It will haunt you. Or, your wife will make sure it haunts you 🙂

  8. @ VH:
    Sure, but that concept magically erases when you have a fight 😉

    @ Aram:
    I agree with you. It certainly shows how the closest are always taken for granted.

    @ Veena:
    I think mine is fine with it, or at least I hope 🙂 Good example here, huh?

    @ Srik:
    We will wait for your experiences 🙂

    @ Prashanth:
    Give me sometime, I will sned you an email once I am a little more comfortable.

    @ neel3:
    chE chE dAkShiNya Enilla. swalpa time koDi aShTe.

    @ nilagriva:
    Infact, I did thank both you and L for coming 🙂 As for you last line, oh well 😉

  9. neela Says:

    sir, still waiting…

  10. @ Neela:
    I will send you a mail, soon.

  11. neela Says:


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