ಅನಿಸುತಿದೆ ಯಾಕೋ ಇಂದು

Karnataka state awards for movies have been announced. What caught my eye was the award for the male playback singer.

Hemanth has won the “Best Male Playback Singer” award for the movie ‘Kallarali Hoovagi’. Sure, he has done a good job. He has certainly sang well.

But, wait a second. Didn’t the saints in the award committee not listen to, what’s that song again? Yes, ‘Anisutide’!!!!!!!!!!

‘Anisutide’ is so full of life and the depth of singing is almost unmatchable, at least in the recent times. Sonu Nigam has done an amazing job, period.

I am certainly qualified enough to judge music. And, I do agree that different people have different tastes. But brother, this is not about taste. This is too simple an issue. Sonu Nigam’s rendering of ‘Anisutide’ gives you an out of the World experience. It’s pure magic. 

Did the saints somehow decide that it is more appropriate to ‘encourage’ a Kannadiga than a very well known ‘outsider’? Could that have been the reason why Hemanth was chosen over Sonu Nigam?

Sonu Nigam did not lose. Neither did the fans, nor the saints. ‘Best Male Playback Singer’ award lost out.

‘Anisutide’ – here’s my two drops, added to a million more!!!

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28 Comments on “ಅನಿಸುತಿದೆ ಯಾಕೋ ಇಂದು”

  1. neelanjana Says:

    Hemant won the award – yes; but not for kallaraLi hoovAgi…

  2. @ neelanjana:

    Yes, Hemanth did win the award for ‘Kallarali Hoovagi’. In addition, it was given for ‘Janapada’ as well. Here is a news item.

  3. nilagriva Says:

    Only Sonu Nigam deserved to win that award this year for his playback singing, period.

    These guys have brought reservation to popular awards as well, the morons that they are. What will they think of next?

    In fact, the loser here is Hemanth – he will be a marked man as the winner in the year of anisutide. “You know Hemanth, yeah – *that* guy who used influence to get the award??”

    Sonu Nigam would be least bothered about all of this. He is popular and rich and an award here and there wouldn’t matter to him.

  4. neel3 Says:

    illu reservation!!
    haadu sing maadislikke madi illa. award kodlikke madi??
    taara should now gracefully ‘retire’ from state awards voluntarily.

  5. Agree with neela. Taara has now won a national award and she should stop receiving the state awards for ‘encouraging’ the young people.

    “Anisuthide” won all the other awards, best music direction and best lyrics, also for best picturisation. But only thing that will remain as a mark is this singer was not honoured by the state governament for he was not a Kannadiga. Why this bias when neither the movie makers nor the movie goers does that? State committes must be reorganised to overcome these. Else are they thinking of introducing reservation system here too… Caste based…language based? Very valid point made here DS.

  6. mouna Says:

    than ‘anisutide’ i like the title track ‘mungaru maLeye…’
    yes, talent should be recognised than the origin of a playback singer. though ‘kalaraLLi hoovagi’ is a nice song.

  7. Aram Says:

    the award has indeed lost out in credibility, just like the Kannada Jnanapitha award.

  8. some body Says:

    i guess the industry is caught between a rock and a hard place, what? 🙂

    first, they try to rope in out of state singers to give the public a good audio experience (something that local singers cannot provide, maybe?), and are booed online.

    then, when they attempt to rectify/over-compensate/encourage with awards to a local talent. that gets booed online too (like this piece by d.s.) :-).

    i would be fine with both of these, i.e., to ensure that the public gets the best music, have open competition, and go with the best bang for the buck (this could be either an in-house singer or an out-of-country singer). once that is done, you would assume that the public will get the best available singer to listen to. then, give the award to the best local singer (whichever the movie be, whichever the song be). after all, i am sure most, if not all, of you agree with me that the kannada singer might have sung ‘anisutide’ better than sonu did; how would you judge if you did not listen to both of them singing the same song? i really liked the world cup rendition of tarle’s song in the anisutide tune. if that person – whoever it is – can sing that well, why cannot this hemanth dude?

    – s.b.

  9. neelanjana Says:

    OK.. I went by the news (or it might have been some other report) on Udaya TV where kallaraLi hoovAgi was not mentioned for Hemant’s award.

    Anyway, it is quite subjective. I find Hemant’s song in kallaraLi hoovAgi extremely good too.


  10. @ nIlagreeva:
    Yes, you have summed it up well. Certainly, nobody other than Sonu Nigam deserved to win this year. I do not know if Hemanth used influence or the saints just decided to award a Kannadiga. In any case, Sonu Nigam deserved it more.

    @ neel3:
    LOL..true, Tara should certainly retire from getting awards, just like Latha did eons ago (oh well, look at me, what a comparison).

    @ Srik:
    It is very unfortuante, but such things keep happening. I really feel bad that such a well deserved rendering went ‘unnoticed’ by the saints. I started replying to your comment in detail and it became so long that I made it a new post.

    @ Mouna:
    Cool….I somehow preferred ‘Anisutide’ to ‘Mungaaru Maleye’. Yes, ‘Kallarali Hoovagi’ is certainly a good song, but I cannot begin to describe the depth in the rendition of ‘Anisutide’.

    @ Aram:
    Didn’t Jnanpeeth award lose credibility way before URA and Karnad won? (Hint: IAS officer) So, it’s just not Kannada.

    @ SB:
    Two wrongs do not make a right. If the argument is not to get out-of-state singers, then fine, don’t. But, once you get them, better treat them as equals.

    I will certainly not agree that a singer should be awarded just because he is ‘local’. This is the extension of the rotten reservation system we have, as many people have pointed out.

    And, I absolutely will not agree that a ‘known’ Kannada singer would have sung ‘Anisutide’ better than Sonu Nigam. Honestly, it is quite easy to judge. I am sure you know that I love Kannada very much. But, I cannot be parochial. As of today, there is not a single Kannadiga male playback singer who can match the depth and singing quality of Sonu Nigam. It is too early to compare Sonu Nigam to Rafi, but I am convinced that Sonu Nigam will certainly be one of the all time best playback singers in India. That is his quality of singing. Sure, there maybe several thousands of ‘unknown’ Kannadigas who ‘may’ sing better. but, that’s not the point.

    But, I do agree that there are some excellent Kannadiga female singers. For one, MD Pallavi can easily match Shreya Goshal’s ‘Aralutiru’.

    At the end of the day, I just ahve one point. Music has no language.

    @ neelanjana:
    Yes, it is quite subjective. All are equal, but some are more equal. Sometimes, that is way too obvious.

  11. neel3 Says:

    “kasturi nivasadalli mosa”–is the dialogue that comes to my mind.
    You have summed up very well.

  12. some body Says:


    “It is too early to compare Sonu Nigam to Rafi, but I am convinced that Sonu Nigam will certainly be one of the all time best playback singers in India.”

    so, how many more years do you want to give him before you will remove the “too early” part and start an earnest comparison? maybe because i have been in the usa all along, but in the 12 years that i looked at, i cannot recall a single movie that he carried like rafi and kishore used to do.

    yes, sonu can copy pretty well, and defnitely is more versatile at it than sudesh bhosle ever was (and has a better voice), but … one thing is sure, i rate him higher than kumar sanu and probably himesh (who i have not heard much).

    but for kishore kumar type songs, i would definitely go with abhijit above sonu (i don’t know why he did not get more songs in the 1990s – he was much much better than kumar sanu, check out “yes boss”). btw, i saw the sify (or was it youtube) clip of abhijit blasting bappi and the likes, and i agree with him – what about you?

    “At the end of the day, I just ahve one point. Music has no language.”

    … and all throughout the day and across the earth, politics and politicians know no bounds!

    – s.b.

  13. Veena Says:

    ಹಾಡು ಹಕ್ಕಿಗೆ ಬೇಕೆ ಬಿರಿದು ಸನ್ಮಾನ ????

    I like Rajesh KrishNan and Chaitanya(Shastri) voice too. and DS, I wouldnt’ agree that nobody could sing as well as Sonu did on Anusutide. It was just that the producer chose him and additionally the music and the lyrics just rocks.!

  14. some body Says:

    can haneef sing in kannada? 😉

    – s.b.

  15. @ neel3:
    Thanks, that’s a very appropriate dialogue here.

    @ SB:
    A lot more years. Not that he can somehow surpass Rafi’s quality someday (actually, it is quite foolish for me to even compare), but he certainly is as good a singer as Rafi was.

    You say Sonu can copy well. Sure, he did that well on TVS Sa Re Ga Ma. You did not say that he can only copy and you did not say that he is not original. So, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Taking Sudesh Bhosle andKumar Sanu’s name in the same paragraph as that of Sonu Nigam is a sin 🙂

    One thign is cerain. You cannot measure the quality of singing by the number of successful films. The times have changed. Sonu will never sing as many movie songs as Rafi or Kishore did. The times have changed. You get more money through live concerts. Sonu will perhaps give least preferance to singing in movies (ok, that’s a lil exaggeration). Not just him, all the singers today prefer live concerts to playback singing on a regular basis.

    You also get more non-flimi albums and people become well-known even from singin non-flimi songs.

    There was one Latha, one Asha, one Rafi and one Kishore. How amny talented singers do we have today? Tons. Plus, the fashion is to have a different singer for each song in a movie, well almost.

    Ys, Sonu is so much more Rafi-ish. Infact, I cannot recall even one Kishore song he sang during Sa re Ga Ma. Did he ever? But, that doesn’t take away the shine from him. he is still an excellent singer. Asha is so much more versatile than latha, but Latha is great too. Sonu Nigam can certainly create (or recreate) magic with Rafi kind of songs.

    The only reason I have such a long response is because I thought you were trying to make Sonu Nigam just another singer who can copy well. I certainly disagree with that and I think he is one of the most talented playback singers we have in India today.

    As for your last statement, make that “Politicans and Truck Drivers”.

    And, no, I hope Haneef doesn’t sing in Kannada…or maybe he should 🙂

    @ Veena:
    You took it out of my mouth. Infact, I had contemplated making that the title of this post.
    Nope, I cannot think of any present day Kannada male playback singer who could have sung Anisutide better than Sonu Nigam. Not Rajesh Krishnan, not Shastri, not Hemanth. Maybe, I am unaware of all the singers. Please let me know if there are more and also please send me the links to some of their songs. But, I will certainly agree that there are some brilliant female singers who could match Shreya Goshal or any other outsiders. MD Pallavi and even Supriya Acharya can easily sing ‘Aralutiru’ as well as Shreya Goshal, or even better.

    Yes, the music and lyrics are good too. But, if you force em to rank the three of them, as far as ‘Anisutide’ goes, I would rank singing as number one, followed by music and then the lyrics.

  16. some body Says:


    my point was not that sonu nigam is just a copycat; it was not that he is not among the better ones (i still say that the jury is out on whether or not he is the best). it is only that he is not comparable to rafi, kishore etc. because of his “limited originality” and proclivity to copying.

    my biggest problem with sonu (and with udit narayan) is that he copies, and he copies the wrong person!!! compare udit narayan in qsqt with any of the other songs that he has sung recently, and tell me whether or not he sounds more like a sanu clone nowadays or not. i have a same issue with sonu, though – to his credit – he doesn’t attempt to clone sanu as whole heartedly as udit does. both rafi and mukesh in their early songs tended to sound like k.l.sehgal, but they created their own individual ways of singing somewhere along the way. but this sonu dude – he was, like i think i said, pretty good with ‘ghar se nikalte hi …’, but most of the songs of his that i have heard since then copy the sanu style of nasal singing. sanu = mostly nasal + a little bit of kishore kumar.

    one of my old pals – who is no longer on rmim – used to always extol amit kumar. for some reason, amit kumar fell out of favour of the music directors much like abhijit did.

    “There was one Latha, one Asha, one Rafi and one Kishore.”

    if the sisters had not monopolized the music directors, there would have been many more women too. suman kalyanpur, hemlata and anuradha paudwal were pretty good too; geeta dutt would have definitely held her own against asha, but for politics – there have been several discussions on this on rmim.

    “Plus, the fashion is to have a different singer for each song in a movie, well almost.”

    i don’t think this is due to either a cost-cutting measure, or an esoteric fashion statement, or pandering to listeners from different states – the biggest reason is that there is no clear-cut winner!

    “The only reason I have such a long response is because I thought you were trying to make Sonu Nigam just another singer who can copy well. I certainly disagree with that and I think he is one of the most talented playback singers we have in India today.”

    maybe we both agree then :-). my summarized points are a) yes, he is among the more talented playback singers in india today; b) he copies well; c) he copies more often than he should

    btw, among current hindi male singers, i would pick abhijit (yes boss), udit (qsqt), sonu (ghar se nikalte …), amit kumar (if he is still on the scene) as comparable to each other

    – s.b.

    p.s.: [d.s. please skip this comment 🙂 ] btw, sometimes when i listen closely to anisutide, maybe this has to do with the prevalent singing style, sonu sounds constipated. does anyone else get this feeling?

  17. @ SB:

    I guess we have digressed enough, but I enjoy to discuss good topics with like minded people. So, you are pardoned.

    I have used a superlative and you have used a comparative. I also differ on your “limited originality” comment. At least if you said “he can be very original, but is made to copy”, then I could have considered commenting more on that.

    Still, I continue….

    I completely disagree about Sonu Nigam and Udit Naryan ‘trying’ to copy Kumar Sanu, of all the people. Wait, let me just peek outside the window…..Alright, I am back and the sky is still up there 😉 Of all the people, why would Sonu and Udit want to copy a peer, and that too a bad one. If you say that they try to copy Rafi or Kishore, then that at least makes me think. Kumar Sonu is so nasal, that the only person who can compete with him is Mukesh. His tryst with the pinnacle was certainly short lived.

    Your friend at RMIM liked Amit Kumar “for some reason”, huh? Even I wonder whatt eh reason would be.

    Hemalatha was a decent enough singer, but not half good as the sisters. One ‘Jab Deep Jale’ and another ‘Tujo Mere Sur Mein’ are good. But, certainly no comparison by any standards. As for Madam Paudwal, she can’t even copy well. I am sure you agree that Sonu Nigam did a great job singing Rafi songs on Sa Re Ga Ma. Anuradha Paudwal sucks in copying Latha. Who can ever listen to her T-Series cassettes? She had a sweet voice and her talent ends right there.

    Suman Kalyanpur was good because she was a little different. You know who would have really done well if not for Latha (or that si waht the rumor mill says) – Runa Laila – a very powerful and original singer. And, I totally agree that Geetha Dutt certainly was brilliant. I can see how Latha monopolized the industry, not just the music directors. But, it’s a little tough to believe that Asha did it too. Maybe she did, but certainly not as well as her dIdI.

    As for having a different singer for each song in a movie, there may be multiple reasons. It may not be cost cutting, certainly not. But, it very well seems like a fashion statement. Imagine tons of big names singing in one movie. It is similar to a ‘multi-starrer’. That certainly has nothing to do with a clear-cut winner. We did see Alka Yagnik and Kavitha sing tons of songs for the same movie, and let’s not get started on the singing skills of Alka Yagnik (I do pity Sadhana Sargam though. The only contemporary who could really match Kavitha). AR Rehman was perhaps the first one to start this trend of having several singers in a movie. it works out well for him too. Nobody talks about the singer now, everyone talks about Rehman!!!

    If we do agree on most points, then Ia ssume you do agree that he will probably end up being one of the top singers this generation, not just by copying, rather by the magic in his singing.

    As for your picks, I can easily rank them top down – Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Abhijit, Amit Kumar – in that order. I like Udit Narayan’s singing for some unexplainable reason. But, he is certainly a distant second.

    But, if you go one generation back, I have always ranked Rafi waaaaay above Kishore and Ashe a wee bit above Latha. I don’t consider Mukesh as a singer at all. And, yes I ahve to mention that Manna Dey is a great singer too. So, there you go. You may think I am nuts 🙂

    As for your last comment, just be glad that I haven’t banned you from my blog 😉 On a serious note, I think I understand what you mean there. But, I don’t think that is the prevalent singing style, it’s moreof the requirement of the song and I think that has the added emotion. Take an imodium and try a song 🙂

  18. some body Says:


    let me keep this short :-), seriously.

    here’s a link – check out what sami (founding member of the rafians) says about sonu. also, relevant to this post of yours, note the following excerpt (by satish) …

    “I guess he suffers from some kind of ‘self-promotion’ syndrome (apparnet on
    most award functions where he has spoken) and which probably makes him carry
    it on to his singing also. ”

    btw, the only reason i used comparatives is because i thought you did. in other words, i would have said “I think he is the most talented male playback singer we have in India today” not “I think he is one of the most talented playback singers we have in India today” like you did! if he is one among many, that is not superlative, it is comparative, isn’t it :-)?

    maybe we should stop this now, no one else is voting :-), so it is a tie!

    – s.b.

  19. Dheerendragopal Says:

    I like abhijeet more than Sonu . However some Sonu numbers are good .

    I like Tanhaaiyee….from Dil Chahtha hain

  20. some body Says:


    thank you thank you thank you :-).


    you are outvoted two to one – now we should really stop this debate!!

    – s.b.

  21. @ SB:
    I obviously meant my superlative comparitive to you comparitive comparitive 😉 Yes, it’s a tie, but what was the original problem statement?

    @ DB:
    …and I still think Sonu Nigam is one of the best singers in India today. Abhijeet can’t match him, of course my humble opinion.

    @ SB(again):
    No, movie stars are not allowed to vote and I am going to remove his comment soon 🙂

  22. Poppins Says:

    That song is awesome and Sonu was amazing in it. But my gripe? The pronounication ! Ofcourse Sonu has done a much better job than Udit sometimes does (or Hariharan, he’s terrible, I feel he’s singing a Tamil song instead of Kannada, no emphasis at all).

  23. @ Poppins:
    really? I thought Sonu Nigam’s pronunciation was very good. Infact, I heard a lot of people specifically talk about that. What part did you not like? Yes, Sonu is much much better than Udit, but Udit is certainly improving his pronunciation with time.

  24. tarlesubba Says:

    anybody here see cyanide. amazing movie. one of the best movies to come come of any wood in recent times.

    i’ve enjoyed most of the hudugaata album immensely.

  25. @ TS:
    Nope, I haven’t watched. I did read quite a few good reviews about that movie.

  26. neelanjana Says:


    >July 26th, 2007 at 11:08 am
    >OK.. I went by the news (or it might have been some other report) on Udaya TV
    >where kallaraLi hoovAgi was not mentioned for Hemant’s award.

    >Anyway, it is quite subjective. I find Hemant’s song in kallaraLi hoovAgi extremely
    >good too.


    Just revisiting this after a while – This weekend I saw the film awards function. And, kallaraLi hUvAgi was not mentioned again for Hemant! As per the announcement, he won it for a song from the movie janapada – which I admit is a very mediocre song.

    I would be happier if he got it for kallaraLi hoovAgi – But anyway, who are we to the awards committee? After reading what happened when your mother was in the committe, I am sure, *anything* can happen 😦

  27. rahul Says:

    Sonu Nigam shud not be given the award because he is not a kannadiga.Hemanth deserved the award as Kallarali Hoovaagi was a hit and Janapada was also taken into consideration.From many many years the rule is that only a Kannadiga should get the state award as it is regarding kannadigas and kannada cinema.The only person who is a non-kannadiga to get the state award is none other than the LEGEND Dr.S.P.Balasubramanium.There can never ever be another singer like him and a LEGEND like Dr.SPB.he rightly deserves to take the state award as he has sang the most number of kannada songs and delevired innumerable hits.

  28. @ rahul:
    Thanks for stopping by comment. Since I am the blog owner, I gguess I am supposed to be civil. Let me try 🙂

    Sonu Nigam did deserve the award because he was the ebst singer. The award is given to “best Male Playback Singer”, NOT to “Best Kannadiga Male Playback Singer”. And, there is NO rule anywhere which says that only Kannadigas have to win the award. Please do not try to come up with made-up rules. And SPB deseves the award because he is a legend and has sung several Kannada songs, but Sonu Nigam doesn’t because he is not a Kannadiga, huh? See the hypocrisy, my friend?

    I won’t go back several decades (not because you won’t know the names of those singers), but even if you go back a few decades, you will see most of the singers were Non-Kannadigas. SPB, S Janaki, Vani Jayaram, P Susheela, LR Eshwari, just to name a few.

    Again, thanks for the comments, but I completely disagree with your views.

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