Copy And Paste Economics

My wife and I were in an Indian grocery store last weekend. It is run by a guy from Andhra and he is quite famous for advertising a certain price and charging something totally different (always more!).

We thought of renting two movies. We had never rented movies from that store, since it is quite far from home. My wife went through the movie list and selected two movies. The store owner told my wife that he has stopped renting movies now and that he just makes a copy and gives it for two dollars. Apparently he has been doing this for the last one or two years. My wife immediately said that she didn’t want such copies. I wasΒ very proud of her.

Apparently the dude has a DVD copier which can make 6 copies at a time. So, whoever needs a movie has to wait for 10 minutes (maybe shop during that time) and the copied DVD’s will be available for two dollars each. It’s a win-win situation for the seller as well as the buyer. Hey, but what about the movie producer? And, as for copyright – gOli mAro. Yeah, right.

He tried to talk me into buying the DVD’s and I politely told him that I absolutely am not comfortable with such things. He said that he understood, whatever that meant.

If he is doing this for two years now, I guess there must be real good customer base. It looks like my wife and I are the only two fools in town.

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17 Comments on “Copy And Paste Economics”

  1. pArijAta Says:

    Familiar situation.
    Recently a friend was telling me that he watched many movies on the internet. Very convenient, he told me. The screen would be small, but that was enough for him. Now I started wondering why any producer would put his cinema on the internet, and I asked him (foolish and tactless that I am) if it was legal. He looked at me like unbelievingly. How could anybody ask such a question?

    Piracy is much more rampant in India than the US. I think that one solution to piracy would be to scale the price down to meet Indian standards. The Indian Rupee has more purchasing power than the USD. You can buy more for forty rupees in India, than you can in the US for one dollar. Something like the ‘Eastern Economy Edition’ can be started. But of course, this works only for India and other eastern countries. Producers in the US can just pray for people to be like you and M πŸ™‚

  2. Poppins Says:

    No you are not the only two fools in town ! You are the only ethical ones. For some reason, the more rich people get, the cheaper they become. The more educated, the less ethical. Kudos !

  3. Veena Says:


    In India we still go to theatres and watch movies. and occasionally borrow some good original DVDs !!
    One thing I have observed certainly is that when our folks travel abroad, they become more of calculative and go for all such things.
    I guess you will still get countless people who would not support piracy, don’t just stop the count at 2.

    and nice to hear this !

  4. rads Says:

    ah no! Where’s the sign-up sheet for the fools in town? am in. πŸ™‚

  5. some body Says:

    d.s. (and others):

    i have to sadly confess that i am not a ‘fool’ :-(. we rarely ask for (or get) original dvds in original covers (and the desi shop owners here that we have faced are gujarati and malayali, fwiw). it is besides the point that we don’t rent movies that often anyway!

    btw, here’s where i purchase movies (more song dvds than movie dvds) from online. since i am more after the oldies, i get good deals here. but i don’t know for sure whether or not they are original.

    – s.b.

  6. @ pArijAta:
    Thanks πŸ™‚ Yes, I do agree with you that if the prices are scaled down to meet Indian standards, then it will certainly help curb piracy. I guess that’s a good start, and has multiple benefits. Guess what? A few years ago, we ordered a textbook from E-bay and got some Chinese edition with Chinese characters on cover of the book (the contents ionside were in English). Plus, it said that it is “illegal to sell that book in the US”. I think they may have shipped it from China. We didn’t even realize that such things were up there.

    @ Poppins:
    Thanks for stopping by.I know I know, it is quite sad to see that people become greedy as they go up the ladder (in all aspects).

    @ Veena:
    I am not sure people become more calculative when they travel abroad. I think it’s the same everwhere, it doesn’t matter where they are. And yes, I know there are countless people who do not support piracy. When I said 2, it was just meant to be a figure of expression and is not supposed to be taken at the face value.

    @ rads:
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Join the gang πŸ™‚

    @ SB:
    Maybe you are fine since you don’t ‘demand’ pirated DVD’s. Plus, you are well respected in the blog world πŸ™‚

  7. Srik Says:

    No comments!!

  8. neela Says:

    This may not be relevant here…
    I read somewhere that the very producers who are complaining /cribbing about piracy are making scene-to scene rip-offs after rip-offs!! πŸ™‚

  9. mouna Says:

    !parijata, we’ve companies that offer original cds’/dvd’s for Rs. 40. though they don’t have the really good titles, they are making an effort. we should more within a year or so.

    @neela, and they claim to be saints!

    ds, if u call yourself a fool, i’m proud to be one. :p

  10. some body Says:


    given that rads is a transplanted andhraite … :-), it is nice that she took this post in the right spirit.

    how do you handle portraits? i have to confess that i am no ‘fool’ there either :-(. at this rate, i had better put a brake on my gandhigiri.


    most of the people on this site are kannadigas like me. like most mortals, in real life πŸ™‚ i am guilty of stereotyping as much as anyone else, though on the internet, i try to think a little before i comment/post.

    – s.b.

  11. praneshachar Says:

    nicely said by poppins you are two ethical. it is true the piracy thing is eating
    away the genuine users and genuine revenue to teh deserving and helping the others to make money in an unethical way and as long as there are customers for this type this will go on. this like paying less without ticket in a bus (if caught hefty fine and
    shame) looting the treasury. as long as corruption exists piracy also people should think seriously on this and react. in US where elite and highly educated indians go
    this atleast should stop. they become wiser with reference to money and calculative
    when they are abroad as veena said

  12. Aram Says:

    The biggest recording company in India, T entered the industry with duplicating and then moved onto remixes and after making enough crores went legit and in this genuine avatar released lots of recordings from the A.I.R. archives at attractive, affordable prices.

    All major roads of Namma Bengaluru have footpath vendors selling all the latest bestsellers for 50 to 100 rupees. Some of them right in front of the police stations.
    A flourishing industry indeed !

    The Indian publishing industry also has come together in setting up an anti-piracy Wing but without much success.

    However, all bad things also have an unintended good consequence. Piracy does make publishers sit up and bring down prices and new genuine players enter the scene with low cost offerings as Mouna has rightly observed.

    I am also happy to report that there are quite a sizable number of “fools” in Bangalore buying genuine stuff in Planet M, Blossoms, Landmark, Crossword, etc., although the number of cleverer people seems to outnumber them.

  13. rads Says:

    sb, ds – Ultimately we’re all individuals 1st and then groupies πŸ™‚

    Being on the fence like how I am between the 2 states, and then on a higher level between countries helps distance yourself objectively when the need arises, and also from getting too attached. A wrong’s a wrong a wrong. Doesn’t make me above-it-all either. :-p

    Kannada’s a beautiful language. πŸ™‚

  14. bachodi Says:

    Come to Chennai, you’ll get all Hollywood/bollywood movie @ 50 Rs per 8 movies. Cheaper than your friends shop eh ?

  15. @ Srik:
    LOL…I get the answer.

    @ Neela:
    Really? Didn’t know that….

    @ Mouna:
    Sure, I am proud too.

    @ SB:
    I try to be a ‘good boy’ as much as possible. But then, I am sure all of us have our thresholds and I am sure most of us will buckle at one point. Oh, and I was really not trying to stereotype, I was just mentioning a fact πŸ™‚

    @ Praneshachar:
    namaskAra…thanks for visiting. Yes, I do agree that it is quite sad how man becomes greedy as he goes up. Well, equilibrium, shall we say?, in a philosophical way, that is.

    @ Aram:
    As far as I know, the CD’s brought out by AIR were ridiculously expensive. I am talking about the ones which were produced by Akashavani and not T-series. I know because they have my mother’s songs in there. It was hopelessly overpriced and I wondered who bought it. I did not know that T-series worked with AIR too.

    @ Rads:
    Thanks for the nice comments. I agree almost entirey. Hey, but nothing wrong with attachments, is there?

    @ Bachodi:
    Certainly cheaper. Will they have Tamil sub-titles? πŸ˜‰

  16. Annonymous Says:

    somebodyjee :

    “If you refuse to converse in Hindi, you lose the opportunity to communicate with so many millions of our brethren! – Ciao”

    You seem to be a true blue blooded Bangalorean!

  17. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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