Who Are You?

At the risk of sounding rude, I want to test your sense of humor. Come on, it’s a friday evening and I am headed to a brewery with a bunch of colleagues in a few hours. The rest of them will be relishing beer and ale while I sip lemonade (yep, yours truly has never ever tasted alcohol…loser, I know). I am getting myself ready to be teased, so let me bash you all before I take off for the weekend. 

All of us have a blog persona. The blog world knows us by what we write. I visit a lot of blogs, but I haven’t met most of those bloggers. I know you by what you write, just like you know me by what I write. 

Alright, with that introduction, let me come straight to the point. I am going to categorize a few bloggers here. I will not write about all the blogs I have ever visited since there are too many of them. So, for all you know, you may either fall into one of these categories or you may not. Also, there may be several bloggers who fall into the same category and one blogger may fall into multiple categories. So, it’s really a complex NxN matrix. It’s really upto you to figure out if I am describing you here. I will not give out the ‘answers’, ever!!! And, if you are offended by words such as ‘dumb’, ‘idiot’, and ‘boring’, then I suggest that you stop reading this post right here. There are more interesting things on the web.

I will admit that one of the bullets actually describes me. OK, so now you are happy, huh? Read, enjoy and forget the list. Have a great weekend.

A) You are intelligent. You know how to write and you know how to write well. You pick the right topics and you deliver it with a punch. But, you don’t care that people come and visit your blog. You hardly respond to the comments on your blog. It’s almost like you don’t want anyone to come and visit your blog. It is certainly not ego, but you are damn proud, aren’t you?

B) You are dead boring. People may wonder why you blog. OK, that’s not a fair statement. The topics you choose are way too simple and just by reading two lines in your post anyone can figure out that you are shallow, intellectually speaking.

C) You are a natural. You are beautifully smart. You are convinced that you are not going to become a millionaire by blogging. But hey, nothing wrong in visiting other blogs more often. The world is not all that small. Still, junta love your blog.

D) You don’t know that a few people think that you are a little immature, but you are damn intelligent and very mature. No negative points for you, nobody wants to see you cry.

E) You are the personification of an average blogger. Yes, average range of topics and average writing skills. But, you are very smart. You know very well that you don’t do justice to the topic whenever you write something. But, your readers certainly understand that and they do appreciate your blog.

F) You are very creative. Readers like that. Your breadth of knowledge is quite good. Readers like that too. You are not that deep, and readers like that as well. Hey, but next time you rip something out of google or quote someone, will you be a good boy and acknowledge the source?

G) You are damn good. At least, you believe you are good. People either love you or hate you. But, for the most part, they like you. You are emotional and very frank. That’s good and that’s bad.

H) What’s up with having so many links to such wonderful things on the internet? Lift the burkha up baby, let’s see your beautiful face.

I) You don’t care what people say. You are no longer an individual. You are an institution. You are the driving force. You define and you describe. But, somewhere along the line, you lose direction. You write so damn well, but you can be a better politician.

J) OK, so you want to have a blog just because everyone else has one? Seriously, reconsider the decision. You know how good (or bad) your blogging capabilities are, don’t you?

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26 Comments on “Who Are You?”

  1. rads Says:

    boy o boy, I see myself in quite a few. 😐

    Nice classification tho, on a blog persona. Up until now I thought only blogs are classified, now it’s the writer behind the writing. Same difference I suppose 😀

  2. Aram Says:

    DS, you do come up with some excellent stuff. However, I felt you left out to mention the aam admi – a person like me who has no public blog but like a honey bee only visits the blogardens of others and leave a footprint in the form of a comment.

  3. some body Says:


    me too.


    your categories need to be more orthogonal to one another. i guess it all depends on the degrees of freedom you have permitted yourself! oh well …

    “yep, yours truly has never ever tasted alcohol…loser, I know”

    me neither. maybe we need to band up and sing … दो बेचारे बिना सहारे …

    – s.b.

  4. Yendkudka Says:

    In defence of alcohol…

    DS, SB:-

    “Never ever tasted alco hal” ???

    without ever tasting alcohol, you two guyz blog and comment so well, i just wonder how “high” you would have gone with the spirits inside you!

    this abstinence is a hallmark of the men of the true faith and look where it has taken them….

    we of the Bharatavarsha, we are proud of our devas and devathaas who revelled in somarasa.

    the world’s second biggest distiller is a konkani brahmin and look how vijayashali he is.

    the second head of India’s most well-known IT company was also the President of Bangalore Beer Drinkers’ Association. ( surely that must have been one of the reasons for the company doing so well).

    have you heard Bhimsen singing with total abandon during the height of his “spirit-” ual days and compared that with his output after he gave up?

    an MNC wanting to enter India zeroed in on two locations – Pune and Bengaluru and asked its employees which place they preferred. They all voted for namma Bengaluru because of its pub-culture.

    I am left wondering when exactly we left the pleasures of somarasa to the devas alone and copied the vow of abstinence from the people whom we love to hate.

    all is not lost yet….

    if we are to experience the seventh heaven, then “mazaa lenaa hai peeney kaa …. “

  5. rads Says:

    sb – how could you classify yourself as a blogger when you don’t let us in on you 😉

  6. some body Says:


    i am sure if the audience were up in (the right) spirits, any vocalist would be equated with pandit joshi (“spirit”ed or not!).


    i started all my blogs (i have lost count of the different ones) for my own ulterior motives, but a couple got found out, and i am sticking with one of them! 🙂

    – s.b.

  7. One more….

    You are Anonymous bcoz……

    * You want the world to know you by what u write and not by name.
    * You are too shy, too afraid to give your name for your views/feelings.
    * It is a tactic to create to curiosity……..yeh yeh, i knw most of anonymous dont agree.
    * You never ever disclose your identity anywhere, coz u believe, your writeups are independent of your identity.
    * You want people to bother your friends to know abt you……and you have fun 🙂

    Dont u think its rght time to disclose your name athava innu muhoorta baMdilvaa 🙂

  8. Yendkudka Says:

    @some body

    hehehe ! some body, some spirit !

    you have hit it on the head!

    That is the greatness of the spirits.. they can make an Aurangazeb intoa Pandit Joshi!

    By the way, why is suraa paana called so? because it is the stuff of the suraas?

  9. bachodi Says:

    I fall under F, G and J i guess, some of the points .. not all. This isn’t fair DS , you dint give me a proper category.

    I thought down the list you would have written
    k) those who write like Bachs 😉

  10. Not a blogger off late :) Says:

    “Lift the burkha up baby, let’s see your beautiful face” 🙂

    I agree with you 200%!!! 🙂 Muhurta bandkooDle thiLisi, event-ge enen arrangements beko maDoNa 🙂

  11. DS, offlate too many posts getting into the line of annonymity of authors.

    S.B, nimma mele defamation case haakthaare, hushaari 🙂
    and some just have blogs to rant!! God help them…

  12. mouna Says:

    @vikram hathwar: ah! so true!

    ds, perhaps, i fall under quite a few groups mentioned here. it shouldn’t matter, i guess. or should it… i don’t know…… i do or i don’t know the traits that define me. when i read that u are going to catogarise, i thought each would carry names(your opinion). sometimes, other’s can judge one better than the self which can turn out to be valuable.

  13. […] Stud attempts a classification of all the bloggers around. Linked by Viky. Join Blogbharti facebook […]

  14. @ Rads:
    Well, now you know, don’t you?

    @ Aram:
    Thanks. Trust me, I was gonna add a few bulelts on people who comment as well. But, I thoguht that would be a dead giveaway.

    @ SB:
    I love your subtle observations. Yes, I would ahve loved them to be a little more orthogonal as well. but, as you have rightly guessed, I did put a lot of constraints before writing. Another reason was that I had a specific blog for each of the bullets (I know, I shouldn’t say that) and you visit almost all of those blogs 😉

    As for that song, sure we can try soemthing like that. but, that song is miles from being entertaining, isn’t it?

    @ Yendkudka:
    Welcome to my blog. LOL…you would want me to gt ‘high’ and write something ehre, huh? I will elt you ot on a secret. All m friends still tease me that I will get high just by drinking water. So, you can imagine the consequences of beer. People will be waiting for my blood. Although, I ahve to admit that sOmarasa and surapAna sound quite out-of-the-world (if not divine!). Some day my friend, some day 🙂

    @ VH:
    You are mostly correct, Now, I didn’t know about people bothering my friends. Now. that’s an additional incentive. Good luck 😉

    On that note, khaMDita muhoorta barallayya…..

    @ Bachodi:
    Just be glad that you are not J or B 🙂

    @ Not a blogger off late :):
    Welcome here (if you are really new, that is). I didn’t realize this was coming. Ouch, it hurts 😉

    @ Veena:
    This wasn’t targetted at anon bloggers at all, the comments just drifted that way.

    @ Mouna:
    Naah, I wouldn’t give put the names. Rememebr, being opinionated is fine, but being judgmental is tricky 🙂

    @ Viky:
    Thanks for the link buddy!!!

  15. Vi Says:

    I wonder where I fall into. 🙂

  16. @ Vi:
    Thanks for coming. You have the choice to pick since I won’t reveal the answers 🙂

  17. Yendkudka Says:

    @Not a blogger of late :), Vikram Hatwar, rads :

    DS bhai aur SB bhai dononko
    “parde mein rehne dou, parda na uthao, parda jo uth gaya to….”

    ( Mujhko yaaron maaf karna, mein nashe mein hoon)

  18. I enjoyed this very much and I found myself too! Thank you – now I know what an impression not commenting on a comment can create though with me, it was plain stupidity and neither arrogance nor pride.

  19. @ Yendkudka:
    Oh well, we will 😉

    @ Aparna Muralidhar:
    Thank you. Since you are brave enough to come out and guess which one related to you and since you guessed it right, I guess I have to admit that I had you and one other person in mind when I wrote (A). All in good fun, I am sure you know. But, when i said you are intelligent, I certainly meant it 😉

  20. neelanjana Says:

    LOL .. when I looked at the post at the beginning, I thought it was a general taxonomy – Only after reading realised you are pointing fingers at specific visitors here!

    One thing I am sure is that I can’t be any one of these, because a) I do not blog on wordpress b) I have a different avatAra on my kannada blog 🙂


  21. @ Neelanjana:
    LOL…it is quite geenral. but, I had to have ‘some’ inspiration, right? 😉

  22. DS

    I must be intelligent – I figured you were getting at me 🙂

  23. Amado Says:

    Pretty Interesting.

  24. krupa Says:

    i am worried what category I fall into!

  25. @ Aparna:

    @ krupa:
    Wanna guess? 😉

  26. rahi Says:

    really exhaustive list of blogger classification. i find myself at (E) the average blogger. i write about average day to day things that happen to me and around me and i wouldn’t be boasting if i tell that my readers appreciate me. and i do remember to thank them

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