People Above The Law

Seoul high court has suspended 5 year prison term for Hyundai chairman Chung Mong-koo. This means he is a free man now and doesn’t have to go to jail. He was being charged for embezzlement and fraud.

South Korean judge Lee Jae-hong said that the chairman is too important for South Korea and he didn’t want to jeopardize the nation’s economy by putting the chairman behind bars.

Let’s just hope that no Indian judge follows Lee’s step. Let’s just hope no other judge in this World follows Lee’s step. Will the South Korean authorities be brave enough to fire Lee for not doing his job properly? I doubt it. Money is too important.

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5 Comments on “People Above The Law”

  1. Aram Says:

    Even though justice in India is by and large buyable, there are good, gutsy judges here and there.
    As long as the human element is involved, human failings will also be in play.
    How about introducing robots?

  2. Sudhindra Says:

    I believe that Indian judiciary at higher levels is honest. It may not be true at lower levels. Recent judgements against the Bollywood stars supports this feeling. We have a tradition of truthful and fearless judges like Mr. Chagla, Mr.Lal, Mr. K.S.Hegde, Mr. Rama Jois etc.

  3. Aram Says:

    “he didn’t want to jeopardize the nation’s economy by putting the chairman behind bars.:”

    this reminds me of a story of the good old 1960s when the Banks were not yet nationalized and were run by promoter directors whose main objective was profit maximization and growth.

    There came before the board of directors a case of a corrupt branch manager. Was he dismissed or given punishment? No, he was given promotion with more powers.

    The directors argued that if he knew how to make money for himself, he would also know how to make money for the Bank.

    Obviously, the board of directors did not want a “righteous” manager who would scrupulously observe all rules but because of that could not make much profits.

    We find this at many levels around us.

    It is to clarify these kind of situations that Bapu wrote his famous “Means and Ends.”

  4. Annonymous Says:

    “we can go to many lengths to help the nation and the economy, but must not go to any lengths”

  5. @ Aram:
    I think Indian judiciary is improving every day and that is a good sign. I do rememebr that bank story. You had mentioned it in another comment as well. It is quite appropriate here. But, nobody is really above law.

    @ Sudhindra:
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, i do agree that we have had some wonderful judges and we have alsos een our share of Justice Ramasswamy et al. I also think we are improving daily.

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