cArAyaNa (or cARbhArata, if you prefer)

Trust me, I don’t make up these stories. It is amusing that so many bloggable stories happen in my life. Yesterday, I realized why getting a Volkswagen serviced is so much easier than getting a Honda serviced. Read on.

Getting a VW serviced:

  • Call the stealership and make an appointment.

  • Go to the stealership on assigned date and time to drop off the car.

  • Drink coffee and eat cookies while the service manager inspects your car.

  • Confirm your cell phone number.

  • Walk up to the nearby ‘Hertz’ rental and pick up the rental car.

  • Drive off to work.

  • Drive back in the evening, drop off the rental car, pick up your VW, go home a happy man.

Getting a Honda serviced:

  •  Call the stealership and make an appointment.

  •  Go to the stealership on assigned date and time to drop off the car.

  •  Wait in the car for 15 minutes for a service manager to come by.

  •  Stare at the service manager while he finishes the paper work.

  •  Wait in the lobby for the guys from ‘Enterprise Rent-A-Car’ to pick you up.

  •  Waiting and bored, go to the restroom.

  •  Come back and wait more.

  •  Thank God that you were smart to bring you laptop. Connect to the net.

  •  Open Yahoo Messenger and chat with your wife.

  •  Stare at all the people in the lobby.

  •  Walk around in the lobby.

  •  Go to the restroom again.

  •  Come back and connect to internet again.

  •  Walk around the service desk.

  •  Stare at your service manager while he calls ‘Enterprise’ again.

  •  After a wait of an hour and a half, board the ‘Enterprise’ car.

  •  Get down at ‘Enterprise’ office.

  •  Frown at the clerk when he says that you have to wait for another hour and a half to get a car.

  •  Call your service manager at the Honda stealership and scream at him.

  •  Wait for him to come and pick you up from the rental car office and drop you home.

  •  Have lunch, wonder what your office looks like.

  •  Call up the Honda service manager to see if he arranged for a different rental car.

  •  Make faces when he gives useless reasons.

  •  Wait for his phone call.

  •  Act surprised when he says that an ‘Enterprise’ closer to your home will give a call in 5 minutes.

  •  Wait for 2 full hours to make sure 5 minutes has passed.

  •  Call up the ‘Enterprise’ near your home to see why they haven’t called.

  •  Act shocked when they tell you that they have no idea what you are talking about.

  •  Call up your Honda service manager again and leave a long and lazy message on his cell phone.

  •  Act happy when the ‘Enterprise’ guys finally call you.

  •  Wait for ‘Enterprise’ car to come and pick you up.

  •  Wait in the rental car office for over an hour. By this time you have realized that this is your fate.

  •  Pick up a brand new Honda (ouch!) and drive home.

  •  Just when you get the rental car, you get a call from your Honda service manager saying your car is ready.

  •  Tell him you will pick it up the next day.

  •  Look at the watch. It says 4:45 PM. You decide it’s too late to go to office.

  •  Remember that VW was your choice and Honda was your wife’s choice. You are convinced yet again that you make the right choices. Now, you relax!!!

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9 Comments on “cArAyaNa (or cARbhArata, if you prefer)”

  1. BPuriSKabab Says:

    Surprisingly enough, I have kind of the reverse experience. Honda’s cousin Acura is a joy to deal with. Whereas the Bavarian dudes are totally disorganized.

    Stealership – haven’t heard that one before 😉


  2. Aram Says:

    So, Volksvagen ( People’s Car in German) lives upto its name.
    Going by Bhelpuri’s view, looks like it is the “stealership” that counts and not the car brand.

    Whatever the case, whether VW or Honda, stealership or dealersheep, for us bloglurkers what really tickles is the unique ability of Duh Stud to spin a golden post out of ordinary experience.

  3. pArijAta Says:

    I think you just got stuck with the wrong dealer – oops, stealer!
    Service at Lexus of Stevens Creek was pretty lousy, but Magnussens Lexus at Fremont was pretty good.
    Same thing here. Sevice at R. Toyota is terrible; they make you wait for nearly two hours before they bring the serviced car to you. And going two hours late does not help either, because they start their paperwork only after they see you frown, if not after they hear you swear.

  4. neel3 Says:

    The last sentence holds the key.
    Because it was your wife’s choice…these problems happened. 😉

  5. Oh GOD, you are getting better splitting things into longer points when you really need it. Look how the first case is written and second.. all according to your convinience 🙂

    Its better in India, TATA guys have pick and drop facility and you need not have to worry to much about all that cab etc., and the customer service is also good !! Are you planning to change your car for this ?

    And In India, when we have to buy a car, the whole family keeps talking for months about it and then finally decide to buy it including which model, which color etc.,

    and of course unlike there, its not so cheap that one can afford to buy a car with his 2 months salary!!

    A good post I conclude…………

  6. praneshachar Says:

    calender of events in both are put in very clear way
    good narration and this happens.
    but in india today TATA Maruthi most of them have pick up and drop
    facility and quality of service has improved but you will have some
    who can be compared and complained it will be there
    I also know about reminders coming via SMS for free service due dates etc.,

    really good post DS

  7. rads Says:

    Remember that VW was your choice and Honda was your wife’s choice. You are convinced yet again that you make the right choices. Now, you relax!!!

    As cliched as it sounds, you picked her too, and so whatever choices she’s made, are yours too! ;-p

  8. @ BS:
    it totally depends on the stealership (which is really what they are, right?)

    @ Aram:
    I agree it’s stalership’s fault more than anything.

    @ pArijAta:
    I rememebr R telling me about Fremont Lexus doing much better job than the Stevens Creek lexus. Yep, it is all the management there.

    @ neel3:
    Well, you are reading too much into it. I never said that 😉

    @ Veena:
    thanks. yes, I’ve ehard that TATA is doing wonders as far as service is concerned. Apparently, that is making MAruti to improve as well. That is certainly nice.

    @ praneshachar:
    Thanks. Wow, SMS, huh? That must be really cool, if it is not misused,

    @ rads:
    Thank God you didn’t say that she picked me and thus I am bad too 😉

  9. rads Says:

    Same difference DS ;–p

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