My Voice – A Blog’s Introspection

I am surprised. I am surprised that I survived for an year. I can tell you that it hasn’t been easy. For one, my boy is notorious for getting bored easily. So, it is quite an achievement that he has stuck around me for so long.

I have my moods. I laugh, I make you laugh. I cry, I make you cry. I am just grateful that all of you have been very supportive of me all through. Most of you like me and I have thoroughly enjoyed the pampering.

There have been a handful of abuses. You have poured all your anger and hatred at me. But, I will just assume that all that anger was geared towards my boy. I am really proud of my beautiful attitude.

I have been faithful to my boy. I have flowed through his sorrows and happiness. I was there to hold his hand in his worst times. In his darkest hours, all of you held the candles, I just showed the way. So, really, I am not the light, you are.

I have helped my boy to dig the past. I have made him wonder about the future. I have also made his today a very happy one. I have introduced him to so many wonderful people, and a few uncertain dangers. And to all those girls who thought and hoped that my boy was a bachelor, you must know by now that he hasΒ a wonderful wife, not to mention she is extremely beautiful πŸ˜‰Β 

From the first person I met (Vittal) to the last person I talked with (Somebody), it has been a pleasent journey. I hope my boy won’t leave me ever. I like to be with him, I enjoy his company. To be honest, I like you all more than him, just don’t tell him that.

I love him! I love you!! The possibilities are immense!!!

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17 Comments on “My Voice – A Blog’s Introspection”

  1. neela Says:

    Dear proud blog, Happy birthday. You have every reason to be proud. Bask in the glory that your boy has been receiving.

  2. Srik Says:

    wow! so we do know each other for an year now πŸ™‚
    Its been a great journey together DS (Remember I was the first person to call you DS). πŸ˜‰

    Congratulations to the boy and the blog!

  3. Yendkudka Says:

    Sau sAl jeebharke jiyo

  4. Vasuki Says:

    The title should have been “A blog’s study”
    Stud + Boy = Study

  5. praneshachar Says:

    hardika shubhshyagalu
    baruva varshgalalli innu hecchu yashasu
    nimage sigali namage barahagala rasaduthan
    sagali hege nama nimma blog payana

  6. Congrats DS…

    BTW the below sentence was little too much.. πŸ™‚ Honestly!
    “girls who thought and hoped that my boy was a bachelor”

  7. tarlesubba Says:

    it took neela’s insight for me to understand that it was the blog talking!!
    neenu ninn abstractionsu. ond vorsha aaythalla, paani puri haaksthya, ‘mi?

    i really have to thank you for bringing that kaTTe online. and i must thank you for keeping me connected to my own past.

    how ’bout the rest of the gang anybody online? btw P doctru online? i would have thought he would have flourished online like it was nobody’s business. K would have made great pithy one liners.

  8. neelanjana Says:

    Dear blog – Congrats on your first birthday! Along with wishing you a very happy first birthday, and a bright future, I wish your boy the very best too.

    This post made me look at my other bog – which is alost 7 months old, and 35+ posts strong! It still feels it was yesterday! I can’t wait to be one year old πŸ™‚


  9. Krupa Says:

    Congratulations to both the blog and the boy!

  10. some body Says:


    “it took neela’s insight for me to understand that it was the blog talking!!”

    though i am like a tubelight this week (failed rads’ daughter’s teacher’s test) and though i needed to read most of the post, i didn’t end up needing neela’s insight, i.e., i finally figured it out by myself.

    until i figured it out, i thought (and think) that he is a dink, trying (hard(ly)) not to be one ;-).


    i know girls will always remain girls, but am wondering … is there a cut off age when a boy becomes a man? πŸ˜‰

    oh, and congratulations on the one year old!

    – s.b.

  11. BPuriSKabab Says:

    DStud, you truly are an inspiration to all of us aspiring bloggers out there. Sometimes when I read your blogs, I wonder if I am even equal to the dust beneath your feet. Or the lint that comes out your dryer. Or maybe that napkin you pulled out at Starbucks and threw away, unused. [barf, gag]

    Congrats dude, on the anniversary.


  12. Aram Says:

    Blog and Boyo:

    Not only is the Paradise for Dreamers a pleasure to roam about, equally exciting is meeting the various visitors at your place.

    As the one-year-old blog ( or blogi ?) said, love all.

    Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

    Some Body, Bhelpuri, TarleS: Nice comments.

  13. rk Says:

    congrats stud.
    really touching and unique way to celebrate the first b-day.

  14. @ neela:
    …and the blog thanked you!

    @ Srik:
    Yeah, and you have called me DS in more than one site πŸ˜‰ Even in places where my real name is published. People would be wondering what the heck you meant.

    @ Yendkudka:
    Thank you.

    @ Vasuki:
    LOL, that’s funny!

    @ praneshachar:

    @ Veena:
    Thanks for all the bricks and bouquets all through πŸ™‚ As for that comment, trsut me, I am not making up anything.

    @ rads:

    @ TS:
    Thanks…I guess we can write several books on our antics in ‘kaTTe’. I don’t think anyone else from ‘kaTTe’ has come by this blog (and I hope it remains that way, if not, nanna mAna mUru kAsige harAju πŸ˜‰ ). P doesn’t seem to be all that computer savvy, he is busy with what doctors to best. As for K, he won’t be happy to visit just one blog. He needs more than one blog to create that trademark rift between any two things πŸ˜‰

    @ neelanjana:
    It certainly feels like yesterday, doesn’t it? Thank you.

    @ krupa:
    Thank you girl!

    @ SB:
    dink, huh? Wait until my time comes πŸ˜‰ Boy to Man, that’s one damn tough question! Thank you.

    @ BS:
    For one, I never pull a napkin at Starbucks and throw it unused!!! Now that facts are straightened out, thanks πŸ˜‰ You rock!!!

    @ Aram:
    thanks so much. It’s the comments which really makes a blog interesting, not the original post. that’s what I believe.

    @ RK:
    Thanks guru!!!

  15. mouna Says:

    to the cunning boy, who aims to remain anon, and to the blog which portrays the boy, hip hip hurray! this is late, but you have to take this in. for the boy as i know, is smiling now.

    congrats dear blog! well, the boy does think himself to be handsome, kind and all the good words poured in. a li’l too much for a person who hardy reveals himself πŸ˜‰


  16. @ Mouna:
    Thanks. It’s the pen *ahem* keyboard which does the talking. The boy is helpless πŸ™‚

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