Twenty20 Cricket, Mashallah, Mighty Allah, and Muslims

I have to say that the Twenty20 World Cup Cricket was amazing!!! The entertainment value was overflowing. Ten of us watched the semi-finals and the finals and it was enough crowd to create a stadium atmosphere.

I never thought I would become a fan of this newest version of cricket so soon. As my wife rightly said, I think we should bid adieu to one dayers and just play twent20 and test matches, going forward.

We woke up early to watch the finals today. The crowd was loud and rowdy. Each and every guy and the only girl who was present (no prizes on guessing who the girl was!) had continuous comments and remarks on the game. The best thing about today’s finals was that the wicket was not totally flat. Bowlers certainly had a big role to play and that disproved my theory that twenty20 was just a batsman’s game.

True to their reputation, Indian cricketers made sure that most of us die hard fans had an ‘almost heart attack’ experience several times during the game. Indians just can never win without killing a few fans, can they? In the end, it was a perfect final with all the ingredients of a drama.

I was a little surprised that Sreesanth did not stare as much at his opponents today. He did have quite a few key catches. He is here to stay. Irfan pathan was awesome!!! Rohit Sharma is a good find and Yuvraj Singh has been a joy to the eyes throughout the tournament. One player who should certainly be dropped is Joginder Sharma. That dude has no idea where the wicket is and I didn’t see even a single straight ball he bowled.

One of my friends had a funny comment about Joginder Sharma. He phoned us and we asked him what his opinion was on Joginder Sharma. He quipped “I am really scared to see any person with a last name Sharma, bowling the last over”. Do I need to remind what he was talking about?

There is one incident after the game which caught our ears. When Irfan Pathan received his ‘Man of the Match’ award, he started off his comment with “Mashallah”. That’s perfectly fine. When Shahid Afridi received his ‘Player of the Tournament’ award, he started of his comment with “First of all, I want to thank the mighty Allah”. That’s fine too. People are free to believe in their religions and thank their God for the success. But, what intrigued me was Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik’s first sentence as he started answering Ravi Shastri – “First of all, I want to thank all the supporters in Pakistan and all the Muslims in this World”.  Yeah right, Muslims from Sudan to Indonesia were praying for Shoaib Malik’s team to win!!! What nonsense is that. This “we Muslims” mentality is growing in Pakistan cricket team at a super fast pace in the last decade or so. This is certainly not healthy for the World. This may seem like an isolated incident, but in the context of today’s World affairs, what Shoaib Malik did was totally wrong. I only wish I was in Ravi Shastri’s place. I had an instant response to the secularly challenged Shoaib Malik!!!

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13 Comments on “Twenty20 Cricket, Mashallah, Mighty Allah, and Muslims”

  1. some body Says:


    i knew that the great bong would not disappoint us!

    – s.b.

  2. BPuriSKabab Says:

    DStud, as you pointed out on P.Hudugi’s blog, “ellA OK, judgment yAke?”

    It may or may not be healthy for this world, but one thing is certain: criticizing or otherwise proscribing it is the surest way to make the practice more prevalent. You only have to look at the history of any religion to realize the truth of that statement.


  3. rk Says:

    it’s almost 12 hours since we won…but somehow i cannot stop thinking what if that shot from misbah had come off…
    (the sharma jinx would have certainly lived forever)

    nice post stud.
    have T20 TOONS in RwB today.

    PS: dear stud and sb, don’t miss tomm.’s BLOG CARTOON.


  4. praneshachar Says:

    my son who is 17 felt very bad on the comment made by pak skipper. it was not in good taste. all others remembering their almighty inshalla jesus ram is ok
    the comment by pak skipper was totally not correct. had he said all pak fans throught world then no arguments. he clelarly spoke the truth how they think.
    it was a great day and finally the game of cricket won and we are proud the young indian team brought the first world cup in this form of cricket home

  5. Soham Das Says:

    We won and thats all there is to it. Political goofups not withstanding I just wonder
    what the youngest nation in the world is thinking. Tell me what do you think…

  6. neela Says:

    ..secularly challenged..
    I liked that !!
    Inshaalah we MUST thank Misbah for both our wins against Pakistan.( and Sreeshanth too )
    Forget about “what ifs… ”
    what ifs have no place in competitive sports ansutte.
    Sreeshanth must have been scared of attracting a ban for excessive appealing in view of the team’s impending matches back home.

  7. neela Says:

    Fine or no fine . Sreeshanth’s stares at Hayden were morale boosting for me.

  8. nilagriva Says:

    Shoaib’s remarks got a lot of flak from several Indian Muslims (at least on CNN-IBN). They didn’t like it one bit. But anyway, since when has the Pakistani captain been expected to be secular?

    After the match, some channel was showing the Pathans’ father talking. Apparently he had prayed for Allah’s intervention to make India win during the Ramzan fast and Allah’s blessings came through. Weren’t so many Pakistani Muslims praying to the same Allah for Pakistan’s victory? Allah likes Indian Muslims more, apparently!

    The term “humdinger” has become a cliche nowadays, as far as T20 is concerned.

    I love the T20 format. ODIs are probably going to die. Test matches will remain, though!

    India always strives to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It is quite amazing that this team didn’t succeed in that! All credit to Dhoni and his team!

    And about Joginder Sharma – he seems to be just lucky! What else can you say when Misbah tries a stupid shot when he could have done a million other things?

    Great morale booster for the country, though!

  9. “Mundundi musilamma panduga” is a famous Telugu sentence… It means Toughest day always lies in the future. World cup is won….great…. but Aussies are coming here today!!

  10. Vijay Says:

    The guy actually apologized to ALL Muslims for losing… DS, as you said, I am sure there are a LOT of disappointed Sudanese and Yemeni 20/20 fans 😉

  11. @ SB:
    Thanks for the nice link.

    @ BS:
    Remember during 1920’s and 1930’s entire Germany just kept looking when things were happening around them. We don’t want a repeat, do we?

    @ RK:
    Thanks…and yes, I saw your latest cartoons. Pretty kewl, as always 🙂

    @ praneshachar:
    We are certainly thrilled that India won the game. Poor Misbah….

    @ Soham Das:
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we won and nothing more matters, I agree 🙂

    @ neela:
    All that matters is that we won. There is an endless list of “what ifs”, but who cares, right?

    @ nilagriva:
    LOL…Allah likes Indian muslims more, huh? It was time, wasn’t it?

    @ Srik:
    Considering the title of this post and since I don’t know Telugu, I thought you were going to say something about muslims when you said “musilamma”. I thought musilamma = muslim woman 🙂

    @ Vijay:
    LOL, I know…..

  12. musilamma = muslim woman LOLLLLLLLLL

    musilamma = crocodile 😉

  13. menahil Says:

    superb bhai lov u take care

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