You First

It always amazes me how the girls think or what they say. Here is a simple example.

Yesterday, my wife decided to cook pasta. We had mango and guava juice in the refrigerator to serve as ‘drinks’. Before I opened the refrigerator, I asked my wife which juice she wanted. Her instant response, without skipping a heartbeat was “You drink whichever you want, I will drink the other one”.

I knew it was quite some time since we bought juice. So, I thought both the cartons had very little juice left. I was overwhelmed with happiness seeing that my wife was basically giving me the choice to pick whichever juice I wanted, not that she had to.

I decided to go for mango and said so. So, I decided to pour guava juice for her. She immediately asked me not to and said that she wanted mango as well. I gave a very quizzical look. She said that she knew there was a lot of mango juice and very little guava juice left. But, apparently she expected me to say guava and thus she came up with the brilliant “You drink whichever you want, I will drink the other one” line.

I am like, “If you knew there was so much of mango juice and if you wanted mango, why didn’t you say so?”. She gave that sly smile!!!

For some odd reason God made me choose mango juice that day. Else, I would have been made a big bakara ;). Well, all in good charm. Infact, it made me like my wife all the more.

Guys, beware 🙂

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24 Comments on “You First”

  1. Ah, I really hate to say it, but that is a very familiar scenario. Never underestimate the hidden agenda of the female! We just can’t help ourselves… but you know you love it. *smiles sweetly*

    ~The Actress

  2. some body Says:


    it would have been funnier if she had said “bring me whatever you like” and you had had guava juice and brought her mango juice.

    – s.b.

    p.s.: knowing which brands you are probably referring to, are they 100% juices?

  3. One minute….. I dint much understand the scenario here 😦

  4. krupa Says:

    Even I’m guilty of doing that.

    When i ask “Shall we go out for dinner..or do you want me to make dinner?” husband is made to feel that he is making the decision…but what I’m saying is “Take me out for dinner”.If he makes me cook..i’ll sit and sulk 😀

    And not only that..if your spouse wants something…you immediately realize that you want the same thing too…and so the tendency to grab it!:D

    Strange are the ways of the female mind 😉

  5. neelanjana Says:

    The problem with female talk is it is not WYSIWYG – Sorry, WYHIWYG – What you hear is *not* what you get. Problem with men is that they assume it is WYHIWYG!

    Krupa’s comment is ample proof for this !


  6. If we are talking about females here, its not only wife, even Mom, Daughters, Sisters… generally girls/women do this. My observation and experience!! There are very crafty. clever little gilrs who’ve amazed me.

  7. Vasuki Says:

    Wow, amazing technique! She would not have been able to use this technique if she loved to drink guava juice and was not sure which one would you pick 🙂

  8. hmmm…. strategy!

    Stating away straight is more easier! 🙂 not too sure if its just the girl thing or many individuals do use this!

  9. praneshachar Says:

    that is the speciality. if all are straight what is left in life
    life is like that
    now it is like this. earlier woman in the house always will have what is left out
    they are happy in serving and enjoy people eating. even now this still exists.

  10. BPuriSKabab Says:

    How many years you’ve been married? And this is the first time you noticed this? I have news for you dude. DStud was a bakara long before he was a stud.


  11. rads Says:

    You know, I can sum this whole post up to a big ‘awww’ 😀

  12. tarlesubba Says:

    Hi ‘mi,
    you’ve dug yourself deep this time doode. I hope you are doing fine. if you can still read this– dont lose heart, there is still hope.

    By using all my accumulated patnivratya powers, I am translating parama gnyani kaikinyaacharya’s moola mantra for you. This is an important lesson in the fine art plate-firaysing that is the essence-the omkara-the eeshwara pada- of the 12 sootras to a sukha samsara…

    ninnindale ninnindale kanasondu shuruvaagide
    ninnindale ninnindale manasindu kuNidaaDide

    namm maneyalli sihi yaada kolahala
    nee kuLitalle joos tanri andaagale

    ninna tuTiyalli ruchiyaaguva hambala
    adu frijjalle haaLagtittu illdiddare.

    uLidante khaali maaDi eega
    hayaagi nintiruve sariyenu?
    bekanthale maaDi yeno moDi
    inneno keLuva pariyenu

    ee maavige ee chepege
    ninninda kaLe bandide

    ninnindale ninnindale …

    dont keep it for your self though, what you should do next is, sing it, record it and then spread the message.


  13. tarlesubba Says:

    ‘mi sorry for spamming… but you have got to listen to this song from a movie called Mr. Garagasa

    manikath kadri, some lady called laxmi and raghu urdigar.

  14. some body Says:


    “How many years you’ve been married?”

    i’m sure he’s married up to both his ears! 😉

    – s.b.

  15. @ The Actress:
    Welcome to my blog. Well, female mind is certainly complex, I will give that to you! We are afterall the pawns in the game 🙂

    @ SB:
    Ha, so many people have questioned the 100 percent-ness of that juice and the manufacturers still don’t care, huh? Well, it’s not from concentrate, and it has sugar. The former is the reason for the “100%” claim is what I assume. I have completely moved from “from concentrate juice” to “not from concentrate juice”. Now, don’t try and influence me to go with only real juice. For one, it’s really ahrd to find them (anything other than orange) and two, I really have a sweet tooth and thus sugar doesn’t hurt all that much.

    @ Srik:
    Don’t worry, you still have time 🙂

    @ krupa:
    Strange? Complex would be more appropriate.

    @ neelanjana:
    I agree. We are such simple human beings.

    @ Suptadeepti:
    I agree, that may be true. But, a boy starts realizing this more only when the wife comes in.

    @ Vasuki:
    That’s the trick buddy. She always prefers mango and I mostly prefer guava. She knew that very well. And that’s exactly the reason she tried this on me.

    @ Veena:
    Yep, strategy. And, I am convinced that it’s a girl thing.

    @ praneshachar:
    So, you think half the world is straight and the other half is curved? 🙂

    @ BS:
    Oh come on, don’t ever say the absolute truth when it hurts. Ouch 😉

    @ rads:
    Hmmm, and how do I interpret that? I guess I will have to ask my wife.

    @ TS:
    LOL at your lyrics. Am still laughing……….Hmmm, do you think I should ask DheerendraGopal to sing this? He seems to have the copyright for your lyrics!

    Actually, I am tempted to sing this and record. But then…;)

    As for the song from ‘Garagasa’, real nice. When I saw the name of the movie, it gave me shivers. But, when I saw that the movie was directed by Dinesh Babu, I stopped sweating. Very nice music, lyrics and singing. The singer doesn’t have her last name here. I am wondering if it is that girl who stays near my home. She is a very good singer and is becoming quite big now. I am not sure if you know her, I can give you clues. She had come home the last time I was in Mysooru,

  16. tarlesubba Says:

    aha finally… yeshT refresh ottidini gotta?
    ningyakO playbackoo? aaga beDa beDa androo kivi soro tanka haadthididde?

    find find out about lakshmi no? yen dani yen dani.
    i have it all picturized in my mind.

  17. rads Says:

    DS – just meant ‘sweet’ 🙂

    Actually, I am tempted to sing this and record. But then…;)

    You’ll sing but you won’t do a smart tag? :O

  18. @ TS:
    I am not in a mood to bore you now. Those were the days when I enjoyed irritating others 😉 Let me find out about L, I ahve a new clue.

    @ rads:
    So, did the new mic arrive? 😉

  19. rads Says:

    Taking a leaf from DS and conveniently side-stepping the question: So did the wife agree with my “aw, sweet’ comment? 😛

  20. some body Says:


    d.s. has a history of sidestepping questions.

    btw, fwiw, i am with him on singing but not reading! 😉 but i am still planning on playing that tag. gimme some time – i was planning on working on it last weekend…


    i am still waiting to learn who sang the cricket song written by tarle. was it d.g.?

    – s.b.

  21. @ Rads:
    Actually, there was no comment from her. So, help me understand, how do i read it? 😉

    @ SB:
    Yep, it was DG. Do you have the link? If not, I can send you.

  22. some body Says:


    what link? to the song, or where someone said that it was him? 🙂

    – s.b.

  23. kailas Says:

    hi boss thanks for the comments..
    i’m from kerala but i’ve a great ambition to learn kannada as my roots lie at karnataka… am a lover of kannada language and am looking forward to for a chance so that i can start speaking in kannada…
    well i do have a collection of kannada film songs of which my favourite ones are

    Mungara Malaye- Mungara Malaye

    Ninnindale Ninnindale Kanasondu – Milana

    Malee Ninthu Hoda- Milana.

    can anybody email me the meaning of wordings of these songs…

    please… my email id is


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