Hairy Roots

My barber just cannot stop talking. She beats me hands down. Remember what happened last time I met her? Just to be on the safer side, I took my wife with me on this trip.

The barber welcomed us. The first question she asked my wife was “Are you from India?”. My wife was like “Yeah!”. So, the barber goes on to say “Yes, you look so much Indian. I could find out immediately. You also have the nose pierced, that is a dead giveaway”. My wife smiles and I am getting ready for the haircut.

Just a second had passed, literally. The barber opens her mouth again “Your husband doesn’t look like he is from India”. I was not expecting this conversation, again!!! My wife is all defensive and starts off with “No no, he is from India and looks very much like any other Indian”. But, the barber has her own views “Oh no no, he doesn’t look like an Indian at all”.

I decide to put an end to the conversation right away. I interject and start talking about how I want my hair to be cut. She sighs and starts working.

I am really scared to go back next time and I have to go so often. No wonder all the barbers like my thick wavy hair. They get so much business out of me.

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18 Comments on “Hairy Roots”

  1. BPuriSKabab Says:

    Go in a dhoti or kurta pajama the next time. I guarantee that you will never hear that conversation again.


  2. praneshachar Says:

    yen madbeku nivu indian antha prove madoke
    bpsk suggestion try madi
    good one ha ha ha ha

  3. rads Says:

    DS – Now I really need to judge for myself. Post a pic? 😀

  4. @ BS:
    Now, isn’t that a good idea. I should try 😉

    @ praneshachar:
    Yep, I should try that.

    @ rads:
    And, my answer would be “Awwwww”…serves you right 😉

  5. decstud Says:


  6. rads Says:

    ds – totally lost!
    why ‘aw’ me? and who’s serving me right? 😐

    ..a simple ‘no’ wudve been just fine 😛

  7. Aram Says:

    I am amused to see that you have finally come out of your burkha to reveal how a stud looks like. Can we hope that you will also unveil the name soon, so that I can go ahead and get the print versions of your literary output?

    You know for a long time I had mistaken Dr. M.S. N. for you as he did, despite his age, look like a stud, until you said somewhere that you are still without issues. Hope you will address this issue soon.

  8. Vijay Says:

    DS: No point arguing… find a new hair dresser or tell her that you are from Japan.. 😉

  9. rads Says:

    aram – That isn’t DS at all. I mean, if that’s DS, then the hairdresser is cuckoo, or is a two-faced liar!! 😉

  10. some body Says:


    “Hope you will address this issue soon.”

    i think you issued forth too long ago to still be a (current) issue. 😉 anyway, i should really let the stud address you!

    – s.b.

  11. neelanjana Says:


    U interest me 🙂 Do you know Dr M S N?

  12. Aram Says:


    I am willing to wager that it really is DS.
    I thought DS had already made out his ‘airdresser as a cuckoo.

    @some body:

    Not quite clear, “i think you issued forth too long ago to still be a (current)issue.”
    — Usually I function like an old tubelight.

    Still, as I said in an earlier comment, I fervently pray that his beloved father be reborn as his son shortly.

    I don’t know nor care whether punarjanma theories are true or not. What matters is the beauty of the concept, the solace that the belief brings. As Martin Gardner, who popularized Mathematics through his regular column in the Scientific American for more than 50 years, said he believed in God, not because he saw any evidence of his existence, but because the belief made him happy.

    Do I know Dr. M.S.N.?
    Yes, I know Dr. MSN, as I would any monument – I first saw his name long back in a preface of a novel of Dr. SLBhyrappa. Then, I read about him and saw his Stud-like pictures in the blogpages.

  13. @ decstud:
    I know who posted this. I will forgive you and retain the comment 😉

    @ rads:
    nOK, no. But, it’s too late 😉

    @ Aram:
    Oh really? You act quite innocent, don’t you? 🙂

    @ SB:

  14. Aram Says:

    You act quite innocent..
    I am guilty of being innocent.

  15. Aram Says:

    “You act quite innocent..”
    I am guilty of being innocent.

  16. @ Aram:
    In this case, yes, you are innocent. But, not always 😉

  17. Aram Says:

    sigh !
    deep sigh!!!

    I believe in the power of truth and like you try to be truthful always. Maybe like beauty, innocense too lies in the eyes of the beholder!

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