Another Fallen star

It pains me to read about the latest offender. I still remember seeing Marion Jones at close quarters. That day, she had won the long jump, did not finish in top three in the 100m and had pulled out of the semi-finals in the 200m. At the end of the day (literally), she was all smiles when she walked hand-in-hand with her then husband. Her smile is undoubtedly her greatest asset, sporting skills come next. I was there, I saw her and I knew she could never cheat, just like I knew Hansie Cronje could never cheat.

In the World where winning is everything, the average sports fan and his state of mind hardly matters. In a place where power and money rule, sportsmen become blind to the hunger and happiness of the millions. That is the sad reality. How else can one explain the despicable behavior of Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Ben Johnson, Floyd Landis, Michael Rasmussen, Barry Bonds, Hansie Cronje, Md. Azharuddin and such down the drain minds?

Marion Jones will certainly not be the last person to bring disgrace and disrepute to professional sports. And there will be thousands more who will never be caught. Talking of which, what do you think of Flo-Jo?

Cheating will happen until there is selfishness and greed in this World. That roughly translates to, cheating will be eternal. That is the hard reality. But I will not be a cynic. I will continue to watch sports passionately. Most of the sportsmen are genuine. A virus here and a bacteria there is easy to suppress.

Shame on you Marion Jones.

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11 Comments on “Another Fallen star”

  1. some body Says:

    you beat me to this one. i was planning on a nice title too – using rads’ obfuscation ‘s.t.r.i.p. her …’

    oh well… i think ms. jones deserves an oscar, don’t you? i even wouldn’t mind if she shared it with o.j. (not the juice!). at least in the movies she does not need the dope before … she can get all she wants later (brittney, paris, lindsay anyone would be willing to act as go-between)!

    i never saw her in person, but do remember her in the imax movie – speed – that i’d taken kiddo #1 to watch with me. thankfully, he probably does not remember the movie.

    flojo’s legacy is surely in serious doubt now! that’s probably what killed her too. heike dreschler will be happy (though who knows what she has done!).

    – s.b.

    p.s.: you missed out ben johnson from the list!

  2. some body Says:

    whoops … you have got big bad ben. my bad!

    – s.b.

  3. BPSK Says:

    Yes, I was shocked reading about it too. Especially because I remember seeing her interviews back in 2000, and the hagiographic treatment she got at the hands of the US media.

    Didn’t you find it rich the way she has admitted it, and yet claims innocence? “Oh, my coach lied to me. He said it was flaxseed oil.”

    Also noticed that you mentioned you were there – wow, that must have quite an experience.


  4. Very shocking in deed. If only she played her game for a different result….she would be a Goddess.

    And we are shocked to know that she is a human too 😦

  5. @ SB:
    Yep, that would have been a wonderful title for the post. She so deserves it. An oscar? She beats all that hands down!!!

    @ BS:
    And this makes me believe not to believe anyone. Oh well….

    @ Srik:
    She was certainly very talented. She did not need any drugs to prove her worth. It is sad that she went with the wrong guys.

  6. mouna Says:

    stars rise and fall. it is something very eternal. we feel sad for a moment and perhaps, forget it. and we are back on our track, again.

    if selfishness and greed were not to exist, we wouldn’t have known the difference between the good and bad. pray that others(ourselves too) do not fall prey to it.

  7. Aram Says:

    Elaborating on Mouna’s point: Cheating in sports and games was prevalent from time immemorial. Example: Shakunimaama and his loaded dice in Mahabharata.

    Would a perfect world be as interesting as the present one? Would everybody be born perfect in such a perfect world, with no need for hard work in self-development, no scope for ambitions, no struggle?

    The dodo lived in one such perfect world in Mauritius. Its child-like innocence and unsuspecting nature caused its extinction, proving that innocence too is a crime against oneself.

    An O.Henry story is about a professional safe-cracking thief falling in love and trying to reform. His safe-cracking expertise comes to help save a child trapped in a bank locker room. Without his evil skills, the child would have suffocated and died.

    The divine scheme of things as existing now has a place and reason for evil too!

  8. @ Mouna:
    True. So, I guess there always needs to be some bad to appreciate the good.

    @ Aram:
    Ahh, Dod….we take that example forever, don’t wee? I guess the bird will live on in the fables forever. As fo, O .Henry, yep, my favorite short story writer. To say he is briliant is an understatement. And, you know his personal story too, I assume. So, you know if he was good or bad.

  9. Aram Says:

    Yes, a fraudster who wrote his immortal stories from jail. Bad was good, after all. -:)

  10. some body Says:

    now i know what a meteoric career is all about – they all end like falling stars.

    clemens* pitches to bonds* and is caught at deep center field by knoblauch*

    stars followed by asterisks – makes a good mlb scorecard, eh?

    time to bring back vick to the nba (george mitchell will tell the commissioner to go easy on him – don’t punish him etc), give the golds back to marion, induct pete rose into the hal of fame. invite bush to pardon all athletes as his last presidential act.

    thoroughly frustrated.

    – s.b.

    * = enhanced

  11. some body Says:

    vick to nfl i mean – boy i am so upset i am grasping for letters of the alphabet!

    – s.b.

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