MBA Is Life, Engineering Is A Lie

I have started to appreciate management skills and principles, like never before. Last week has been an eye-opener.

At the work front, nothing has changed. What made me respect management skills so much more is something which is happening at the personal front. Let me explain.

Three couples (including my wife and I) decided to present a variety show for the local Kannada organization’s upcoming program. I was the one who worked with the Kannada committee members to define and describe the program. I was the one who came up with bulk of the initial list of programs and I was the one who is doing most of the co-ordinating. In a nutshell, I ended up being the unofficial ‘leader’ of the group.

We have our first meeting to decide on the program format. We go home afetr finalizing the list. Next day, one person from our group calls my wife and wants to talk to her. This person’s qualm is that we are involving way too many people in the program and that six of us do not have enough ‘stage time’. And, she also wants to make sure that this program does not give rise to unnecessary ‘mis-understandings’ between us. She also suggests that the third couple in our team may also want to give a few solo performances. Basically, she says that my wife and I decided on the whole thing and we are thrusting it on them to accept it. She doesn’t say that it in as many words, but she intends to say that.

So, we have the meeting again. And, we find out that the third couple (who hadn’t opened their mouth until now) was actually very keen and interested in the way the program was already chalked out. That means that they were thinking on the same lines as we were. But, the second couple (who had talked to my wife) was in no mood to relent. I had to use all possible management tactics that I knew to make sure that the tempers didn’t flare. I did agree for the second couple to have their own time slot. Nobody had problems with that.

The next day, the organizers call me and tell me that we have too many songs in our show and we need to cut it. I tell them about the revised program list and they are happy. A few days after that, they call again saying that they still think that we have too much emphasis on music. I don’t get their logic. The same program was fine a few days back, and now it’s no longer acceptable (My wife has her own conspiracy theories about this, but I won’t get into the details).

As you can imagine, I had such a fun time co-ordinating the efforts and being the bridge between the organizing committee and the core group of six participants. This is just the first week. The actual program is not going to happen for another month.

Never again will I look at an MBA graduate with a “you talk nonsense and you make free money, what do you know about real work and technical orgasms” look. Managers, salut!!!

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6 Comments on “MBA Is Life, Engineering Is A Lie”

  1. Aram Says:

    “MBA is life and lie”

    Damn good title and a well-written post!

    Muddenahalli Visveswaraiah who lived a truly worthy life for 101 years did not know what MBA was. None of the six original founders of Infosys are MBAs, though NRNM did start his career at IIM-A.

    Almost everyone of our netas and ghodas leads a highly successful life full of lies and is worth at least ten MBAs!

    Sram, an electrical engineer with a mere diploma, is a highly successful Projects Manager, whose speciality is appraising and executing huge projects and setting up factories. At 59, he developed a complex about the lack of an MBA in his calling card and wanted to acquire one. In the process of finding out a suitable B-school for him, I discovered that America, the land of opportunities and opportunists, had a College without buildings, without a campus offering an instant MBA for just $500.

  2. BPSK Says:

    “Hell is other people” (Sartre).

    Btw, I agree with the conspiracy theory.

    Looks like you are going to have your hands full over the coming month. But since you watch “Desperate Housewives”, maybe you should take some lessons from Bree and the other social MBAs from Wisteria Lane. 😉


  3. Vijay Says:

    Can’t wait to hear about what happens during and after the program 😉 I am sure there will be other “conspiracies”…

    Aaaah.. Kannada Koota memories

  4. Anon Says:

    “Engineering Is A Lie”? Hah!

  5. Aram Says:

    “Engineering Is A Lie”? Hah!”

    DS conjures up such brilliant titles…. the difference between a lie and life is jus one F letter which a good MBA course is supposed to Fill in.

    Funny though, how most engineering graduates go in for an MBA.

    Wonder if DS will also join.

  6. praneshachar Says:

    yes it often happens when you take up such tasks and dont give up hope you will come across various theories groups criticisims praises all go ahead have a great show
    patience pays and wish you all the best in presenting a kannada programme in your kannada koota in us
    management is an art and engineering in not a lie!!!!

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