Birthday Average

I am not sure if I am the only one who thinks on these lines. In any case, I am confused whether I would be branded ‘intelligent’ or ‘foolish’ after you read this. Anyway, here’s the deal:

Five of us close friends are December born. We all live close by. So, someone came up with an idea to get together and have a big party (Well, more than ‘celebration’, it was just to get-together, we keep coming up with reasons to meet even though all of us meet every other day).

Simple enough? No, wait. My brain started working. I wanted to find out what would be the right day to get together. I thought the simplest way was to get the average of our birth days. So, I added 1, 2, 12, 17 and 31 and divided it by 5 to get 12.6.

And, that’s when the problem started. I wasn’t sure if our average birthday was 12th or 13th. You see, the average value will never be less than 1 and it can never be greater than 31, for the month of December. So, if I assume 12.6 should be celebrated on December 12th, then going by that logic 1.6 should be celebrated on December 1st and 30.6 on December 30th. That means, we can never have a ‘birthday average’ which can be celebrated on December 31st. Similarly, if I assume that 12.6 should be celebrated on December 13th, then we will never have a ‘birthday average’ which can be celebrated on December 1st.

I didn’t like this solution. More so, because we have one person born on December 1st and one on December 31st. So, it wouldn’t be fair to one of them if I chose one of the above algorithms. Thus, I made the algorithm just a ‘little’ more complicated. As in any Math theorem, I assumed that all of us are born at noon. The fact that I was indeed born at noon, did not in anyway prejudice me to come up with this assumption.

So, with the ‘noon assumption’, I can get a more precise birthday average. Now, I can get it in hours and minutes than just days. The hole still remains that the ‘birthday average’ cannot still fall before noon on December 1st or after noon on December 31st. But, I was convinced that it was fine.

So, with my new calculation, our ‘birthday average’ is December 13th at 2:24AM.

Seriously, do you all think like this? Or am I the only weird one?

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17 Comments on “Birthday Average”

  1. some body Says:

    “December 13th at 2:24AM.”

    ist or pst or est?

    – s.b.

    p.s.: you are the only weird one 😉 i am the logical one!!

  2. tarlesubba Says:

    what you are looking for is called median anta kareetare.
    1, 2, [12], 17 31

    belated wishes.

  3. tarlesubba Says:

    for 12 number of days wait/in advance {11,10,0,5,19} – 45 days
    for 13 number of days wait/in advance {12,11,1,4,18} – 46 days

  4. Pavan Says:

    Seriously, do you all think like this? Or am I the only weird one?

    Observation: Even if the second half of the above sentence is true, it would average out making “all of us” a lil weird 😉 [using s.b.’s logic]

  5. Pavan Says:

    Forgot the main reply: Belated wishes for your birthday..

  6. Srik Says:

    i guess the calculation must be made in IST since (I assume) all of u were born in India 😉 and then convert the average time to EST or PST wherever the get-together happens….

    This logic of urs is not accurate… However in Indian practices, people dont take b’de averages when celebrating as a group. The last birthday is chosen since birthdays are not celebrated ahead of the actual date, Its either celebrated on the damn date or celebrated later… So, if my logic goes, you must make it 31 December, which also collide with ur New years party!! Double Delight..!!

  7. Veena Says:

    DS, Belated Wishes…
    I go with what srik says….!

  8. I don’t think that way, but have friends that do. 😀

    I would use the median rather than the average. In your case, the 5 dates are reasonably fairly distributed, so it does not make a difference. The median comes to Dec 12, which is close enough.

    Happy Birthday, though. What present did you get?


  9. Why not take an average of the first and last B’days, and make it easy on all of you… that is Sunday, 16th, PST.
    Have Fun guys!! Wishes to all of you, though I know only 2 of you!!

  10. rads Says:

    🙂 I needed that laugh!

  11. parijaatha Says:

    happy Birthday! when was it by the way?

  12. praneshachar Says:

    I agree with srik and I remember when my daughter was in bal bharathi that school celebrated birthday of all the children born in the month on the last day in their own way in pure hindu tradition. I was delighted about this till then I never heard school celebrating birthdays of the children. so srik you must have advised them!!!!!! ha ha ha

  13. @ SB:
    Good point. considering that all of us are born in India, it should be IST, which means it’s Decemebr 12th 12:54 PM PST. Yay!!! And, you, logical??? *coughing* 😉

    @ TS:
    Wife suggested median right when I started this. But, I dismissed it as being too easy 🙂

    @ Pavan:
    Verrrrry true….welcome weirdo! And thanks!!!

    @ Srik:
    Now, that’s indeed a good idea, so I guess we should keep it for 31st then.

    @ Veena:
    Thanks and same to you 🙂 I came by your blog on your birthday, but didn’t see any action there. Did you stop?!?!?

    @ BS:
    Presetn…well from who? 😉

    @ Suptadeepti:
    Yes, but again, I didn’t want it to be easy, you see 🙂 Thanks!!!

    @ rads:
    Ahh, now I feel like a clown.

    @ parijaatha:
    Thanks, 2nd.

    @ praneshachar:
    Guess what? My wife’s office does the same thing. They celebrate all birthdays of the month in the last week of that month. Hmmm…I need to tell my wife that she works at an ‘almost BalBharti’ 🙂

  14. Veena Says:

    DS, hmm.. sadhyakke stop aagide.. not Hiatus but..
    I don’t do much photography now.. as I am not allowed to go out… sadhyakke mane… adanna kannaDadalli baaNanthana anthaare 🙂 We have a cute little son at home now 🙂

  15. @ Veena:
    Hearty Congratulations!!! hesarEnu?

  16. mouna Says:

    i read the first para, and my, my it is weird. but, why would you ever want to calculate your birthday average?

    my guess: to show off your mathematical skills 😉

    btw: belated wishes to you( way too late, i admit)

  17. @ Mouna:
    Thank you for the wishes. Math skils…ummm, well…1+1+1+…..;)

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