Cloud 9

It’s almost holidays and apparently this is the time that we should remember all the good things!!! Sooooooooo, here are the three BEST compliments I have ever received in my life. What are yours?

1. P Sr. (who was my senior in college) to her roomie P Jr. (who was my classmate) : “It is very rare to find truly nice human beings in this World. DS is one of them.”

2. S (my mother’s student) to R (another student) : “One thing which I pray to God always is for me to have a son like DS.”

3. M (an excellent critic) to J (an amazing poet) : “This boy will win the Jnanpeeth Award one day.”

Alright alright, the first comment is nice. Come on, I AM a nice person!!! As for the second one, I guess my parents are lucky 🙂 Well, the third one…what was ‘M’ thinking??? ‘J’ visits this blog, so I know she will be laughing when she sees that I made this a post 🙂 Apparently, ‘M’ made that comment after reading one of my ‘philosophical’ poems which I had written when I was a teenager. Trust me, I am a sucker for praises, so it did make my day. But, I do know my limitations!!! So, even though these three make the best compliments I have ever received, I think only the first two are really true.

I give a lot of compliments too. As for the best I have given out, maybe to my wife. She asked me what I liked in her the most. “Her innocence”, of course. And yes, Happy Birthday to her!!!

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15 Comments on “Cloud 9”

  1. Srik Says:

    What I think is, First two praises are almost shared by most of us, including me! 😉

    But the third one makes you special. I wish it becomes true in the cource of time…

    Anyways, I dont understand philosophical poems 😉

  2. Well, My dear, I would root for the third one with the first two leading the row.

    Happy Birthday M.

  3. Aram Says:


    You are also unique in many, many ways.

    Happy Birthday, M rs. DS

  4. Veena Says:

    You missed one more.. if Mrs DS has to say something about you then it would be
    “Elu janmakke….. “…
    Wishes to Mrs. DS

  5. Aram Says:

    “As for the second one, I guess my parents are lucky” — It is not luck at all; it is the punyaarjitha of your forefathers on both sides.

    The Holy Bible says the sins of our fathers will be passed down three generations.

    The converse is also equally true. You have told us the piousness of your father, grandfather, etc.

    No wonder a worthy son was born in their lineage.

  6. Aram Says:

    I forgot to add: May Your Tribe Increase!!!

  7. neelanjana Says:

    If #3 becomes a reality, then I can be boast to others that I know one j~JanapITha winner quite well :-)!


  8. praneshachar Says:

    I concurr with srik yes we are all proud of you and we will look forward for your more thoughtful and indepth writeups as you do it in a mjestic way.
    Asm Aram says it is punyarjithan similar to pitrarjitha for property.
    may your tribe increase and we all get more and more to introspect by reading
    stud you are unique and I am sure your wife will concurr with veena’s words.
    many many wishes to both of you and celebrate birthday of both again on 31st combing with new year eve so it will be double special

  9. @ Srik:
    Awesome, so we share two qualities. What’s your third…you never mentioned that.

    @ Suptadeepti:
    LOL…read the post again. # 3 will never happen, ‘J’ will beat me to it 😉

    @ Aram:
    Mrs. DS thinks, she knows you….Well, I made that up 😉 Actually, I think I know who you are!!! And thank you.

    @ Veena:
    Is that what prashanth keeps telling you? 🙂

    @ neelanajana:
    Awwww, I did break your dreams already, didn’t I? Trust me, it’s not going to happen, I will make sure of it 😉

    @ praneshachar:
    Thank you very much!!! Sure, we will celebrate a ton. I am really looking forward for a brand New Year. 2007 turned out to be the worst in my life!!!

  10. Krupa Says:

    I love compliments too.(hint..hint)

    Birthday wishes to Mrs.DS!

  11. Veena Says:

    Arre…! Do you think men give our compliments so easily.. ? Even if he says that I would wonder and reply back.. enaaytu :-)?

    I would rather ask you to write about this poorvajita karma/puNya.. I am still not convinced about our deeds getting reflected over janmas.. but ya.. I beleive more in ‘iLLe swarga iLLe naraka mElEnilla suLLu’ and note that this applies to the same janma….

  12. Aram Says:

    vv@Veena: “would rather ask you to write about this poorvajita karma/puNya.. I am still not convinced about our deeds getting reflected over janmas..”

    A simple example should drive home the point, I think. DS has stud-like looks. Why? Because his grandfathers did good deeds like regular exercise, etc. The same quality is quite likely to be passed on to the future generations also. Don’t you see?

  13. rads Says:

    aw 🙂

    Happy birthday to the missus.

    pssst: you wrote this post to flatter your mom didn’t ya? 😛

  14. tarlesubba Says:

    i have read some. belt more out, belt more out. and use this blog to share them with us.

  15. @ Krupa:
    These were the BEST comments, thank you 🙂

    @ Veena:
    I agree with you. It’s nice to bear the fruits of goodness or thorns of evils in the same janMa. But, it ain’t gonna happen, so let’s just stick with janMa theory. if not anything else, it at least gives us a peace of mind.

    @ Aram:

    @ rads:
    Damn…you ARE smart, aren’t you? 🙂

    @ tarlesubba:
    Sure, yes sir.

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