Yet Another Political Sammelana

I should probably stop writing about such topics, but I can’t. Recently concluded Udupi Kannada Sahitya Sammelana was a mockery. It had more politics than literature.

To beginwith, there was a parallel ‘Souharda Sammelana’. The official Sammelana and the ‘Souharda Sammelana’ were apparently compared to tiLisAru and mInusAru. Ahhh, I thought we were past this Brahmin/Non-Brahmin divide. I forgot, we need to start reservation based on caste, for publishing books as well. Only then will this divide cease to exist. Yeah right!!!

I thought this Sammelana will be so much nicer with the state under President’s rule. For a change there wouldn’t be Chief minister and his cabinet taking the limelight in a ‘literary conference’. How wrong was I!!! It was hogged by the would-be, could-be and must-be chief ministers. Icing on the cake was certainly the fight between Congress and Karnataka Rakshana Vedike members.

Prof. L.S.Sheshagiri Rao richly deserved to be the President of the Sammelana. Salut sir!!! Literally, that’s the only good thing which came out of this conference.

There were 14 resolutions passed, and I bet none of them would be ever implemented. None in the past have, as far as I remember. I hate to sound cynical, but politicians are indeed a rare breed. Getting the classical status to Kannada, getting back Kasargod into Karnataka by the implementation of Mahajan commission recommendations etc. One resolution which caught my eye was the opposition to the establishment of a Hindi Academy in Karnataka by the state government. Amen!!!

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5 Comments on “Yet Another Political Sammelana”

  1. Aram Says:

    “Prof. L.S.Sheshagiri Rao richly deserved to be the President of the Sammelana. Salut sir!!! Literally, that’s the only good thing which came out of THIS conference.”

    At least one Saahiti would disagree with this – Vyasaraya Ballala of Mumbai was expecting to be made the President. He had openly said that as he hailed from Udupi and as per the promises made by some authorities he ought to have been the President of at least this Sammelana.

    The State Govt. spends more than 10 million for all this tamaasha! Huchmundey madvey!

    Just wondering why English literary world does not hold such conferences!

  2. Srik Says:

    You know what….I was expecting a post from you about the Sammelana.. And mostly I expected some bashing of the same….And I got what I was looking for!!

    And about the resolutions passed, there must be some committe formed among the writers and artistes to review it every quarter, and put pressures on the Governament to take it seriously.
    These resolutions are taken by the top brains of the state, and they must be seriously formed and implemented. Only then, there will be seriousness in formulating them, I dont like if they stop setting up an academy for another language in the state, whats wrong, we can not win hearts by putting pressure…

    Yesterday I was talking to a colleague who is a Teluguite… He was so furious about the local Kannadigas asking him to learn Kannada…In the talk he also said “Kannadigas are fools…What they are doing? They just keep a Jhanda and roam about!! They are fools”!

    I was speechless, though I defended asking him to mind his language, what I couldnt do was to make him understand that once he lives in Karnataka, he is bound to be called a Kannadiga!

    I sometimes look to brainee people and such sammelanas to find an answer to this dilema and help me help the other better, but always they fail to live upto my expectation.
    We should better stop the nonsense if it is aimed only at getting a few days headlines on TV and media, instead there must be some constructive thinking involved in saving the endangered language called Kannada from the so called Kannadigas!!

  3. Veena Says:

    Oh Ya.. when ever I read the news about sahitya sammeLana I was thinking of a post in ‘Paradise of Dreamers’… 🙂
    specially the last day when I read about the hindi saahitya academy… I thourougly remember that post where you wrote about – how you were forced to learn hindi and a long conversation between you and ‘somebody'(where is he BTW?)…!

    One more trivia, in your last post you wrote few things which people spoke taking your reference.. I would say this to all the readers,

    One day this DS will become the president of saahitya sammeLana.. 🙂

  4. rads Says:

    what? Ok, I didnt read the whole post, but the last line woke me up!

    you are kidding I hope. Please tell me this was written in a sarcasm rich tone!

  5. @ Aram:
    Yep, Ballal is a good candidate too. But, that doesn’t mean LSS is not. LSS certainly deserved it.

    @ Srik: LOL…you did, huh? You should tell your Telugu friend to be a Roman in Rome. Simple, ain’t it?

    @ Veena:
    🙂 That’s funny. Well, if I become the president, I will certainly make sure you are a special invitee….

    @ rads:
    Nope, no sarcasm. I completely dislike people forcing the culture, language, food etc. on others and I don’t see why it is wrong to have that opinion.

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