An Open Letter To BCCI

The Powerful People at BCCI

Dear All,

I am sure you have witnessed the horror in SCG. I am sure your blood is boiling at the same temperature as mine. But, there is a key difference between you and me. You can make decisions which alter the future of this series. You can make decisions which will heal millions of injured hearts. You have the power to stop the nonsense. You have the tools to right the wrong. Do it. Do it now!!! What I can do is just blurt out different options. You have the liberty to choose the best one. But, you have to choose one, if you have an iota of pride.

Lodge a formal complaint against all three umpires in the Sydney test. Specifically, make sure ICC unceremoniously fires Steve Bucknor from his job. If Bucknor decides to relinquish the job on his own (if that will ever happen!), ICC should not accept it. BCCI should insist on ICC removing Bucknor.

Call back Indian cricket team from Australia. If the other cricketing nations think BCCI whines, so be it. If they remind you of Gandhi and his principle of showing the other cheek when one cheek is slapped, you need to educate them on bhagavadgIta and Krishna, who famously said that a thorn should always be removed using another thorn.

On the other hand, if you are greedy and are afraid of losing a lot of money by pulling back the Indian team, here is another idea. My friend thinks that you should call all the current members of Indian cricket team back and send an India ‘B’ team or even an India ‘C’ team. Yes, send a new bunch of sixteen players who have never played international cricket. At least that way, you are making a statement.

Sledging was invented by Australians, I am sure you are well aware of that. Defend Harbhajan Singh. Threaten ICC that you will pull out of key tournaments. ICC needs you. They know you have money. Without India, World cricket is dead. You are a cricketing super power. For once, act like one!!!

One more injured soldier!!!

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5 Comments on “An Open Letter To BCCI”

  1. parijata Says:

    Whenever Steve Bucknor is the umpire, it is doubtful whether the game is going to be fair. In spite of his unfair umpiring, he is made umpire regularly. It is really disgusting!

  2. For a guy who has officiated a world cup finals, the kind of hatred he shows every time he walks to officiate an Indian game, its rediculous, I dont know what bad Indian team has done to him!

    Sending a “B” team is a very good suggestion…. I just hope BCCI looks at this one!

  3. Aram Says:

    “As Indian bloggers, why don’t we muster sufficient numbers and Google-bomb Andrew Stevenson?”

  4. | Balu | Says:

    send india b, c … na … bad idea.. instead we shud send some gundas (who know english) there.. may be then they will know the meaning of words like sledging, abusing wrestling!

  5. @ parijatha:
    Dickie Bird rightly asked Bucknor to retire. Well, it’s too late for Bucknor to retire with any dignity. At least it is better late than never. I remember silkboard had a wonderful blog post about retiring at the right time, several months back. Time to dig that up.

    @ Srik:
    I don’t really if it is hatred. Do you think so? I just think he has become incompetent.Age has caught up with him, he is no perennial youth.

    @ Aram:
    LOL…thanks for the link.

    @ Balu:
    Welcome to my blog. Wow, going directly for the last resort huh? 🙂

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