Newest Word In English Language


To falsify or mislead on cricket ground.
To deceive and cheat in the game of cricket.
To lie and claim innocence.

A person who claims that the opposite team’s batsman is out in the game of cricket, even though he is fully aware that the batsman was not out.
A cricket captain who lack integrity.
A person who makes mockery out of the gentleman’s game.

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16 Comments on “Newest Word In English Language”

  1. neel3 Says:

    also doubles as umpire when the real one is asleep.
    This is suggested by my son.

    shame on the game which is called a gentleman’s game !

  2. Yes, this particular man who had all the qualities of becoming the greatest batsman of our times has lost a date with history, infact has found a negative way of registering name in history, by just being un-sportive.

    Kumble rightly said “There was only one team that played with right spirits of game”!!

  3. rads Says:

    lol, I like this dig! πŸ™‚

  4. raydixon Says:

    New word, “Kumble”
    Verb: to whinge, to wrongly accuse opposition of cheating, to fail to congratulate superior opponent
    Noun: Someone with ‘sour grapes’, a cricket captain who sets out to cause international controversy by pointing the finger, a poor loser

    New word, “Harbhajan”
    Verb: to racially villify your opponent after you have been told to ‘stop it’, to perform half-baked somersaults, to never smile
    Noun: an ugly person, someone who can never be accused of having ‘bad hair’ as they cover it up whenever in public, someone universally despised throughout the entire cricketing world, even by own team mates

    New phrase, “Indian cricket fan” – a metaphor for poor losers who do not accept that other people see things differently to their own narrow point of view

  5. Vijay Says:

    How about Adjective: This guy plays a very “Ponting” game…

    I love the way the Aussies try to cover up whats right in front of their eyes (TV replays)… and insist that their team won a great victory … lol

  6. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    “raydixon”: To and wag and bark at every blog post contrary to one’s liking.

  7. raydixon Says:

    How about “VIJAY” (*)

    verb: to post unprovoked abuse on others’ websites (“he vijayed my blog”)

    noun: someone who is not very bright (“that guy is dumber than a VIJAY”)

    (* I’m talking about the Vijay who posted to my website. If it were not you, I apologise, but you sound the same)

    AND: “notawittynick”: to constantly misunderstand others intentions

    One more: “DECEMBER STUD”: someone who gets horny at Christmas!

    Sorry DS, Cheers guys. What odds India in Perth? (about 100/1 I’d say)

  8. Vijay Says:

    Radyxion: If I posted on your blog… you’d have my URL… do you?

  9. raydixon Says:

    No, we’ve cleared that up. Sorry, it was a different “Vijay”.

  10. some body Says:


    i’ve been reading comments about how the perth test will last only three days. now that bucknor isn’t around, do you think our bowlers have enough time if kumble declares by noon?

    – s.b.

  11. @ neel3:
    Kudos to your son, he is in our league πŸ™‚

    @ Srik:
    I second you, completely.

    @ Rads:

    @ Ray:
    LOL @ new definition for DECEMBER STUD. Maybe, I need to change my anme too ALL-YEAR STUD, huh? πŸ˜‰ As for Perth test, oh well, I am sure you are enjoying it as much as I am πŸ™‚

    @ Vijay:
    Isn’t that what they call “Win at all costs?”. You should give them some corporate advice πŸ˜‰

    @ Not a Witty Nick:
    Welcome here! Oh well, I think Ray is quite a popular person among Desi bloggers now. Wish him luck!!!

    @ SB:
    Well, your comment really prompted me to start commenting here since your question is time sensitive.

    First of all, it’s not whether our bowlers have enough time, the question is whetehr our team has enough courage to declare by noon. And, I don’t get it. Why would we want to declare by noon? If the goal is to win, why not amass a bigger total and give them two full days or a little less than that to bat? I think our bowlers have enough time with two days or even 1 3/4 days. I think giving our bowlers 2 1/2 days is underestimating them way too much. Australia is a brilliant cricket team. We cannot just assume they won’t chase well. Personally, I believe declaring at noon on day # 3 is giving way too much time for Australian batsmen and that could be a big negative for us. If I were Kumble, I would declare at the end of day # 3 or beginning of day # 4. What say?

  12. some body Says:


    re: definition of december stud. yup, you probably need to rename yourself (all-round stud sounds better, and even tangentially refers to cricket) ;-).

    re: your response to my question, i was asking what i think is termed a rhetorical question (somehow, i never really understood the meaning of ‘rhetorical question,’ but if the above describes my question correctly, i think i’ve understood the meaning, if you know what i mean! ;-))

    in case you are unclear, i am hoping (against hope) that our batters make some dough – and score some runs – while the sun shines and while the wind blows (and that they stick around till close of play unlike t2d5)!

    – s.b.

  13. @ SB:
    I like your suggestion. I should officially change my name now!

    Yep, I never understood what a ‘rhetorical question’ meant. And, I assumed I was the only dumb one, until now. Yep, I do understand your point πŸ™‚

    Talk of acronyms…t2d5, huh? LOL…..I am sure t3d4 is going to be so much more fun (hopefully, God…please!!!)

  14. neel3 Says:

    DS :your prayers have been answered !!

  15. @ neel3:
    LOL true…well, my prayers are not done yet πŸ˜‰

  16. neel3 Says:

    Well, most cricket lovers have become jingoistic now.
    Earlier I used to appreciate good cricket.
    Now I have the time to appreciate only good Indian cricket !!
    For whatever reasons ?

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