It’s Official, I Am A Teenager

My wife and I went to a movie over the weekend. I went to the ticket kiosk and announced that I needed two tickets for Charlie Wilson’s War. The middle aged lady at the counter looked at me and said “Charlie?”. I nodded my head and said “Yes”.

And, instantly she asked “Can I see your ID please?”

I am like, “What?” and I had a big surprise on my face.

She looked up again and stared at my face for a few seconds. She then had a slightly shy smile and said “Well, you look very young”.

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9 Comments on “It’s Official, I Am A Teenager”

  1. rads Says:

    ok, fess up already, how much did u slip her under the counter? Or was she one of those puritan souls ” am gonna make some middle-aged fellow’s day” 😉

  2. LOL, makes my day every time that happens, whether at movie theater or grocery store. Sadly, fewer and fewer times these days. I try to bask in the temporary time warp of those experiences. And also fling my hair around, in a SRK impression.

  3. neelanjana Says:

    yakreee, innU (vayassinalli) chikkavarAguva AseyE innU?

    adyAkO chikkavanEnE ivanu annO hAdu nenapAytu!

  4. aram Says:

    May You Continue Forever To Retain
    Your Teenage Looks
    The Stud In Your Loins
    The Wisdom In Your Mind And
    Compassion In Your Heart


  5. aram Says:

    And Humor In Your Posts

  6. mouna Says:

    a nice made-up story!! earth to ds, earth to ds 😀

    in that case, i’m a school-going kid. i’ve had quite a number of people asking the standard in which i’m studying in. and i’m not joking.

  7. Harsha Says:

    LOLs… Charlie

  8. Vikram Hathwar Says:

    So, what plans ??? 😉

  9. Veena Says:

    heMgasina vayassu keLabeDa and gaMdasina sambaLa anno gaadena eega ulTa maado samaya banthallappa 🙂

    Next time inda ticket togoLLokke Mrs.DS na kaLsi 🙂

    sumne tamashege.. 🙂

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