While Australia Cried Aloud

….the last frontier was conquered.

Perth – you are no longer a dream!!!

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3 Comments on “While Australia Cried Aloud”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    Team India did it what a great test for Kumble. real cool guy and he got the
    600 and became the only Indian to achieve the feat. he also made a world record
    for C&B. at the end the team mates made it memorable and match win was well deserved
    one and for the second time indians stopped the aussies run. each one in the team contributed in their own way and team spirit was evident and it was a great day for indian cricket.
    kudos to kumble & co.,

  2. @ Praneshachar:
    Anil Kumble did an outstanding captaincy. I am beginning to think that we should have made him the captain a looooooong time back.

  3. neel3 Says:

    Kumble spoke in a very dignified way in the post Sydney press conference .Somebody commented at Star Cricket that he made a great statesman too !!

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