And Somehow Tendulkar Is Still The Holy Cow

So, you don’t see Kumble, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman’s names in the one-day squad for the upcoming triangular series in Australia. The smart selectors have decided to give chance to the youngsters. Certainly a commendable decision, and considering that it’s the Indian team, quite a bold decision too.

But wait, somehow the selectors (read management) are convinced that Tendulkar is still a teenager. Mr. Pawar, high stakes, huh? What a pity!!!

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16 Comments on “And Somehow Tendulkar Is Still The Holy Cow”

  1. lazybug Says:

    This is a stupid decision by the selectors. But considering their track record, I am not surprised…in fact I’d expect them to reverse the decision in the days to come.

  2. raydixon Says:

    Is Tendulkar not good at the one day game? I understand the reasoning behind giving young players some expeience but they need experience in the side to guide them. For instance, Hayden & Gilchrist are both 36 yet they still open the batting for Australia’s one day (world champion) side.

  3. some body Says:


    tendulkar, hayden, gilchrist – none of them is in the world champion twenty20 side. howzzat?

    – s.b.

  4. praneshachar Says:

    Kumble has announced his decision to retire fro one days so it is k.
    but for Ganguly and Dravid it is a shock and for a full fledged one day it must
    be blend of experience and youth. It is not a twenty twenty game. when for
    twenty twenty Tendulkar was not condiered so he too must have been out side but
    the magic of kar’s (mumbaites) does the trick.
    youngsters loose the opportunity of seeing from close the adoptations of two great crickers on indian side. bad luck saurav & dravid.

  5. Shilpa Says:

    You know… BCCI plays… not cricket… but politics

  6. Srik Says:

    You’re so good at politicising almost everything!!

    Tendulkar is in the team because he provides the proper guidance to the youngsters in the team. Dravid was anyway not there, neither Lakshman. And Ganguly cant play that well in the bouncy Aussie pitches…
    So, the choice hasnt surprised me. It is, however, a bold decission. But Sachin is in a good nick, so, cant question his inclusion.

  7. Veena Says:

    More than Dravid and those, I see bloggers to be worried. I think Sachin’s inclusion was indeed a good decision considering his recent performance!!

    Well, lets wait and watch. Indian team seems to be in FORM now, “Chak De India…”

  8. @ lazybug:
    Welcome to my blog. Remember what Mohinder Amarnath once famously called our selectors?

    @ Ray:
    Tendulkar is certainly good. It’s just that the selectors seem to think that he is somehow the ONLY senior player who is good, which bothers me.

    @ SB:
    We are talking about real cricket here, not twenty20 πŸ˜‰

    @ Praneshachar:
    I agree there had to be a good mix and that was exactly my point,

    @ Shilpa:
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. With Sharad Pawar at the helm, what else can we expect?

    @ Srik:
    You are certainly entitled to your opinions on me. That said, I think you have completely missed the point. I am not questioning Tendulkar’s abilities. Yes, I agree he is a good inclusion. What I don’t understand is ‘dropping’ a few others. I am fine with Laxman, and to a degree even Dravid not being in the team. But what did Ganguly do to deserve this treatment? Yeah right, Ganguly can’t paly the bouncy Aussie pitches, but a bachcha from Saraswathipuram or Malleshwaram cricket team can suddenly go to Australia and start playing, huh? I totally disagree. Have you looked at Ganguly’s record after he came back. There needs to be a good mix of old and new. Having all youngsters plus Tendulkar does not help.

    So, my point is simple. If Tendulkar is in the team, so should Ganguly. Or if you look at it the other way, if Ganguly is not in the team, so shouldn’t Tendulkar.

    Trust me, I am one of the biggest fans (like a million others) Tendulkar and Dravid can have. But, that doesn’t mean I will just sit and watch the fun if injustice is meted out to Ganguly. If that is politics to you, so be it. I thought that was a game played by Deve Gowda and his clan!

    @ Veena:
    Yes, I agree Sachin should be there, so should Saurav, is my point. It’s a foolish decision to just bring in all youngsters, especially when the experienced players are playing really well.

  9. rk Says:

    On a lighter note, maybe the selectors see a negative connotation in all these names except Sachin’s! Here’s how:

    β€’ Saurav Ganguly – (SAUR means Dirt)

    β€’ Laxman – (LAX means Lacking in rigor)

    β€’ Rahul Dravid – (RAHU – derived from the root rah meaning to forsake)


    β€’ Sachin has IN in his name, so he can never be OUT!

  10. Srik Says:

    lol! I totally agree to your points… Yeah…politics played by Deve Gowda… U know recently he played a master stroke by saying that he should’ve not born in Karnataka where people doesnt respect what he did to them!!! sometimes ago he had said some thing on the same lines to the Muslims that he must’ve been a Muslim!!! So politicians are funny, I guess. And you’re serious.

  11. some body Says:

    i guess 150+ is pretty holy, eh? btw, i am too lazy to research, but it is strange that tendulkar does not have 500 runs in a series. or did i misunderstand something in that interview of his (from yesterday) on youtube?

    really strange, considering that right of the top of my head, i can think of twice at least that gavaskar has done it (1971 and 1978-79, both times against the windies).

    – s.b.

  12. @ SB:
    Sure 153 is certainly holy. But, is that the holiest? Padmavibhushana is a feather in the cap!!! Kudos!

    And funny that you brought Gavaskar’s name. I know at least one hardcore sports fan (read my wife) who thinks Gavaskar was a better cricketer. Of course she hates comparisons, that’s a different story πŸ˜‰

    Any predictions on the outcome? Rememebr the last two times a team hit above 500 at Adelaide lost the match (and that was good for India last time!).

  13. some body Says:


    yes, i think gavaskar was the better cricketer – for sure, he is a much better communicator (though maybe he was not when he was captain). but who am i to compare? i barely saw gavaskar bat (and that too in the latter 80s), and i was already here in the usa before tendulkar got started.

    all i can say is that when the chips were down (read “fourth innings”), gavaskar was there … and from all statistics i have seen, tendulkar has been missing.

    i’m no astrologer. i’ll let raydixon add to his prediction. i sure hope that the next aussie streak does not start with a win over india, at least not this indian (or australian) team!

    – s.b.

  14. some body Says:


    pathan and tendulkar are gone. dravid ain’t coming back. sehwag has already gotten to three figures and will not last.

    so … you want a prediction? here it is. india is losing this one, whether or not play is continued waaay past normal time as it was at sydney (i don’t want to hear about any extenuating circumstances that resulted in that time extension then).

    just lazily wondering what tendulkar’s record in third innings looks like (including the 14 from this test) … !

    – s.b.

  15. You mean 13 from this test…His second innings average is something like 16, right? πŸ˜‰

  16. some body Says:


    yes, 13 not 14. for two full minutes i was trying to figure out cricinfo credited the run even though he was run out going for that aborted run. cricinfo finally corrected the score, but i had already submitted my comment by then.

    i don’t know what his second innings average is, and how it is different between 3rd and 4th innings averages, calculated separately. shouldn’t be a big deal to figure out to figure out using statsguru, but i’m just being lazy … and stubborn!

    i’ll probably hang around until tea or sehwag gets out, whichever is later :-).

    – s.b.

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