Peek A Boo

I went for my annual health check-up today, finished the paperwork and was waiting for my turn. The nurse practitioner called out my name and I went inside.

I was made to sit on a chair and she came and stood right in front of me. The slightly pregnant lady in her late 30’s was wearing an EXTREMELY low cut dress and there was nothing left for imagination!!!

And now, she wanted to check my blood pressure. Oh please!!!!! After that, she spent considerable time looking for a vein to get the blood sample. (Trying) to be a gentleman, I looked around in all possible directions and was trying to appreciate the wall colors.

Seriously though, shouldn’t there be a dress code? I mean, she ought to have known that she was not wearing a proper attire. And get this, she told me that a guy working with her was fired. I wonder why!!!

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12 Comments on “Peek A Boo”

  1. Aram Says:

    A young stud in need of an annual health check-up?

    While a dress code for Nurses certainly does exist, I am reminded of the studs pulling the Mysore jatka bandi. The studs had a dress code for their eyes to prevent them from sideviews! 🙂

  2. Vijay Says:

    LOL… Isnt it amazing that in such cases, there seem to be so few other places to look?

  3. rads Says:

    DS: Now comeon, acting all pious indeed! 😛

  4. sunaath Says:

    I sympathise with you. I know how difficult it is. No use enforcing a dress code; in stead keep your eyes closed and count ten repeatedly.

  5. praneshachar Says:

    checkupge went alone? this dress code/ self discipline is one thing that is very esential
    most of young lot get lured & attracted by this and get spoiled. it is very essential what you wear should be within the limits of decency and certainly dress codes in force in no. of colleges here in India is good. as a student one does not like and in a coed college this
    is needed. closing eyes counting ten all applies to a person with family and having some
    sense but most of the human beings get tempted and it will lead to man unwanted things later. we need to have some discipline in this area particularly to save younger generations from getting spoiled.
    of late people are coming out in nighties out for nearby shops, morning walks etc., I think this also is not in good taste.
    any how we are a democratic country peoples rights are to respected as long as they are within limits

  6. Harsha Says:

    LOls.. @the guy who was fired.. I can understand

  7. some body Says:


    does ok read this blog? [rotfl]

    – s.b.

  8. Shiv Says:

    What happened to your BP after that short skirt episode 🙂

  9. “Mysore jatka bandi… The studs had a dress code for their eyes to prevent them from sideviews!”
    Aram, If this stud had those eye covers, he would have been in “deep deep” trouble!!

  10. Aram Says:


    “Aram, If this stud had those eye covers, he would have been in “deep deep” trouble!!”
    Pray, how so?

    I would say DS has dared to talk openly about the temptations that troubled him briefly. I would also say DS has succeeded through his post “Peek A Boo” in putting himself beside such personalities like the sage Vishwamitra and Mahatma Gandhi,

    When Vishwamitra’s ghora tapas started to rattle Devendra’s throne, the latter sent his pro Menaka to cause tapobhanga. Vishwamitra probably thought that the best way of getting rid of temptations was to yield to it and so was born Shakuntala, the Bharatamaatey. (Was this good or bad for him and the bharatavarsha is a knotty question). Recall Ravi Varma’s famous painting “The Seduction of Vishwamitra” in which Vishwamitra turns his back on Menaka.

    It is said that Gandhiji tested his self-control by sleeping with young women.

    Now in modern times we have the adorable DS trying to distract himself by appreciating the wall colors.

    Also, for variety, please check this:

  11. Aram:
    “Now in modern times we have the adorable DS trying to distract himself by appreciating the wall colors.”

    If this stud had those eye covers that prevented him from viewing sideways, how could he have “…distract himself by appreciating the wall colors…”??

    That was the meaning of my statement. He would have been forced to ‘see’ where he didn’t want to see, isn’t it? Other option for him was to close his eyes. I’m not saying that DS IS in trouble. I am only teasing him.

    In case he had the eye covrs blocking his side view…..!! Imagine. When you don’t want to see straight in front of you and there is no other way but that… how would you feel? That was my point.

    I know DS pretty well, and I know he is worthy of your appreciation. I agree with you.

  12. @ Aram:
    When I am paid to get the annual health checkup done, why not?

    @ Vijay:
    Yep. Your experience seems to be talking;)

    @ Rads:
    Shhhhh…my wife reads the blog too!!!

    @ Sunaath:
    Isn’t it true that we usually forget Math when such things happen? 🙂

    @ Praneshachar:
    LOL….I agree, it is quite irritating to watch girls come out for shopping wearing the night dress. Hey, but as you said, it’s a democratic country.

    @ Harsha:
    Welcome to my blog! I know, it would have been hard for him (no pun intended!).

    @ SB:
    No, OK does not. I had never been to his blog either, until you put this comment. I had seen his comments on several other blogs and for some unexplainable reason I thought OK was a female. Now that I read his blog, I see he is the desi version of David Beckham and a very interesting person!!!

    @ Shiv:
    Needless to say it was unusually high. But, she reasoned it out by saying that it was because of the long walk from the parking lot!

    @ Suptadeepti:
    LOL….but I didn’t have the side covers. Oh, and the wall color was white!

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