Love Is In The Air

This song has been haunting me for the past two days. I suddenly got in the mood to listen to this song and I have been hooked to it for more than 24 hours now. I like the Tamil original more than the Hindi version, even though I cannot understand a word in that song. I think the original has so much more romance, passion, sex appeal, emotions, yearning and love in it.

Bombay Jayashree has been one of my favorites for a long time now. Here is a short story from my history books:

It was almost 11PM, and five of us were sitting in our family room after finishing dinner – Me, my mother, father, brother and Bombay Jayshree. She had finished a Carnatic clasical vocal concert that evening and was relaxing after a tasty dinner. We were generally talking about different topics and she was telling us how her best friend, who happened to be a Kannadiga, would correct her Kannada pronunciations when she sang any Kannada songs. We were talking about different music styles and within no time she was sitting on the carpet with a harmonium. She went on to sing ghazals for two hours and I was mesmerized. I couldn’t believe that this was the same person who had given a carnatic classical concert just a few hours earlier. Pure classical music in a silk saree to melodious ghazals in a pink salwaar kameez – her voice had the same beauty. I am always impresses by such multi-faceted singers.

One other note about Bombay Jayashree. She called us regularly and always wanted us to go to her concerts whenever she came to the city. She kept in touch and my parents attended her concerts whenever they could. It’s been quite some time now. She has moved along and is a big name in Indian music today. And, I have moved along too, with not so big name in the computer industry.

But, that night is still etched in my memory. One small note….the first time I met her, I really didn’t know how to address her (basically, I was a dumbass) and called her ‘aunty’. She was gracious enough to smile and polite enough to correct me – and then I started calling her ‘akka’ 🙂

Anyway, back to the song. Listen and enjoy. And, if any good human being who visits this blog knows Tamil, please translate. Thank you!!!

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7 Comments on “Love Is In The Air”

  1. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Its Hindi version is great too but it can’t be compared with the original!

  2. some body Says:


    what song is it in hindi? link maangtaa hai!

    – s.b.

  3. neelanjana Says:

    I am sure I am a good human being 🙂 and I know some Tamizh too 🙂 🙂 – I don’t know too much of poetry – but know just enough to recognize that this is just one of the run-off-the mill kind of songs -sAhitya-wise.

    I am willing to change my opinion if someone gives me enough reasons!

    This comment is not about her singing though. She is very versatile, but I wish she watches her sAhitya shuddi a bit more. Her upbringing in Bombay has definitely helped her in this I should say, compared to the average singing stars from Chennai. (When I am saying average, it is in the pool of singing stars 🙂 – not average people!);

    Yes, for listeners, it is common to create aura larger than life around singing stars – but most of them, are quite simple in nature!


  4. Veena Says:

    s. b – Its zara zara, from the movie Rehna hein tere dil mein …

    DS, Too much of ‘I’ posts these days, well I do read them anyway 🙂 but Last one I stopped in the middle, naavella comment maado tara post bariri sir hmmmmmm!!

  5. pArijAta Says:

    That’s a beautiful song. When I listened to it first, it haunted me for days.
    I do not pride myself on my knowledge of Tamil, but ‘vaseegara’ is mesmerizer, and ‘un ponmaDiyil toonginaal podum’ is ‘ninna honna maDilalli malagidare saaku’ AFAIK. In fact, before I knew the meaning of the word ‘vaseegara’ from a friend, I had thought that this song was sung for Mother Earth 🙂

  6. mouna Says:

    ‘a big name in the computer world’, you shouldn’t let that bother you.
    come on, you are a good person, period.

  7. @ NAWN:
    I like the Hindi version as well. But, I agree that the original sounds much better.

    @ SB:
    “zara zara” from “Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein”. Have you heard?

    @ neelanjana:
    It looks like I am better off by not knowing the lyrics then, huh? Thank you. And yes, she certainly is better than the average singing stars from Chennai when it comes to sAhitya shuddhi.

    @ Veena:
    Well, hasn’t it always been about topics which I like and things which happen around me? 🙂 Seriosuly though, nothing interesting nowadays other than Medvedev, skirmishes between Columbia and Ecuador, Facebook denting Google and Harbhajan’s antics. So, not much to write.

    @ pArijAta:
    Thanks. ‘mesmerizer’ is a good word to start a romantic song with. ‘Mother Earth’, huh? That’s funny…LOL

    @ Mouna:
    LOL, thanks, but that was written in a lighter vein 🙂

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