Will I Be Rich? Will I Be Handsome? Whatever Will Be Will Be

Alright, it’s that time of the year again. And, it’s the solemn duty of every Indian to be proud and say that four out of the top ten richest people in the World are from India. Never mind the digital divide or the poverty, it still is something to feel happy about. At least those of you who can afford two meals a day should be proud of such news for one day, if not more.

Can anyone explain why the uncanny ability of making money magically disappears if you are born South of the Vindhyas? Go check the list, if you don’t believe me.

Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani and KP Singh are household names in India. But, get this. Do you know who is the 743rd richest person in the World? Yeah me neither, until I painstakingly went through the Forbes list (jobless, duh!). This dude Anurag Dikshit apparently lives in, of all the places, Gibraltar. And guess how he made that money. He wrote software for an online betting company, which enables gamblers all over the planet to play Poker with each other. Pretty sound bet, me thinks.

Keep dreaming, no harm there. Again, for your pleasure, here’s Doris Day’s song:

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13 Comments on “Will I Be Rich? Will I Be Handsome? Whatever Will Be Will Be”

  1. Aram Says:

    “Can anyone explain why the uncanny ability of making money magically disappears if you are born South of the Vindhyas?”

    — A very good question.

    The answer might be found in Parijata’s pages> The Northies have become tough because of constant invasions upon them over the centuries.

    Ability to make money and be successful in business requires a killer instinct and ruthlessness which probably the Southies with their laid-back style, approach, and ethics lack to the required level.

    It is noteworthy though that the financial capital of India, Mumbai is south of the Vindhyas and it was here that Dhirubhai Ambani made his money. But of course, we don’t consider Mumbai as being South Indian.

    However, the Southies, especially Kannadigas can be proud of the fact that the richest Muslim entrepreneur in the world, the revered Azim Premji has made namma Bengalooru his home and made his billions here. His bio says he was born in Bombay.

    The Forbes list shows 1125 richest people on the planet. But we can be proud that it is a Kannadiga who not only made money for himself and his company, but also transformed thousands of his employees including the menial staff into millionaires — the one and only Narayana Murthy.

    “Go check the list, if you don’t believe me.” (Can anyone explain why the uncanny ability of making money magically disappears if you are born South of the Vindhyas?)”

    — Because you mentioned it, I went ahead and checked the list. There is one Tamil name, Ananda Krishnan of Malaysia at 131, but then, of course, he might not have been born in South India, proving your statement true.
    Our own Dharawada boy (MK might be proud of this)Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande of Sycamore Networks was earlier (2000?) on the Forbes list, but slipped out later. Will check if he is still there.

  2. praneshachar Says:

    How Dhirubhai Ambani made his emperor that urge in him made his sons to be in the list like that you have got many from north, gujarathis etc., who have got that killer instinct to do innovative things. This is missing in down south and also in east.
    The way NRM of Infosys and his founder friends of infosys have grown is no mean achievement. incidentally this gururaj deshpande I think is BIL of NRM
    let us be proud that a biginning is made and this entreprunership skills will slowly grow and we all can see some from south why even from karnataka make their names.
    founders of Infosys would have reached much higher levels if they have decided to hold majority of shares within them but they have distributed to various people both in public and amongest employees and thus distibuted weath among many certainly there is huge increase in no. multi millioners in karnataka.

  3. Veena Says:

    May be, we tend to think Money is not everything 🙂 The fox and the grapes story anyway!!! 😉
    Well, if you can equate the talent, culture, personality and such things to money, we are no way smaller than them isn’t it ?!

    Gud post DS..

  4. praneshachar Says:

    one more thing I want to write about to big doctros who are doing yeomen services
    in the field they are Dr.Devishetty on heart and Dr Sharan Patil on ortho. Both of them are from karnataka they have their hospitals in bangalore and are doing lot of help to needy persons who can not afford. Both of them were with Manipal Hospital they left as they felt staying there this philonthropic things are not possible.
    satya sai hospital in white field full treatment is free and I was told all doctros their render free service and you have to wait for your turn for surgery etc., such acts by people are to be appreciated as they are concerned with lower strata of society.
    apending Rs.35 laksh for a surgey why lower strate even many middle and higher middle classs etc., can not afford. but Dr.Sharan patil did this to small girl from bihar lakshmi and made their poor family very happy and this was done by him and his team for about 26 hours or so. the family was brought from bihar and all things were done free of cost.
    kudos to such people and let their tribe increase.
    god give them more strength to do such acts and long live such people

  5. Veena Says:

    “I was told all doctros their render free service”

    — They are paid salary, not very high though.. Prashanth was working here when we got married. One reason for me to choose him, thinking that he could be a person with such service mindedness! 🙂

  6. sunaath Says:

    The query is really thought-provoking. Well, the North has produced great enterprenuers. But it is the South that has given birth to great saints and intellectuals.
    The theory of Parijata as quoted by Aram seems right. Constant invasions have given the Northies some good survival instinct.
    The Song from the You Tube (Will I be………) is really haunting. Thanx for that.

  7. sunaath Says:

    One more point:
    One should have big hunger to make big money. The appetite of the Southie is small.
    So is his capacity to make money.

  8. “Que Seraa Seraa” song is really haunting. Thank you.

  9. @ Aram:
    Yes the explanation in ‘ArijAta’s blog does make sense to a certain degree. But, I do think there is so much more to it. As for the Forbes list, I did not mean that there were no Southies at all, I meant that there were a very few of them. You forgot Mr. Maran, even he is on the list. So, MK (M Karunanidhi) will sure be happy 😉

    @ Praneshachar:
    Yes, there are a lot of philanthrophists, I agree. But, the “business instinct” is not natural among South Indians (Keralites are an exception to a certain degree).

    @ Veena:
    Yes, culturally, everyone is equally rich. I don’t think one region in India is better than the other when it comes to that. But, South Indians certainl;y don’t make good businessmen, for the most part. I will give you another example of the regional traits. Rememebr, Mysore-Bangalore broad gauge project? During Cauvery riots, the project came to a stand still because almost all the daily wage workers were from Tamil Nadu. Not that you don’t get people in Karnataka, it’s just that people in Karnataka don’t seem to ‘like’ such jobs. Just one among many examples on the regional differences.

    @ Sunaath:
    You do bring up a good point. Saints and intellectuals are mostly from South. So, yes, it does prove my point that there are clear cut differences across regions, whatever the reasons for that may be.

    @ Suptadeepti:
    Thanks, I absolutely love that song.

  10. Vijay Says:

    I am moving north !!!

  11. some body Says:


    one thing is for sure. you won’t be rich as a professional hockey player in india.

    – s.b.

  12. Harsha Says:

    India’s IT revenue source is at south.. riches make money from south.. We can’t make big money by being employee but by being employer.

    Good Post 🙂

  13. AK Says:

    I don’t think this theory, “constant invasions have made them tough “is true. Invasions dont seem to be producing the kind of thinking that enterpreneurship requires. How do you explain enterpreneurship by south indians in recent times then, considering that there are quite a lot of them in business. North being an agricultural hub in the past got a headstart. The revenues earned through agriculture were diverted to businesses and expansion of the same. Now the South is also acquiring capital for such business.
    Switzerland remained neutral and was never invaded throughout history, yet has a great number of top-rung companies started by its nationals.

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