American Idol 2008 – Grand Finale

….and the winner will be David Archuleta. He better be, I was supporting him from the beginning and have been predicting from day # 1 that he will win. So, I better not be wrong 😉 He was absolutely brilliant yesterday. I couldn’t imagine that a 17 year old can sing with such maturity. Kudos to him!!!

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3 Comments on “American Idol 2008 – Grand Finale”

  1. rads Says:

    aw, Cook won!

    Had a feeling he would, maturity in age and performance showed.. 12 million votes too!

    But then again, I was secretly hoping Archuleta would win.. he is such a cutie! 🙂

  2. I was rooting for Archuleta as well. Its not only he is cutie, his song selections, and reditions were soothing, touching and his innocence… (I thought that would win everyone’s heart). A bit disappointed myself.

  3. True, I thought Archuleta had so much more dpeth than Cook. But, Cook certainly has more breadth. I hope both are successful since they were truly good. But, if we go by the performance on the final night, Archuleta won….by miles. But then, winner is not always the best….

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