Why I like to blog?

  • I can put my thoughts into words and read them aloud to feel proud that I can actually think.
  • What better way to kill 8 to 5?
  • Still searching for a ‘Best friend’. Lost the last one in 8th standard.
  • It makes me popular from Japan to Australia (oh, that’s not all that far…whatever!).
  • Porn is sleazy!!!

Why I hate to blog?

  • It’s easy to figure me out and easier to figure out how dumb I am.
  • I have a real job.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (ok, that one, I made up).
  • Letter writing is more sincere.
  • Porn is saucy!!!
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10 Comments on “Start-Stop-Start-Stop-Start-Stop-Start”

  1. some body Says:


    nice comparison, though a couple of key words you used lead me to believe that you are pandering to the search engines (though i didn’t get here piggybacing on them! 😉

    one of these days you might wanna write a post with ‘why india?’ and ‘why not?’ as the pro and con headers. re: rti, of course!

    – s.b.

  2. sunaath Says:

    Good ideas! Two faces of a coin. But, your coin works. That is impt.

  3. suparna Says:

    Glad American Idol is over !! Welcome back 🙂

  4. praneshachar Says:

    I second Suprarna looking forward for interesting posts may be to kill 8 to 5!!!!!!!!
    blog for your fans who are waiting to read and read

  5. rads Says:

    oooo, dino your work place allows porn surfing 😛

  6. Aram Says:

    Glad to see idol worship stopped, and other topics started!

  7. Veena Says:

    where is the post?
    People are mostly in comparision mood.. old govt Vs new govt etc.,!

  8. I second Suparna’s words 🙂

    and the following line……lollllzzzz
    I have a real job.

  9. Harsha Says:

    Blog makes you phamous..I agree. Porn surfing at office ..bad idea.. because you have a real job 🙂

  10. mouna Says:

    u don’t want people to know that you are dumb, at the same time, u want to know that u are Mr. Popular who realizes that he has the capacity to think?

    are u trying to pass for Mr. Perfect? who fishes for fans?? 😉
    nice try, huh!!

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