Going South

For the next two weeks, I will be sailing on the Amazon and hiking at Maachu-Peechu. I will be back rejuvenated and re-energized, and of course with LOTS of pictures.

See ya then!

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9 Comments on “Going South”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    wish you a very happy holidays enjoy we wait eagerly for your post on the trip with wonderful photos. have nice two weeks

  2. some body Says:


    have fun!

    – s.b.

  3. Harsha Says:

    hmmm.. Enjoy!

    And I have tagged you at http://yourharsha.com/2008/06/14/the-expansionist-meme/ . Do it when you come back 🙂

  4. chethan Says:

    WOW! hiking to machu-pichu!! Would be waiting to hear your experiences

  5. Veena Says:

    LOTS of pictures to share in your anonymous blog? probably just the amazon and machu pichu with people around 🙂

    Have a great time..

    BTW this reminds, have you read Nemichandra’s travelogue on Peru (peruvina pavithra kaNiveyalli?

  6. Prashanth M Says:

    Wow!! thats one of those many places which I want to visit… have fun…

  7. srik Says:

    How was your trip down south?

  8. praneshachar Says:

    waiting for your report with lot of photos please post at your leisure

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