NPR = Nasty Public Radio?

I was listening to ‘Talk of the Nation’ on NPR while driving home for lunch and listened intently at the discussions surrounding innocent people being unjustly accused by the law enforcement agencies and media and the traumatic experiences around it. They also talked about how different people build their lives after the ordeal.

Immediately what stuck my mind was the Aarushi murder case in India, which is the prime headline news from past two months. Her father Dr. Rajesh Talwar was kept behind bars for 49 days and suddenly police realized their mistake last week and released him. Can you imagine his plight? Forget grieving for his daughter’s loss, that had to wait 50 days!!! Media played such a bad role, coming up with all kinds of juicy stories from Dr. Talwar having an affair with some other person, to Aarushi’s character assasination.

Dr. Talwar’s case deserves at least a few lines of my post. I should probably dedicate an entire post some day. Coming back to the topic, I thought of calling NPR and telling them about Dr. Talwar’s case. Since California has a new law that we cannot talk on our cell phone hand set while driving, I didn’t want to risk getting a ticket. It was just a few minutes from my home anyway.

I rushed into my home, picked up the phone and immediately called the toll-free number and to my horror(!) got the following recorded message:

“Hey there sexy guy, welcome to an exciting new way to go live one-on-one with hot horny girls waiting right now to talk to you. Lie back baaaby, relaaaaax and get ready to meet real local students, housewives and working girls from all over the country. Hundreds of hot girls call free all day and night because we loooove nasty talk as much as you do.”

I immediately disconnected and checked the number I had called. I had pressed ‘1-866’ instead of ‘1-800’, which confirmed that ‘N’ in NPR still stood for ‘National’.

P.S: The only reason I know the complete message from that 1-866 number is because I called the number another 3 times to just get the complete message correctly so that I can blog this story. I swear, that was the only reason 😉

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3 Comments on “NPR = Nasty Public Radio?”

  1. Housewifes and working girls? hmm.. what about the rest.. 🙂

    so idenaa US ge hodmele maadodu? hmmmm…..?enri Mrs. DS sigli vichaariskotheeni 😉

  2. praneshachar Says:

    so you called three times to get the message right!!!! so NPR is reay nasty
    did you call ‘1-800’ or not that is more of concern is is not?
    yes other NPR has driven away you from your main task
    agree media hype is too much all sorts of cock and bull stories are telecast
    in competition and forgetting all morals of journalism and media it is pity
    If some one innocent is put behind bars for such a long period as Dr.TALWAR it
    is shame and no body can get back peace or the mental agony he has lost. in addition
    the NT nasty talks of our great PD police dept. there need to be check on this will it
    happen is the Q. It can happen provided there is total mass protest or banning of a
    channel etc etc., some small group of NGO or some other organisations will raise and will
    be lost in so many other issues of govt. including their own survivval
    life is like that and comman man has bear the brunt. what a pity

  3. Vijay Says:

    Ha ha.. DS… wait until you get the bill.. how are you going to explain the 866 calls to your wife?

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