Communists At Their Best

Just when I think that they cannot beat their previous circus act, they come up with a brand new one!!! CPM decided to oust Somnath Chatterjee from the party because the veteran politician brought ‘shame’ to the party.

With all the political parties fighting hard to win the “worst party in Independent India” award, I have to give it to the communists. They have far outpaced the peers. Some idiot named D. Raja comes on TV and claims that Chatterjee was expelled from the party “because he disobeyed the constitution”. Alright, I agree that English is certainly not one of D. Raja’s strengths. But to call a person – who upheld the dignity of the speaker’s chair – as someone who broke the rules of the constitution is absurd, immature and illogical.

So, for one, D. Rajas of the party should NOT come and open their mouth. But then, the smart mouths like Karats have a totally different problem. They live 100 years back!!! And, it’s impossible to bring them back to the present time.

There’s only one solution for this. Our dear Bengali babus in and around Calcutta should realize the blunder they have been committing by electing jokers to the Lok Sabha. Guys, it’s time to wake up and vote for the Congress, or the Trinamool, or the BJP or whatever the other junk is.

Every politician in India – from Advani to Manmohan Singh (read as Sonia Gandhi) – have to be ashamed looking back at the events which happened over the last one week. But, the communists have the uncanny ability to beat them all. Throwing Somnath Chatterjee out of the party is the biggest shame on the party. Oh wait a second, there’s always a new day. I am sure they have something better up their sleeve. They are bound to come up with a bigger joke tomorrow!!!

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3 Comments on “Communists At Their Best”

  1. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    It must be the stupid constitution of their party!

  2. sunaath Says:

    Shame to the party is glory to the country and vice versa!

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