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A ‘Noble’ Story

October 21, 2008


The break was great!!! I didn’t want to close the blog because I knew I would want to come back and write more. There were several instances when I wanted to start blogging again – Sarah Palin, Economic mess, Listening to ‘Jolene’ the other night, and of course Sachin Tendulkar‘s (aka GOD) world record. But, nothing triggered me as much as this news item did. Now, I know what my passion is 🙂

Kuvempu is undoubtedly one of the greatest writers in Kannada. He is in the elite group with such greats as Bendre and Dr. Shivaram Karanth. Around 20 years ago there was a lot of talk about Kuvempu’s name being considered by the Nobel committee for an award in literature. If he had won the Nobel, it would have certainly been great for India. He didn’t and it’s history now. Not winning Nobel in no way diminishes the greatness of Kuvempu as a writer.

Fast forward to 2008. Kuvempu is dead. There is a symposium about Kuvempu’s work ‘Sri Ramayana Darshanam‘ in Mysore and Kuvempu’s self-proclaimed disciple Dr. S. Prabhushankar comes up with a brilliant story. Apparently, he was carrying Kuvempu’s works to New Delhi to the Indian Nobel committee. When he reached the railway station, there was no seat reserved for him. Finally, some ‘North Indian’ (that’s the key) threw Kuvempu’s books into a corner and treated it like trash. And thus, because of some North Indian conspiracy, Kuvempu didn’t win Nobel. Dr S. Prabhushankar came out with this colorful story in 2008, long after Kuvempu’s death.

The media has carried the story with all the color and prominence. These self-proclaimed disciples of Kuvempu always had problems. De. Ja. Gow for one, I have absolutely no respect for. Now, Dr. Prabhushankar joins the same bandwagon?

A few innocent questions for Dr. Prabhushankar:

  • Why did you keep quite for so long? If the story were true and if you had made this public at that time, maybe Kuvempu would have won the Nobel. So, I guess you are really responsible for Kuvempu not winning Nobel.
  • The Nobel committee in Delhi wanted you to carry all of Kuvempu’s works in a train from Mysore? Really, they didn’t know who Kuvempu was, huh?
  • It must have been quite hard to travel in an unreserved compartment. Did you get good sleep?
  • Sorry, but I have to ask you this, when the ‘North Indian’ threw Kuvempu’s works away, did you cry? If so, how much? Did you make sure someone took a photograph? That will come in handy very soon, I am sure.
  • Did you happen to ask the name of that ‘North Indian’ idiot?

Well, I have way too many questions, I will just stop here. Isn’t it sad that everyone wants to do politics and somehow want to see their name in the newspapers?

In this case Dr. Prabhushankar is the first culprit and media (as usual) is the second culprit. With all due respects, it’s time people start completely ignoring anything and everything which comes out of the likes of De. Ja. Gow and Prabhushankar.

Well, at least Karnad and URA are intelligent…….